UN/TI(e)-ME - (Part Two): DAY 248

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UN/TI(e)-ME – (Part Two): DAY 248

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

In the previous post, we had a look at our relationship to Time, with regards to how we created such a Relationship within and as our Mind/Consciousness as a Personality. A Personality meaning, where in/as our relationship to Time – we’ll have thoughts, backchat/internal conversations, reactions of emotions/feelings, even to the extent of such a relationship changing our physical condition/behaviour/experience; where this relationship to TIME, stand now in the context of TIE-ME, binding ourselves to Time within and as a relationship of haste/running/catching up, the ME/I/SELF tied/bound to TIME as we have accepted and allowed, in our Minds, to make TIME MORE than ‘who I am’, Superior to ‘who I am’ where our relationship to Time in our MINDS can Define ‘who we are / how we are and what/how we live’.

So, with us existing as a Mind-Personality, reactively, in our relationship to Time – this means, time, has power over who we are, how/what we live and why - within and throughout our day. Now, in this – having such a relationship to Time, makes one’s day-to-day living more difficult than it has to be, because one then additionally with everything else one face within and throughout the day, have to process one’s reactive/Personality possessive relationship in relation to Time. And, this is also a fascinating thing, with regards to how often ‘Time’ is used as an excuse, reason and justification to in fact not FACE SELF within/throughout responsibilities/relationships/obligations within and as one’s day-to-day living. Like, how often do one hear: “I don’t have time now” / “there’s not enough time” / “I wish I had more time” – when, one DO in fact have an entire day within which to organize/structure one’s movement within and as sequences of events, placing them/categorizing them into and as time-frames within the Time-Machine references we have and can really get a lot done in a day. That, the excuse, reason and justifications in our relationship to Time is/has more been used because self DO NOT WANT to do certain things/face certain things, get certain things done and so Time has become a convenient “back door” of not taking Responsibility for things within one’s day-to-day living. So, nice try with the “I don’t have time now” / “there’s not enough time” / “I wish I had more time” excuse, reason and justification, but is NOT REAL – because a Day in itself does not function according to a Time-Machine, it functions/moves according to OUR PHYSICAL MOVEMENT within and as it. And all that is required to get to things in a Day and in a Week is categorize/organize Responsibilities into and as sequences of events and walk the day, practically, physically here within and as Space and Time in and as Breath to get things Done and accordingly utilize the Time Machines as only an ADDITIONAL REFERENCE for self to get things done, but not accept and allow Time to be your Master, Enslavement to/as which you Bind/Tie the ME/I/SELF in/as the Mind in a relationship to Reaction/Possession.

With having a look at the illustration/image we looked at in the previous post, Time in  itself has become like the ‘centre / master’-point within our world/reality, with the numbers/times from 12 to 12 representing our responsibilities throughout the day and then the hands of the clock as us running/chasing after/towards one responsibility to the next. Often, for example busy with one responsibility earlier in the day, and then time-travelling already to the/a responsibility at the end of the day – caught up and tied to / bound within and as our relationship to Time. Never Here, Never Living, Never absolutely paying attention with and as the one point, one time frame, one responsibility that we’re busy with, because we’re busying ourselves in/as that moment with and as the PAST and/or the FUTURE. Time Possessed.

So, before we continue with how we’re going to assist and support ourselves to UN/TIE-ME from/of our Mind/Personality Possession in relationship to TIME, and stop accepting and allowing ourselves to use the excuse of Time to not face/take responsibility for things/obligations in our World/Reality, let’s look at the following Sound, Physical and Energy Dimensions in/as our relationship to TIME:
T – Representing Choice
I – Representing the I/Ego/Personality
M – Representing manifestation (who we are in our living/behaviour)
E – Representing Energy
So, in/as the Word Time – is existent the “problem” as well as our “solution” in/as ‘who I am’ as TIME as follows:
As we currently exist in/as our relationship to Time, we are existing in/as a starting point of I – as Personality, within and as a particular E – as energy experience, that come to determine the M – as manifestation/behaviour/living of who I am in/as a moment in relation to our personal world, and within all this – the pivotal point to take into consideration is T – as choice. We are currently existing as Choice within and as the context of ACCEPTANCE and ALLOWANCE. We are accepting and allowing the manifestation/living/behaviour of who I am as a Personality with a particular Energy Experience in/as our relationship to the Physical as Time – dependent on the environment, the obligation/responsibility and people in our world/reality, and within that also ‘generally’ how we experience the Day as a whole.

And so here, is our SOLUTION existent within and as our relationship to TIME within the dimensions of TIE-ME and T-I-M-E as the acceptance and allowance, the energy experience, the personality and so overall manifestation of our living/who we are in/as our relationship to Time as Follows:
So, what do we know – for those that have been walking this Blog from the beginning, as we have explored our relationship to Personalities, that a Personality System is a Mind-System, that one can transcend – through walking the Dimensions of/as a Personality System, as its origin point as Fear, the Thought that activate the Personality, to the Imagination that animate the Personality, the Emotions/Feelings as Reactions that substantiate the Personality and then the Behavioural and Physical Dimensions as the extent to which a Personal System can affect/influence and change the Physical Body and one’s experience within and as it.

Therefore, STEP 1 – is to take Self-Responsibility, in walking one’s process in one’s relationship to TIME as the Personality System one created/programmed/manifested within and as self’s Mind that has created the consequential relationship to Time; where Time has come to have MORE POWER over/of self, to the extent where Time can define/change/determine and affect ‘who I am’ in/as one’s decisions/actions within and throughout one’s day-to-day living.
So, this is a Point that we will then also walk within Posts to come – the TIME Personality and more specifically then also in/as the Relationship to 2012 and the “end of the world / doomsday / end times” Scenario as the extent to which Numbers, Dates and Times – to which one create a Personality in the Mind/Consciousness, can possess one within oneself, one’s life/living, than getting to what is really important within/as this Physical Existence as taking Self-Responsibility for/as what is Here. Thus, with walking the Personality System, the TIME Personality within and as the Dimensions of T-I-M-E that we have illustrated above, in walking through the acceptance and allowance as Choice as T that determined the M as manifestation/living/behaviour of I as who I am as a Personality with E as a particular Energy Experience in/as one’s relationship to Time – come’s REDEFINING who I am in/as TIME within and as the starting point principle of/as equality and oneness as what’s best for all as follows:

And now we get to the first Dimension we have walked in/as our Relationship to TIME as TIE-ME - from where we’re going to establish our redefinition/living of ‘who I am’ AS Time.
So, with some of the points we have looked at in relation to TIME, is that for most part – we’re always somewhere in our Minds, regarding the Past, the Present and the Future and sometimes in one moment we can time-travel to all Three Dimensions Simultaneously. Like, we’d be busy with one thing/responsibility/obligation in a moment, and then at the same time be thinking about the past and/or future. And so, we’re never actually, fully, absolutely, attentive HERE - as time in our Minds within and as the Time Personality completely possess our MOMENT HERE with and as what we’re busy with in/as the Moment within Reality HERE.
So, there’s all these popular saying with regards to “Living in the PRESENT” – however, what is not seen, realised and understood with regards to how the Mind/Consciousness operate within and as the dimensions of past, present and future, is that: We’ve always been using the Past within our Minds/lives, to in fact determine the Present in our Minds/Lives and so have always recreated the Future from the Past in the Present. And so within these Dimensions of ‘Time’ in the Mind is why/how human beings have never in fact Changed and why our lives seem to ‘time loop’ – because of the interrelationship between past, present and future in the MIND not being understood. So, the question here is then – how can we make PRESENT/the Present PRACTICAL so that we ensure we do not in the present, recreate the Future from/of the Past in/as our Minds? Where, the Present becomes a LIVING HERE in/as the moment, being attentive, focused in/as what we do in the Physical Moment and not be possessed within and as TIME in our Minds?

These questions we will continue exploring in the next post with having a look at how we’re going to change TIE-ME in/as the Personality Possession, to bowTIE-ME, where we GIFT ourselves the PRESENT, the DAY, the HERE with organizing, structuring and categorizing our days/lives effectively, to not exist in a possession in our relationship to TIME and so ensure we do not use time as an excuse, justification and hiding to not face/expand ourselves/our living within and as our day-to-day participations.

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