Imagination and TI(e)-ME: DAY 256

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Imagination and TI(e)-ME: DAY 256

 For many their life before and after the Christmas is going to be the same.
MRC with EMS = Make Real Change with Equal Money System

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

We in the previous post, concluded our Process of walking the THOUGHT-Dimension – with having a look at some dimensions/perspectives to consider in/as one’s Relationship to Thought. We also ended off with some Questions regarding Thoughts and our relationship to Them – and for additional, expansive, specific, exploration into and as those Questions we asked: we suggested Investing in the Quantum Mind Interview Series available on EQAFE that walk the Detail of the creation of Thought and our consequential relationship to/towards them, in/as accepting and allowing ourselves to Define ourselves in/as ‘who we are’ in relationship to Thought/Thinking and what ‘automatically’ arise, unquestioningly, within our Minds as Consciousness.

Therefore, we in and from this Post will be continuing with the IMAGINATION-Dimension, which is the next domino that may/may not Fall, following the Micro-Chip Thought activation of/as a Personality System; for as we have explained in the Personality/Character Process within this Blog is that: the Domino’s may/might fall directly from the Thought, to the Backchat/Internal conversations, “skipping” the Imagination Dimension and/or directly from the Thought, to the Reaction Dimension – “skipping” the Imagination and Backchat/Internal Conversation Dimensions. The Why/How of this, is/has been explained in the Personality/Character Process walked previously.

Let’s continue walking the IMAGINATION Dimension, writing, self-forgiveness and self-commitments; having a look at the Relationship between Imagination and especially Energy-Experience, how we through Imagination “supercharge” energy-reactions, and how energy-reactions then in turn “animate / materialize” Imagination. Within this Relationship then, what it is that create that relationship to our Imagination, that we’d make our Imagination “more Real” than this Physical Existence that we See with our Physical Eyes.

IMAGINATION Dimension: Writing
I would further suggest Investing in the Quantum Systemization Interview, The Mind’s Physical Simulation System, also available on EQAFE. In this Interview of this Series, is discussed how the Mind/Consciousness ‘simulate’ the Reality of the Physical Body and all its internal-external, multi-dimensional processes, functioning, structure, design and manifestation – so that, as long as one exist in/as the Mind/Consciousness, one will Never in fact have direct, real, access into and as the Depths of/as the Real Physical and Substance, as that “belongs” to/as the Quantum Mind, Quantum Physical Dimensions of/as Consciousness with regards to what REALLY goes on within/behind the Thoughts one think, the emotions/feelings one Experience, the Internal Conversation/Backchats one participate in and where exactly in/as the Mind-Physical System they come from and are produced/created/programmed. Then, in this also – comes Imagination, and the evolution of Imagination in/as the Evolution of Consciousness as Programmed Energy, where: with the Mind Systems as Consciousness evolving at the sacrifice of/as the Physical as Substance as energy consume substance, simulating the Real Physical into and as an Energy-Simulated version – keeping one’s Beingness-Awareness in/as only the Conscious/Subconscious Mind Dimensions – FOLLOWING the Mind/Consciousness; while Consciousness/the Mind Systems control one’s Subconscious/Conscious Mind from/of the Depths of/as the Mind-Physical Relationship. In this, why/how Imagination thus, became one the Mind/Consciousness’s primary Resources, from the perspective of keeping the Human’s Beingness-Awareness locked/secluded/separated into and as the Domains of/as the Conscious/Subconscious Mind IMAGINING our life/living responsibility in/as this real physical existence away; never in/as the Possession of Consciousness/Energy – especially in Imagination, seeing, realising and understanding how we’re not the Directive-Principle, Will or Choice in/as who/how/what we are in our Minds and in our Living, even with Imagination itself – how that is Preprogrammed, controlled and regulated by/through Personalities/Personality Systems in/as the Mind.

With this, Imagination of/as the Mind/Consciousness – in its substance and content, as the ‘purpose’ of this program’s existence, is to further manifest the Human Being’s Beingness-Awareness into and as the ‘clutches / hold’ of the Mind/Consciousness Energy-Simulated version of/as this Real Physical Existence; the more and more one ‘spend time in Imagination’ than actually Living, in/as equality and oneness with and as Breath in/as this Real Physical Reality; the more one is slowly but surely, within and as and from one’s Beingness – ‘drawn into’ the Alternate Realities of/as the Mind/Consciousness, into and as the various Imagination-Programs of the Various Personality Systems of/as the Mind/Consciousness. And one can also look at one’s ‘awareness’-relationship to/as Imagination…it ‘draws you in’, as one Imagine, together with the Energy-Experiences it ‘rewards one with’; whether it be Positive Energy – one then have a tendency to Follow/be Drawn into it more Readily, when it’s Negative Energy – one tend to Follow/be Drawn into it, until the Negative Energy Experience and the Imagination Content become too overwhelming and Suppress the Imagination/Energy Experiences into and as the Subconscious/Unconscious Mind as Memories. Now what happens to suppressed memories within the Unconscious-Mind and how that is stored/lodged/infused into and as the Physical Body and the consequences this, in time, as memories, their content and energy accumulates within and as the Physical Tissue/Flesh – is also discussed in the Quantum Mind Interview Series.

Therefore, with us essentially from the beginning of our existence as the “Human Race” – this History being walked in the Reptilian, Atlantean and Kryon Interview Series – with us from the beginning of our existence, existing in a Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship, with the Mind in control of our Beingness-Physical Relationship and the Mind’s existence consisting of/existing as Energy: this is the Foundation source/origin of why/how it is that we exist in separation from the Physical Body, this Physical Existence to the extent that we do, that we’re not even Aware of the Breaths we take, Aware of where exactly everything we so automatically, unquestioningly, Following in/as our Minds come from, are produced, created and Why/How within this all – this Mind/Consciousness we so automatically, unquestioningly follow: has in none of the Energies of the Negative, Neutral and/or Positive: managed to produce any substantial real change to/as Human Nature to bring forth into/as this Physical Existence, actual, real Change??? Because, what is not seen, realised and understood is that the very Mind/Consciousness exist from/of the Energies of/as the Negative, Neutral and Positive and thus, resource it from the Physical and thus continue our separation from the Physical and enslavement to the Control of/as the Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY. And so within this, why and how it is that we’d manifest the relationship to our Imagination, of being “more Real” than this Physical Existence that we See with our Physical Eyes, because: we’ve BECOME the Mind/Consciousness, we’ve BECOME the Energy – despite the fact that we are in a REAL Physical Body, in/as this REAL Physical Existence and the Consequence still accumulating based on what we REALly accept/allow/participate in, unquestioningly, unchanged in/as this Physical Existence as for example the current World System / Money System and how this determine, define, control and direct ‘life on earth’ with all of humanity and this physical existence not having directive principle, will or choice in/as the nature/condition of what ‘Life on Earth’ is/has become as long as the World System / Money System continue existing as is.

So, it’s interesting within this then, that – as we Follow the Mind, automatically, unquestioningly – the World System of Money is Followed, automatically, unquestioningly – with both Inner and Outer Systems being that which is Defining the Nature/Living of Individual Humans and Humanity as a Whole, but these Systems are left unchanged…as the Imagination within, and the Consumerism System without, Draws the human being into and as preoccupation and distraction from/of the REALITY  of our relationship to ourselves in relation to the Mind, and our relationship to all of Humanity/this Physical Existence in relation to the World System of Money.
Thus, within this, in the Posts to come – where we’re going to walk the IMAGINATION Dimension in relation to the TIME-Personality/Character and so also the Sub-Personality/Character in relationship to End Times / Doomsday / End of the World / New Era; to see, realise and understand the extent to which we from a Thought and/or Reaction to/as TIME within the as the “time machine” of Consciousness as the interrelationships between the past, present and future – can time-travel in/as our own Self-Created / Programmed Imaginations, as we animate knowledge and information from/of our external environment in our Minds; substantiate it with ENERGY and so in that, believe the Imagination to be MORE REAL than physical, real, practical reality Evidence and so Commonsense. Simultaneously, we will within this have a look at the Consequence of/as our current relationship to/as Imagination and how to assist/support self to Utilize “Imagination” constructively within and as the Direct-Context to/as one’s Real Physical Living/World/Reality; to establish an directive-awareness of one’s relationship to/as Imagination. Changing our relationship from IMAGINING Time, to actually LIVING in Real Time and the Responsibility such Real Time Living imply in/as our relationship to/as this Physical Existence as a whole.

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