Redefining SOLUTION: DAY 260

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Redefining SOLUTION: DAY 260

"When the oil runs out and consumerism cannot continue - will the law of attraction still work?"

"Sure, just not for us cause we'll be dead. See, the Source will just send us another cataclysm of heat and pressure to turn humanity into a new fossil fuel reserve to protect the future generation's 'right' to abundance through consumerism fueled by oil"

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

As we mentioned in the Previous Post, we’re in and from this Post going to have a look at Redefining Solution – within and as the starting-point Principle of/as Equality and Oneness as What’s Best for All, and what/who is Self as the Living Solution.

So, let’s have a look at the sound, physical, energy symbolism existent within the word Solution as we now exist as it within and as our current accepted and allowed Mind-Physical relationship within/as fear, survival and self-interest and the Consequence such an accepted and allowed Starting Point of/as ourselves manifested in our Mind-Physical relationship, personal worlds and Humanity/this Physical Existence as a Whole regarding how ‘Solutions’ came to manifest externally, based on who/how/what we are and live internally.
So, here one will see an practical example of how our within, determines our without – and then, comes into creation/manifestation in the physical a physical creation/manifestation/representation of “who we are”. Then, instead of changing the external, that would also mean changing the internal – we keep the external as-is, which keeps the internal as-is, and so we don’t change, ‘life on earth’ doesn’t change. And/or we have come to exist in such a way where we’d manifest ‘solutions’ externally, BUT the ‘solutions’ again would only represent, mirror or reflect our already existent Mind-State within/as Fear, Survival and Self-Interest – and so, we’d keep those ‘Solutions’, to keep our Personality/Mind definitions – even though the ‘Solutions’ are not in fact ‘Solutions’ that stand as long-term, eternal solutions for ALL involved, equally as one. And/or we don’t see, realise and understand this Direct-Relationship to/as how solutions, as to how they manifest in/as this Physical Existence actually represent/reflect/mirror ‘who we are within’ and so we Bind ourselves in/as our internal and external conditions of/as ‘solutions’ and no-one is Moving into/as actual real change as we enslave ourselves within, to/as ‘who/how/what we are’ and so enslave ourselves in the without to/as what we create/manifest as a representation/reflection/mirror of/as who/how/what we are within.

So, let’s have a look at this all practically – starting first with the Sound, Physical, Energy Symbolism existent in/as our current Mind-Physical relationship to/as the Word “Solution”:
There is a double-sound dimension when sounding the first part of the Word “Solution” that sounds like “Soul” and “Salute”. SOL – as “Soul” and SOLUT – as “Salute”, which then brings us to T – which represents Choice, and ION, which is the relationship between the I as Consciousness, the O as the continuation of the relationship within/between Consciousness and the Physical.

So, within the word “Solution” with having a look at the Principle of the ‘Soul’ and here one can invest in the Journeys into the Afterlife Interview Series available on EQAFE that explain the Soul, actually existent as an Soul System that was installed into/as the Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship, where Beings from existence was merged into and as a Mind-Physical relationship, and then additionally Systematized with a Soul System. With the Soul-System’s purpose as ensuring/securing the Being in/as their Mind-Physical relationship, remains within/as their Preprogrammed Life-Design path as programmed into the Soul System. Then, additionally – the Soul System would ‘memorize / track’ the Being’s Preprogrammed Life-Path and how their Mind/Consciousness evolved within/throughout the lifetime, the Soul System would be stored into/as the Akashic Records, from where the downloaded life-information would be used to recreate/upgrade other Beings’ Minds and so Preprogrammed Life Design paths, with the Preprogrammed Life Design path’s primary purpose: to ensure the Being in/as their lifetime produce sufficient, specific, Energies within their Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship for it to be channelled into/as the Heaven Existence to substantiate/animate ALL the Dimensional Planes of/as Heaven. Thus, for more details on this – we Suggest Investing in the Journeys into the Afterlife Series.
So, Continuing with the Sound, Physical, Energy Symbolism existent in/as the word Solution and why/how Solutions have never in fact physically materialized/manifested to/as the betterment of Human Nature and ‘life on earth’:

So, with “Salute” and “Soul” and here we can also look at the relationship of “Salute” and “SO(U)LDIER” / “Soul Dear” / “Dear Soul”, with “Salute” existent within and as Military Forces, as a greeting / sign of ‘Respect’ and yes, “Salute” is utilized in many different contexts/starting points as well; however in/as the Sound, Energy, Physical Symbolism we’re standing within and as, the direct-context/dimensions of “Salute” and “Soul” / So(u)ldier in/as the Word Solution stands as follows:
The Souls, the Soul-System stood equal-to and one-with being the ‘Forces of Heaven’, within/under the militant ‘Control of Heaven’, as the So(u)ldiers / Dear Souls of/as the Light, Energy as Heaven-manifest. With this relationship between the Forces of Heaven as the Dear Souls as So(u)ldiers and the Heaven-Existence, existent within the sense that – the Souls, the Soul System in/as the Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship, will ensure that the Being remain “Saluted” to/as the Heaven-Existence in/as remaining within and as their Arms/Weapons as the Mind/Consciousness in/as the Purpose/Task/Aim of following their Preprogrammed Life-Design path diligently, without Question/Deviation. Essentially “waging war” within and without on anything/anyone that ‘stands in the way of completing the pursuit of maintaining/remaining within/on the Preprogrammed Life Design Path as programmed into the Soul System and so uploaded into and as the Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship of/as the Human Being.  And so therefore, the Souls/Soul System existent as the Human Being within and as the Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship, would ensure as So(u)ldiers of Heaven, Forces of Heaven, to remain on the Preprogrammed Life-Design path to produce Mind-Physical Energy for Heaven and protect/defend the Mind/Consciousness Personalities/Self-Definitions at all cost, even to the sacrifice of the Physical, Relationships, Humanity and this Physical Existence as a whole.

So, within this then – comes into Question, what role does ‘Solutions’ play within this all? With the Human Being – existing as a Mind-Beingness-Physical control, within and as a Soul System Preprogrammed with a preordained Life-path to ensure/secure they produce in their life-times the energies to channel into Heaven and so substantiate/animate Heaven, becoming the So(u)ldiers, the Forces of Heaven, that will do whatever it takes – to remain/stay/secure/protect/defend their Mind/Consciousness self-definitions; and so: with the Human Being – existing as-this, as our starting-point in relationship to the Mind/Consciousness – to protect/defend our Personalities, and so our Energy-Production as Energy-Experience; how will ‘who/what/how’ we are as-this: influence/affect what we create/manifest/produce in/as our External Worlds/Realities?
So, here then – we’re getting into the Mind within and the World System without. That we have throughout LIFETIMES within human civilization, been conditioned into and as our very Beingness within and as the Mind-Physical and Soul System relationships, and so our Beingness have been conditioned/imprinted within and as the very accepted and allowed existence of ourselves in relationship to the Mind/Consciousness that we so inherently believe to be ‘who/how/what we are’, that: despite the Soul System no more existing, despite our Mind-Physical relationship no more channelling our produced-energies of emotions/feelings into heaven, but it now being inverted into our own Minds/Bodies to be faced and taken self-responsibility for with/as the Changes that manifested in Heaven (all of which can be Investigated in/as the Journeys into the Afterlife Series as to how/why Heaven Changed and the Soul/Soul System no more existing) – that; because we were SO conditioned, in/as the BECOMING of ourselves on a Beingness level, this Mind-Physical and Soul System relationships: we still exist AS IT, and so would still within a Mind/Consciousness level AS OURSELVES exist within this context where we’d ‘do whatever it takes’ to protect/defend our Energy-Experiences, the Personality Systems that produce it and the Mind/Consciousness from whence it come. And so why/how the ‘Solutions’ that we create/manifest in/as this existence would have this Starting point: protecting/defending the MIND, within/as Fear, Self-Interest and Survival where we’ve now become the So(u)ldiers of/as the Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY; instead of the Living Solutions with/as standing equal to and one with Life, as manifested/represented by/as the Physical Body, this Physical Existence as a Whole.

We’ll in the Next Post continue with the Dimensions of T and ION, with having now walked through the Dimensions of SOL / SOLUT; as the starting point of what we are/have become and so create/manifest in/as the Word “Solution” and how to assist and support self to be/become the Living Solution for/as life on earth, instead of the So(u)ldier of/as the Mind that only benefit the interest, fear and survival of/as the Mind at the sacrifice/expense of/as the Physical, this Physical Existence as a whole.  

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