Parental Input in Child Character-Building – Part 2: DAY 109

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Parental Input in Child Character-Building – Part 2 (Self-Commitments): DAY 109

 Featured Artwork by: Kelly Posey

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Emotional/Feeling Body Creation – Part 9 (Self-Commitments)

Who I Am as Money – continued

Continuing with the Self-Commitment Statements of the Self-Forgiveness statements walked in DAY 108:

I commit myself to show, how from childhood within/during our evolution as the Mind in the Physical, where our childhood/human-experience in this world has essentially become that of the Mind’s evolution within and as ourselves, with the principle of the Mind’s evolution standing within its relationship to Character/Personality creation. Where we’ll have existent within our Minds, our Main Mind Consciousness System Platform, Main/Primary Characters that emerge from the Mind Consciousness System Platform database of our parents’ downloaded/transferred Minds, and then additionally within the Main/Primary Character/Personality Systems - there is existent a myriad of additional sub-characters within the Main/Primary Characters/Personality Systems that evolves the Main/Primary Characters/Personality Systems and so the Mind Consciousness System as a whole. Where this process of evolution is essentially the Main Mind Consciousness System’s survival in this World of Characters/Personalities as Minds as human-beings, with survival as the Mind’s incentive to be the best/superior/winner in this game of Minds within our internal and external world/reality of competition for us to make the best and be the best in ourselves and our worlds in our relationship to the rest of Humanity.
Where, obviously this game has its restrictions in the minority in this World at the moment that is existent as the ‘winners/superiors’ in their Mind-Physical evolution within and without in their relationship to Energy and Money, with the rest of humanity in their internal and external processes of Mind-physical evolution to attempt/try to be/become the Elite in this World-System. Where there is only so much MONEY externally to/towards which the Minds/humans must compete to survive/evolve in their external world/reality, with this exact same competition manifesting internally with/as our Main/Primary Characters of the Mind and all the sub-characters within that, as the Mind within-itself compete for Energy from/of the resources of the body to distribute to the rest of the Mind/ Main/Primary Characters/Personalities, as energy is the substance/power the mind need to evolve within, as money is the power/manifestation that the Mind/human need to evolve itself without. And so, with energy and money – the game of survival/evolution of the Mind as humanity: IS ON.

In this, I commit myself to show – how, with our very internal existence as the Mind/Characters/Personalities existent in the nature/game of competition for energy for evolution as survival, has equally as one become the creation/game of competition in the World-System of Money in our external existence for money for evolution as survival, manifested in our image and likeness as a direct-mirror representation of how we exist as our Mind-Physical relationship: how we have come to an internal and external existence of ‘competing for survival’ instead of ‘contributing to life and living’.
And so to with writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, assist and support ourselves to change our Mind-Physical relationship from the internal separation, competition dynamics for the survival/evolution of the Mind. Where what we’ve evolved within our Mind-Physical relationship is how to survive through creating/separating ourselves into more and more characters/personalities in our Minds to attempt/try to win in this ‘game of life/energy/money’, in evolving in all sorts of deceptive, dishonest, secretive ways, means and methods to secure/ensure our existence/self-definition in our internal and external reality. Which has equally as one become the existence of humanity to the relationship of the World-System of Money: evolving in all sorts of deceptive, dishonest, secretive ways, means and methods to secure/ensure our existence/self-definition in our internal and external reality; that we’ve as individuals and collectively: instead of contributing to the evolution of LIVING/LIFE for ALL in equality and oneness, have secluded ourselves into our Minds as our own ‘secret agents’ to materialize/manifest only our individual wants, needs and desires in our process of evolution WITHIN OUR OWN MINDS. And so the extremes we’d go to in our mind-physical existence to protect/defend the evolution/survival of our own Minds/lives alone.
Instead of realising the simplicity: changing/transforming our relationship to ourselves as the Mind within and the World-System without, with each one changing this relationship of themselves within themselves, to self-equality and oneness, to what’s best for all, to changing this relationship to the World-System of equality and oneness/what’s best for all, which stop this dynamic of individualized competition/evolution/war to aligning ourselves and our living to contributing to/as the evolution as development/growth/expansion of our living with ourselves and each other in equality and oneness here. Where, thus – the change in our within and without for this world/reality, starts with each individual’s self-responsibility, as we’re the one’s within ourselves and the without, individually and together: creating ourselves/our lives – personally and collectively.

I commit myself to show, how we have ‘missed the obvious’ in our mind-physical relationship: that each individual human being is existing alone in themselves, that everything that is existent/experienced in the Mind is parts/pieces of ourselves we’ve separated ourselves into and as, from/of the Mind Consciousness System as various different selves/characters/personalities, and tactics/game-plans/processes as an entire internal ‘war/competition system’ with strategies of how to evolve our mind-physical existence/definition/living to protect/defend/secure our life/experience/living in this world for ourselves and ourselves alone.
In this, individualizing our existence to only serve the creation/evolution of the Mind WITHIN OURSELVES, and so: I commit myself to show, how/why we really thus are ALONE in our Minds and why/how whatever we EXPERIENCE, whatever MANIFEST in/as our Minds – is ourselves, is representative of ourselves and ourselves alone. And thus, why/how – we never in fact “experience / pick up” another human beings’ energies/minds/experiences; that whatever we react to, to/towards another human being is coming up from WITHIN ourselves AS ourselves, that it is SELF REACTING to/towards another human being. And why/how thus this point of apparently experiencing another human being is conveniently used/abused as BLAME to not face/expose/have to deal with the reality of self within self, in seeing, realising and understanding that everything that is existent WITHIN self IS SELF. And will within this Blog, walk the detail of how self create self as the Mind, as Characters/Personalities – how we have throughout time evolved ourselves as an INTERNAL SYSTEM that only serves self at the sacrifice of the physical body, as the World-System of Money only serves the Elite/Minds at the sacrifice of this physical existence. And we as the majority can only change this relationship within and without, through realising that we have to take responsibility for ourselves in our mind-physical existence, stop blaming others for who we are within ourselves and really investigate what we are/have become, stop our conditioned acceptances and allowances within our internal and external existence, and change ourselves from beings of Consciousness competing for evolution/survival, to living beings in equality and oneness here, and align ourselves to developing solutions for ourselves/our lives and so this World-System of Money, to stop fighting ourselves and everything/everyone else, and direct ourselves/our living to contributing to the life of ourselves and all as ourselves and so the generations of children to come. Stop fighting, and become a Living Solution.

I commit myself to show, how/why we do not have an equal and one relationship with and as the physical-body, why/how we have not even considered this equality and oneness with the physical-body/physical-existence as-ourselves, as the extent to which we’ve come to, accept and allow our relationship/definition/existence as the Mind in its relationship to the Physical. And within that – accepted and allowed the automation of our Mind-existence in the Physical in our processes of self-separation into and as various ‘selves’ as Characters/Personalities we come to create through and as the Mind, from and of the Physical.
How, within this thus – we utilize our eyes not to SEE, we utilize our ears not to HEAR, but use our Eyes for the I of the mInd within/through which we filter what we physically see, transforming it into MEMORIES where we even change the memories of the reality of what we see to suit/serve our mInd’s evolution of characters/personalities. And so with the Ears as we filter what we physically hear into and as energy-experiences to suit/serve our mInd’s evolution of characters/personalities: Changing/transforming actual physical-reality with our eyes and ears into and as an internal Mind-reality that has become our separate existence within this actual physical-existence.
And, so I commit myself to show the detail of how we create/manifest our internal Mind-Reality, from/through our Physical-Mind eyes and ears as the process of how we use ENERGY EXPERIENCE to merge the Mind into the Physical, being/becoming a living-mind through/with/as energy, memories from/of the physical within and without. Seeing/hearing only that which serves our mind’s evolution, and why/how we do not ever in fact SEE / HEAR the pain/suffering/consequences of/as this PHYSICAL reality and the lives of all that is sacrificed for a minority to win in their game of life/living as evolution of mind/energy and money in the mind’s evolution in the within and without of their lives. As even what we do SEE/HEAR: is in some way or another justified/validated/excused in the Mind of those that can/have the ability/opportunity to make a difference/change to self and so this world as self. That we’ve used ENERGY to evolve the Mind, used MONEY to evolve the WORLD-SYSTEM, instead of LIVING in equality and oneness with ourselves, our bodies and so all that is physical, instead of aligning this World-System of Money to contribute to the life/living of all of humanity in/as equality and oneness. And so is this process: to stop existing as energy evolving the mind, and our accepted and allowed relationship to money evolving the world system, establish what it means to actually live, equal and one and so really align ourselves to the actual PHYSICAL, to change ourselves and so this world as ourselves.
And as long as we exist in/as the Mind, seeing and hearing through the Mind into the physical: nothing will/can change, and so the process of change is to stop seeing/hearing through the Mind, but in/as actual physical equality and oneness. To in fact hear/see with another in equality and oneness, cause if we were in fact equal and one, in seeing the pain/suffering/sacrifice of another as ourselves; we as humanity would not have accepted and allowed such an existence as we are now, as we are at the moment only accepting and allowing it, cause we’re using whatever we see/hear to serve/evolve the MIND, instead of actually SEEING, HEARING with and as what is here and coming up/manifesting a LIVING SOLUTION to all that is here as ourselves.   

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