The Chosen One: DAY 241

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The Chosen One: DAY 241

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

In the previous post, we opened up the Point regarding our relationship to 2012 within the context of “specialness, uniqueness, importance”, the reactions produced by/through feeling/experiencing self as an “Chosen One” and the ‘Elitist Status’ this represents in one’s Mind/general life experience. How such Mind-Personalities evolve from our relationship to our Parents, to Education, to our Job/Profession and eventual relationship to Money/Social Networks – with us all in some way or another, ‘competing’ in this world/our lifetime for such an Status in our Minds and in our Worlds. Which also most prominently can be found in relationships/sex – being the “Chosen One” / “The One” in/as relationship to another human being that elicit the experiences of “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation” and in that the ‘Elitist’ status of one’s relationship to self, the other and so also within one’s world/reality.

Now, all of these/such connections are primarily grouped together to create the optimum energy experience termed “Love”. Whatever / whoever create such energy-experiences within our Minds as “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation”, that gives us an Elitist status in our Minds and in our Worlds, being the “Chosen One / The One” – we come to “Love”. Parents do this, the Education System do this, the World System do this through Money…and then Spiritualities, Religions and Movements do this, and this also goes for the 2012 Phenomena.
However, we become so blinded by our own Self-Interest/Ego within our Minds, with all these experiences of being “The One / The Chosen One” within the “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation” that is packaged with the ‘deal’ and the Elitist Status it Presents, that we do not see the Conditional Nature of/as such Dimensions of “Love” and the extent of Consequence it in fact create within humanity. Because the “Love” that we are Taught, is Conditional – it’s being giving ‘free reign’ to our Consciousness within the principle of “Free Will and Free Choice”, as though we’re apparently ‘Free’ to define ‘Love’ according to what Serves our Interests, our Minds, our Lives. With not seeing, realising and understanding that the very constructs we use to define things in our Worlds, originate from our Mind-Platform/programming that was copied/imitated from/of those that have gone before us, and so we use the Past to define the present/future – which means, we’re not ‘Free’ within our definitions as long as we reference the Past Programming. When ‘Love’ is/as been the One Single Thing that has created the most Consequence within this Existence, and it still does with regards to how we’ve come to Define it within and as the Mind/Consciousness within the starting-point of Energy.

So, let us have a look at the relationships between Love, The Chosen One / The One and 2012 – as well as all the various different fields/dimensions this relationship exist within ourselves and our worlds and the consequences it’s manifested for humanity/this Physical Existence as a whole:
So, it’s interesting that we’re conditioned within our Minds to ‘Love’ only That which presents us with reactive Feelings/Emotions of “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation”, and dependent on the extent of the Energy Experience, how ‘strong or how weak’ it is, will depend on the Nature of the ‘Love’-connection. Where we experience ourselves being The One/Chosen One the strongest, is within/during Sex/Relationships – that really strengthen those energy reactions of “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation”. Then with regards to Family and Friends, this ‘Love’ falls within another category/dimension, because the energy reactions of emotions/feelings pertaining to “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation” would be ‘less strong’. And then, here an interesting thing – the ‘Love’ that tend to supersede, for most, Relationships/Sex and Family/Friends is that in our relationship to MONEY. Because, with Money – we get the “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation” and Elitist Status validated by/through Material Possessions, where our Elitist “The One” Status is physically, visibly confirmed. Whereas, with Family, Friends and Relationships – the “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation” energy reactions of emotions/feelings together with the Elitist Status/ being “The One” is more just existent within the Mind as ENERGY, but with Money – this whole internal relationship, becomes externally Visible, making ourselves MORE REAL through MONEY in/as being “The One / Chosen One” and Elitist and physically manifesting this constant, continuous experience/standing of “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation”. Essentially, utilizing Money to reflect our Mind’s interest, and so not being able to see beyond it, into and as the actual consequence and so Solution of Money in/as Existence.

This relationship between Love and Money is proven ever so often, in Family disputes that break out because of Money, that any inkling of a “relationship” to Family would be thrown out the door when the Prospect of Money is within one’s grasp. This happens in relationships as well, the entire foundation of Sex/Relationship can be thrown out the door the Moment there exist a friction/conflict to/as Money. Granted, yes – Money is our Survival, however – this should not mean that it must lead to such Extensive friction/conflict where it becomes a Choice between ‘Love of Family/Friends’ and ‘Love of Money’. So, again here, then – brings into Question, that: if a friction/conflict between Relationships can be brought about by Money, was the ‘Love’ then ever really in fact REAL within/between Friends and Family and/or Partners? And what then of the ‘Love’ of Money – is this then really in fact ‘Love’? Or is ‘Love’ as the experiences of “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation” as energy reactions of emotions/feelings just a ‘smokescreen’ for the ACTUAL, REAL reason why we have Relationships in our world/reality, if relationships can in a Moment be ‘made / broken’, fall apart just as quickly as it came together? And then here, again we return to the relationship of “Love” as CONDITIONAL.

That, our relationships to other human beings are ‘Contractual’, from the perspective of existing within very particular-specific “terms and conditions” – “I will love you as long as…” And this ‘contractual’ Nature of relationships start from within Childhood, how we’re conditioned into ‘Love’ in relationship to our parents, only IF they abide by our “terms and conditions” of our wants, needs and desires and fulfilling our energy-experiences of “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation”, that make us Feel like “The One / the Chosen One”, maintaining our Elitist-Status in relationship to them. And, it’s interesting within this – how often one Find one’s relationship to Money, supersede any such ‘contractual, conditional’ ‘Love’-relationships to family, friends and partners when it comes to ‘Survival’,
So, within this – the relationship to 2012, is bound to conditions in the Minds of human beings that believe in a particular-specific Prophecy/Prediction, feeling “special, unique, important, appreciated” in/as their Elitist Standing with/as the following of the better afterlife/hereafter/world – in their Minds being “the One / Chosen One” that will be going to ‘special places’. And what determines the particular prophecy/prediction that such human beings would align themselves with, relate to Words, Energy Reactions of emotions/feelings, Images/Pictures – the holographics that the Prophecy/Prediction present, that activate/initiate such reactions in the Mind’s Ego, based on how they were conditioned/programmed throughout their lives within/as the conditional/contractual relationship to/as ‘Love’.
(For more information on how Physical Holographic imprints from reality, manifest in the Mind/Consciousness to activate specific Personalities/Reactions – suggest investing in the Quantum Mind Interview Series available on EQAFE)

So, here – we have another thread/dimension pulling through from all spheres of our lives, ‘Love’ and the actual Nature thereof, that has become tainted by/through the Self-Interest of Individual Human Beings by/through their Mind Programming/Conditioning, that only Serve the Interests of the Individual and would so also determine the alignment to/as a Religion/Spirituality/Following, including a relationship to 2012.
What must be seen, realised and understood here – is that: ‘who we are’ in/as the Mind and Personalities, will come to manifest in all spheres of our lives, and so determine our future/living experiences in this lifetime. And, another Dimension that the 2012 prophecies/prediction reveal/expose; is that of wanting to be “The One / Chosen One” within the context of a form of ‘Love’ that elicit such energy reactions of “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation”. So, it’s interesting within this to what lengths we would go, how many relationships would be compromised – just to secure/ensure the various dimensions of ‘Love’ and our Self-Interest of being The One / Chosen One, each individual in some way or another attempting to / trying to maintain some form of Elitist Status in their Minds and in this World – but would within this, not consider All in/as equality and oneness as a Solution that can stand HERE for All in/as this Physical Existence as a Solution to Life on Earth here. I mean, even when there is, for example disputes amongst friends, family, partners – it’s an “All or Nothing” thing when it comes to ‘Love and Money’, for example. People don’t COMMUNICATE, sit down and come to Solutions, work things out to what would be the best outcome for ALL. It’s more in the lines of “If you don’t give me my Love, my “specialness, uniqueness, importance, appreciation” for my Ego… then we’re done.” I mean, it’s like we based relationships on how people make us FEEL, instead of who we are in/as our Living with and as each other. And so, one would follow a 2012 prophecy/prediction, and so the same with Religions/Spiritualities based on how they make you FEEL in the Mind within/as Energy-Reactions, instead of in any way considering / reference this Physical Existence, the Evidence of what is HERE within the fact that we’re the only one’s here in/as this physical existence creating life on earth as it exist today.

We’ll continue in the next post with and as the consequence of the statement “There can only be One” and the various dimensions humanity have been grouped in as being “The One’s / the Chosen One’s”, and how the point of the real meaning of “The One” has been misconstrued by/through Self-Interest, Ego as Consciousness. 

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