The Master Bait of Consciousness: DAY 231

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The Master Bait of Consciousness: DAY 231

The FREE within FRIction – continued

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

For Context from the Previous Posts DAY 222 and DAY 223 The CON within CONflict and DAY 224 and DAY 225 the FREE within FRIction:
In and from the post we’re going to have a look at the nature, the purpose of friction/conflict and our reaction/experience/relationship to it as Resistance/Fear. With regards to, why/how it is that we tend to rather resist/fear friction/conflict in ourselves, in our personal worlds and this world as a whole – than in fact understanding it, our role/responsibility within it and changing the causes/origins of the points in relationship that is creating the friction/conflict in the first place; into and as an equal and one solution.

And context from DAY 226:
We’ll continue in the Next Post with having a look at the consequence of accepting/allowing friction/conflict within, and so its consequence to the friction/conflict without in our relationship to humanity/this physical existence as a whole and the dynamics between the Angels (Positive Energy) and the Demons (Negative Energy) of the GOD of Energy as Consciousness.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand / consider the relationship with/as parts of my Mind I classify/define to be positive/good or negative/bad as the ‘Angels and Demons’ that tend to occupy this “dark space” in/as my head/brain, that I constantly/continuously entertain within and throughout my life. That, we have never within this questioned / considered for example, that: we’d so easily follow the angels, the good, the positive, the light – in the within and without of ourselves, investigate it, introspect it, but we’d Never do that with the demons, the bad, the negative, the dark. From the perspective of investigating it, understanding it, tracing its history/origin in finding out why/how it is that the evil, negative, bad, dark as the “demons” of existence exist, in our Minds, in Humanity, and in the Hereafter when they did exist. I mean, we do not/have not even in fact done this with the existence of the good, positive, light, love that exist, from the perspective of investigating it, understanding it, tracing its history/origin in finding out why/how it exist and what is the Good/Positive’s relationship to the Bad/Negative. Why do we so easily, then – just “Follow” the good, positive, light and love and so easily, then “Resist/Fear/Deny” the bad, negative, evil, dark that exist? What would this then show/reveal about ourselves? That, we do not Trust ourselves to stand in the face of the bad, negative, dark / evil? That it’s easier to simply look to / follow the good, positive, light and love – because in it, exist NO EFFORT at all, it’s a mere ‘following and becoming’.
Isn’t this interesting then, that – we do the same to our relationship to Everything that exist in the Mind, and this World System. We simply select what suits/interests us in the Mind and in this World System that we’d stand FOR – following it/becoming it, and then simply select that which we stand AGAINST. I mean, within this – if we furthermore look at our relationship to the Mind, that we would not even question THE MIND, and where the angels, good, positive, light within it come from; when – BOTH POLARITIES, the angels and demons of the Mind, come from within the Mind, come from within ourselves, come from within/as our own Physical Bodies, BUT, this would not be considered at all – cause our eyes/ I’s as Personalities of Consciousness/mInd would only see that which provides a certain “Experience”. The same exist within the World System, that all the Evil / Good that exist from/of the System, come from the Very Same World System – but that Entire System would not be ‘taken on’, because all our eyes / I’s of the mInd see is what provides us with/as a certain “Experience”. I mean, the same was existent in the Hereafter – the domain of the Angels and the domain of the Demons, but what would Never be questioned then: is the actual / entire way that Heaven operated/functioned, I mean – are they then really in fact so benevolent, good, love and light if Demons existed in the first place, with NO assistance and support AT ALL?

I commit myself to show, how – we at Desteni, “Investigate All Things”; as one will find, for example in the Quantum Mind Interview Series, walking the origin, source, history and relationship of the Mind/Consciousness to the Physical Body, and this goes for the Positive, Negative and Neutral and how we within the Journeys into the Afterlife Series, originated, sourced and established the History of the entire Heaven Existence – all the Gods, Demons, Angels; and within this – discovered our consequential existence as ENERY itself that became the Mind with its “angels and demons” within, and Heaven with its “angels and demons” without. How, primarily, for example with having a look at the Energy/Consciousness of the Mind – that both the Positive and the Negative Energy originate from the Pure Energy produced by Consciousness in its relationship to the Physical Body, and what determined the definition of “what is Positive” and “what is Negative”, has merely been programmed knowledge and information, and also the substance/amount of Energy, where: More Energy, and a particular frequency of that Energy = Positive, and Less Energy, and particular frequencies of that Energy = Negative. And so was the same in the Heaven Existence – the More Energy, and particular Frequencies of that Energy existed, one found the Gods, Angels, Masters; and then the Less Energy, and particular Frequencies of that Energy, we found the Demons/Demon Dimension. And so, one can also look at our relationship to the World System – the more Money, and particular currency  (frequency) of that Money, one find the Elite/Rich/Fortunate/Have’s and then the less Money, and particular currency (frequency) of that Money, one find the Unfortunate/Have not’s/Poverty, Starvation, Famine. So, within this – what has to be considered then, is the very existence of ENERGY, as it exist in the Mind as it did exist in the Heaven’s; and so the manifested/physical mirror of that Energy as Money without. To stop the Polarities, we have to change the Substance/the Origin and who we are within and as it.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise, understand / consider the Global / Humanity ‘problem’ we face when having a look at the Systems of the Mind/Energy, the World System of Money and in the past, human beings’ relationship to the Hereafter within, for example the context of ‘Angels / Demons’. Whereby, not one of us in fact considered the implications of our acceptances and allowances in our relationship to the Good/Positive and the Bad/Negative, from the perspective of never Seeing the Source, the SYSTEM within/behind it, such as Consciousness of the Mind, the World System/Money and The White Light/God in/as the Heaven Existence – I mean, why have we never questioned the Greater Systems, seen their direct-relationship to both/all Polarities, and that if/as we “side” with Any One Polarity – we’re still caught in The Bait of Consciousness within, the World System/Money with “choosing sides” – when Both Sides originate from/of the Exact Same Source. I mean, in this: is Energy/Consciousness and Money “more Intelligent” than we are? If/as, for example Energy can divide itself into the Positive and the Negative, BUT – it still makes no difference to Energy/Consciousness in itself, the human being will still have thoughts, internal conversations/reactions, just “different content” dependent on which one of the Polarities they Stand For / Stand Against, and EVEN STILL – what can never be escaped, is that, it doesn’t matter which Polarity one side with: BOTH still exist within one’s Mind and the Mind/Consciousness continue thriving at the consequence/sacrifice of the Physical, the one will just be prominent, the other suppressed and one is in an constant, continuous battle between the Polarities. The same with Money – The Money System divides itself into and as the Have’s / the Have not’s that will accordingly determine your “way of life/living”, but what cannot be escaped is that, it doesn’t matter which Polarity of Money one exist within; BOTH still continue existing and the Money System keep on thriving at the consequence/sacrifice of the Physical.

I commit myself to show, how it is then Questionable that any human being that is existing in the ‘Light/Love/Positive/Good/Elite’ positions in this World in the Mind, is “benevolent”, because – within investigating the Hereafter, and human beings’ reincarnation: human beings are in the positions/locations in this World System/on this Earth; based on a System of Reincarnation in the Afterlife that determined such positions; and it’s interesting that as long as such human beings are in the Positions that they are – they would tell ‘everyone to do the same’ / ‘join THEM’; BUT – they do not see, realise and understand within/as All Levels of existence the multidimensional factors that allow them to have the type of Mind/Money that they do, and this World System of Money do not give equal and one opportunity for All to in fact have a Dignified Life; but – they would not Dare step down / investigate / look at the bad, negative, dark, evil, demonic of/as this Physical Existence/Humanity and what it would take for Humanity to in fact exist, equally as one within/on this Earth. And they have The Most profound reasons, excuses and justifications for WHY humanity/this World System is the way it is so that they don’t have to “get their hands dirty” and really get down to what it would take to change the lives of all of humanity within/on this Earth.
So, within all of this – what has such human beings “hook, line and sinker”, is Consciousness within, and the World System of Money without, Energy within and Money without – that has them caught in tunnel-vision to not face the Other Polarity of the Mind/Consciousness and this World System as the negative, bad, evil, dark that the VERY SAME Mind/World System is creating, manifesting, accepting and allowing. And so, how can such human beings in any way be “benevolent” / “really good”; if they’re not in fact willing to understand, stand up for, investigate why the World Condition is not what’s best for all, why “do only they have the opportunity to a One Polarity” while the majority exist in the other? Why would they so Extensively, ONLY focus on the ENERGY within the Mind to produce apparent “love and light” – but would not focus as extensively on the very World System that is In Fact determining ‘life on earth’ to create/manifest a Physical, Practical World of Real Love, with all, equally as one having a dignified life for all? Why do we even do this in our own minds, that we would not even ‘help ourselves’ in the battle between the angels and demons within our own Mind, that we’d only ‘look into / follow’ the Angels, but would not investigate/introspect/trace/understand the Demons? Why have we accepted and allowed ourselves to accept/allow such a constant, continuous inner conflict within ourselves / a ‘death’ – where human beings go into the ‘neutral’-state, and separate their awareness completely from living here in/as this Physical Existence, contributing absolutely NOTHING to ‘life/living on Earth’?

We’ll continue in the next post, discussing the process of changing the Positive, Negative and Neutral into and as Equal and One Living in/as the Physical, stopping the control, the separation in our relationship to Energy/Consciousness and get into and as taking Responsibility for ourselves, our lives and this Physical Existence as a Whole.
Additionally within this, have a look at the Master Bait of Polarity/Consciousness in its existence within Masturbation (MasterBait) and Sex, through this – seeing exactly how the Polarities-Interaction produce ENERGY for Consciousness, and how this relate to the relationships we interact with, within our own Minds.

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