UN/TI(e)-ME: DAY 247

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UN/TI(e)-ME: DAY 247

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

With the relationship between Consciousness and Time opening up, and its interpretive/perceptual existence in comparison to the physical body/this physical existence which in fact move according to the expression, processes and functioning of physical forces and relationships through sequences of events/movements that is not bound by ‘Dates and Times’ as how Consciousness/Mind have come to interpret/perceive and ‘make sense of’ / ‘understand’ and ‘measure’ physical space-time movement, processing, functioning: let’s open up this Point of TIME more, with regards to the extent to which we have within and as our relationship to TIME bound ourselves to and as the movement, processing and functioning of Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY, instead of moving as the Living Breath here as the Forces/Expression of and as the Physical and the Consequences this has manifested in our relationship to our own physical bodies, and so this Physical Existence as a whole.

Let us explore the Sound, Energy and Physical Dimensions of ‘who we are’ as the Word TIME in and as our Mind/Energy-Physical Existence:
So, for those that have been walking this Blog with us – we have in previous Posts opened up some Words within and as their Sound, Physical and Energy Dimensions. Now, what we have not Done yet – is open up Multiple Dimensions that in fact exist in and as Words. That, with the Words in Posts we have walked thus far – we opened up but one perspective/dimension within the Words. When Words in fact consist of/exist as multiple dimensions – equal-to and one-with the multiple-dimensions we exist as in and as our Mind/Energy-Physical relationship, with regards to the extent of different Personalities our One Mind existence can occupy.

If/as one Invest in the Quantum Mind Interview Series, where we’re now at the stage of explaining the multiple-dimensions existent in Words, where it is explained how for example – each Word in/as one’s Vocabulary exist in/as a framework platform, within and as a Language Platform. Where, it’s like each word is ‘Framed’ and in/as that Framing, the platform in/as which the Word exist is layered with multiple-platforms, and each platform consist of/exist as a Memory/Energy-Charge that’s connected to the Word. This allows one to, for example – use the same word, but can speak it in/as different meanings, contexts, energy-reactions/experiences – often without the other person being aware of it, to whom / with whom one is utilizing the Word. Like, for example as is explained in the Interview – one can use the word “Hello”, and in one instance with one being speak the word “Hello”, put up a fake smile – but within and as the word contain the energy-experience of ‘resentment’ and the actual definition of self as the word in that moment, where what one is in fact saying in the word is: “I don’t like you”. So, in/as the Mind/Consciousness, one connected that word to/as an energy experience and memory that will define ‘who I am’ as the word and actually say A LOT MORE within self than just the word “Hello”.
Then, in another instance – one meet another human being, which one like and in/as the word one is the energy-experience of ‘excitement’ and actually in the definition of/as the word as self, self is saying “I’m so glad to see you”. Thus, in One Word – one can exist in/as multiple-dimensions, dependent on who one is in/as relationship to a word, to another human being, for example. So, the multi-dimensions of Words is walked in the Quantum Mind Interview Series - explaining in Detail how we layer words with energy experiences, memories and definitions and even connect them to Personality Systems, and how we from childhood actually develop/construct/program our relationship to words and how this then, eventually, comes to Determine ‘who we are’ in/as our Mind and Our Living as we bind ourselves to/as our definitions of words, and multiple-definitions at that. Fascinating stuff.

Alright, returning to the Word TIME, and thus why/how One Word can contain multiple Sound, Energy and Physical Dimensions, which self will see, realise and understand for self as we now open up the Multiple-Dimensions existent within and as the word TIME.
Let’s first have a look at the Surface Dimensions. Surface Dimensions, meaning: the Immediate Sound, Physical Energy dimensions that one can See and Hear with immediately looking at the Word as-is, which is: TI-ME. And if one Sound it – sounds like: Tie Me. Now, let us have a look at our relationship to Time within the context of this Sound, Physical and Energy Dimension as follows:
If we have a look at our relationship to Time within this World System – we are bound to it, tied to it within the context of especially Responsibility, Discipline and Survival. Already from childhood we’re prepared for the life in the World System regarding having to organize our Time, within and throughout our day, for School and Homework/Tasks/Assignments, because walking through the Education System – is the process to walk to eventually, maybe, get a job/profession in/as the World System to be able to make Money to Survive. Thus, essentially our relationship to Time = Money. And this is popular saying that most human beings would be aware of, where they say: “Time is Money”. Our entire lives are structured according to Time and Survival/Money. How often do we look at the time, think about the time, orient our day according to time, plan according to time – Time, Time, Time. But, this primary relationship to Time is according to a varying amount of Responsibilities and Living and Functioning in one’s world/reality that is Bound by Time.

So, obviously the ‘problem’ within this all is that, we’ve rotated our entire lives according to TIME. It’s like TIME is the centre point of our Universe/World every single day, from which extend all the responsibilities we have to get to throughout a day according to this One Point as TIME.
So, one can for example on a piece of paper, Draw a Circle and write TIME in it, and then around it clock-wise, structuring one’s responsibilities from A – Z that one have to tend to according to the Time Frame one have in one Day. And then see self as the Hands of the Clock on the piece of paper that moves from one Responsibility/Time Moment in the Day to the Next until one’s Day/Time and running hand of the Clock closes / comes to an End and then the Next Day starts again and we start this whole process all over again. We’re a Living Clock. And this is then the context of TIME as TIE-ME as how we’ve bound ourselves, our lives, our day-to-day living according to TIME – time is the Master of our Survival, when it comes to Living, Survival and Money within/as this World System.
Now, from the Illustration / Image we looked at above, what is also clear within it – is that: we’re separate from TIME. If one have a look at how many reactions throughout the Day one have according to Time, it can be quite extensive – from fear, anxiety, excitement, anticipation, worry; dependent on the Time and the Situation/People, we will have particular reactions/experiences manifest within us.

So, how did we get to a point within our Minds and in our Lives where we more exist in REACTION to Time, that walking WITH Time in/as the Physical?

So, let’s open up the point of ‘Separation from/of Time’ more: If one have a look at the Image/Illustration, we’ve more become like the hands of our Living Clock, like we’re “running after time”, always trying to “catch up” / “get ahead”, but it’s like “Time is Always against us” – no matter how much we push/organize/plan, “there’s just not Time”. But, how have we made this relationship to TIME in our Minds so real – when TIME in itself do not in fact exist, but on machines/systems we produced/created that interpret / categorize the Day into seconds, minutes and hours and so from such Time-Machines – we created our relationship to the World System/Survival/Money. When, if one’s look at one’s day from only a PHYSICAL perspective – one’s Day in fact actually only consist of sequences of events/actions, moving from one Responsibility to the next within and through one’s day until one’s day and responsibilities came to a conclusion, a rest to prepare for the next.
So, what is this Illusion we have created of “there is No Time / not enough Time” and “running after time /trying to catch time / catch up with Time”, where in our Minds we created this entire Personality System with thoughts, backchat, reactions in our relationship to Time that in fact is the Source that “take up most of our Day” / Living, but is not seen, realised / understood. Meaning, we THINK more ABOUT TIME /Responsibilities within/throughout our Day than in fact getting Anything Done. I mean, this many must have experienced as well, where: we tend to go into this entire/total Possession within our Minds in relation to time and then a Day/Days/Weeks/Months go by and we never got to doing anything Substantial/Practical/Real in our living/lives because we THINK about living/doing, rather than actually in fact DOING/LIVING in/as our Daily Lives.

So, obviously – because our relationship to the Time-Machines that categorize / organize a day into seconds, minutes, hours is connected to our Survival in/as this World System – “throwing away” Time is Not the Solution. Because, within this – it’s to see, realise and understand that it’s not TIME in itself that’s the “problem” – it’s who we are in/as our Relationship to Time.
So, the question then within this is – how can we change our relationship to TIME as it exist now, within and as the Sound, Physical, Energy Dimensions of/as TIE-ME, as we bind ourselves to time within and as Personality Possessions of/as reactions of emotions/feelings, thought processes, backchat – even sometimes to such an extent that we eventually don’t get anything done, and/or do not Live at all, because we’re more possessed within our relationship to Time, Chasing it / Running after it / Trying to catch up to it, than remembering to breathe, to walk, to do, to Live?

We’ll continue in the next post

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