Main Mind/Character Structural Resonance Dimension – Part 2: DAY 134

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Main Mind/Character Structural Resonance Dimension – Part 2 (Self-Commitments): DAY 134

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

We’re continuing with the Self-Commitment statements of the Self Forgiveness statements walked in DAY 133.

I commit myself to walk the detail of How exactly the Mind Consciousness Systems see each-other within and as Human Beings, to within this reveal/expose the reality of what it is that has in fact been determining, directing and controlling the Human Being within and throughout the History of Human Civilization. Regarding why and how it is that in today’s world – more and more Human Beings are ‘losing control’ of/as the Mind in the Physical, and so thus themselves. Because, what this consequence in the physical as the mirror of the reality of what we’re in fact existing as within ourselves is reflecting, is that we have not ever in fact had control, directive-principle, will / choice in and as our relationship to ourselves as our own Minds. With also having a look at how immediately, automatically thoughts are fed into and as our Conscious-Mind, how immediately, automatically we tend to wander off into the darkness of the Minds’ imaginations/fantasies/visualizations that completely remove one from the reality of the physical that is real, here.
Interesting, that even within the World System itself, what is promoted is the Mind, thought, consciousness, imagination, visualization, energy…everything of that which completely separate self from reality, the physical, that is real, here. The World System promoting human beings in the Mind to such an extent that we’d focus on things the Mind feed us, the World System feed us – consumerism, images, fantasies; but would not give a moment’s consideration to the countless of human beings in PHYSICAL REALITY suffering from starvation, famine, war, poverty – keeping us preoccupied in the Mind, within our own MINDS to not see the reality of what we’re creating as this world/earth for a select minority of Humanity to finance and substantiate their Hollywood Minds.
But, what is slowly but surely manifesting more and more and more, with the evidence of humans losing control of themselves/their minds, with more of this world being ravaged into ruins the more and more and more human beings attempt/try to keep the illusion as the Mind real: is that REALITY is becoming a place that is becoming more and more and more difficult to deny as the manifested-consequence of our acceptance and allowance of promoting and believing the Mind/Consciousness to be REAL and in that relationship, denying/ignoring the actual reality that is real as the Physical.
When each one would self-honestly have a look at the relationship of the Mind to MONEY, and how we internally and externally have the unspoken hope that the Mind within and the World System without will materialize our secret wants, needs and desires…will see, realise and understand how we have individually and collectively manifested this world to exist as it does, with reality - as our loss of control of the Mind, and the ravaged earth drawing ever so closer/nearer with human beings not realising that we’re walking slowly, but surely to creating/manifesting our own DOOMS DAY and that within this process, no MIND/Energy and MONEY as it currently exist as the World System and the Human will save us.

In this, I commit myself to show – that the Devil is not making this world the way it is, nor is God performing miracles, because as we walk through the Mind in this Blog, but more specifically in the Quantum Mind Series and for those human beings already walking the Desteni I Process, will see, realise and understand how one can trace, in detail one’s History in one’s own MIND. See, realise and understand how from and throughout one’s life one created the nature of one’s thoughts, thinking patterns, behavioural habits, one’s entire relationship to oneself that determined who self is and so ALL the decisions/actions taken/lived within/throughout one’s Life. And so, within this – how: the decisions and actions of the individual and collective; can be traced within and as walking-through one’s Mind, and within this – with walking the Desteni I Process, also see, realise and understand how one can in fact change self, within and without through UNDERSTANDING THE MIND, how it functions/exist.
Where self will see, realise and understand how, we only don’t have control over/of the Mind and understand how it Works, cause self hasn’t realised it IS SELF, that we haven’t walked through the Mind of/as ourselves IN DETAIL to understand how/why we’ve created ourselves into a system to represent us FOR us, and so exist FOR us, to so be able to change it as ourselves and in this: change the nature of the human. The same goes for the World System – we have to understand it, get to know it, in detail to see, realise and understand how it came to exist as the consequence it does now in the first place. To so be able to in fact Change it to what is/will be BEST FOR ALL, instead of what it’s doing now in serving only those with the fortunate position of possessing money. And so, changing the human, from self-interest as what we’ve done with how we created ourselves in/as the Mind to serve only our own wants, needs and desires and so in fact change ourselves/our living to what is/will be BEST FOR ALL.

I commit myself to question – why/how it is that this point of PHYSICAL Equality and Oneness, living and establishing an equal and one relationship with ourselves, our physical-bodies has never existed on Earth or is found within the World System of Money, as all that has been promoted/that can be found is the advertising of the apparent power of the Mind, Thought and Energy through Imagination/Visualization…but all that seems to be evident from/of this relationship between the Mind within and Money without: is individual human beings, that can afford it, that finance their own personal Hollywood Mind to become a ‘star’ in one’s own Mind/one’s own Life, with that ‘financing’ coming from the sacrifice of the physical/actual lives of humans and animals. Interesting, that: the more money one have, the more time, effort and attention one can spend in/as one’s Mind in manipulating one’s physical-body and physical-reality to suit one’s personal wants, needs and desires in standing in the limelight within/as one’s own Life/World. That this is what each human being in this world in our relationship with Money, want, need and desire – the riches of the Earth/this World as what the consumerism giant provide.
But, if ALL of humanity would see, realise and understand is that: within the current Way of how this World System’s relationship to the Earth/this Physical Existence is set up/aligned – there’s NO WAY human beings, all of humanity can have such a life as what the Elite of the World System is advertising. Fascinating that so many human beings claim that there’s not enough of this world/earth to go around with the amount of human beings on this Earth…please, the reality of it is that, with where they’re sitting in the World System in relationship to the Earth is that: there’s not enough Money, resources, material possessions to go around for the amount of Human Beings that also want to reach/attain Elitist status, and so essentially want to Blame ‘overpopulation’, when it’s in fact themselves to blame for their own Greed; that greed as a possession of/as the MIND would drive a human to extremes of claiming overpopulation to blame, would condone human beings to death, to secure their riches in/as the World System. And would not want to give that up in realising, seeing and understanding that it’s the very Money System/World System and our accepted and allowed relationship to/as it, ourselves and each other that is/has been the Root of All Evil in and on this Earth. That we’re TAKING LIVES, instead of GIFTING LIFE within and as the Current World System, and so calls for a reform of/as the current World System as walked within and as the Equal Money System, that will reverse the EVIL to LIVE in gifting the opportunity of life/living to all, equally as one, establish new ways, means and methods of living WITH THIS EARTH and the Animal Kingdom.
Within this, obviously – I commit myself to show how/why this calls for the re-education of the Human Being that is in fact very uneducated regarding the principles of Life and Living, very ‘intelligent’ regarding how to manipulate, deceive, remain ignorant of reality, and abuse for the sake of survival and money, but actual COMMON SENSE as having the sense, the ability to SEE and SENSE with and as that which is COMMON, EQUAL, ONE as this physical existence and us all within and as it: do not exist.
And so, we suggest investigating Desteni – with Life-Education, what it means to really live in equality and oneness with the Physical, to see through the veil of the mind, consciousness, energy into and as the reality of what is here as the physical, which will take courage – cause we’ve possessed ourselves with and as the Mind in separation from/of ourselves, the physical body and so this physical existence as a whole; this separation so well mind-controlled by the World System/Consumerism that this relationship to ourselves, our bodies and this physical existence in equality and oneness is nowhere to be found. So well mind-controlled by the World System/Consumerism into and as the Mind, that this point of world equality and oneness is fought/attacked. With human beings not seeing, realising and understanding, that – as long as we stand FOR this current World System as it exist, as well as humanity within it, we are standing FOR the Mind and our very nature within and as the Mind, standing FOR and as EVIL that has reversed how we were supposed to have lived in/on this Earth in equality and oneness with and as what is here.

I commit myself to show, why it is we are walking this process of the relationship between the Mind and the Physical in detail: to show the human how it is we have come to exist as the Mind/Consciousness with no control/directive principle of our internal or external reality, no voice in who we are within ourselves, nor with our lives in the without of ourselves. As what is speaking/existing FOR us, that we’re enslaved to and possessed within: is the Mind/Consciousness within and the World System of Money without. In this, our very selves, our lives are tied/chained/dependent on the Mind and the World System – and I mean, as is being evidenced by humans and this World System; this relationship of ourselves to the Mind and the existent World System is in no way benefitting ourselves/all life on Earth.
Thus, this calls for a change in our relationship to the Mind and the current World System, that we start establishing our voice/our living within ourselves and the without of ourselves; through first getting to know how the Mind works/functions in its current automated existence as consciousness, so that we in that can establish our directive-principle within ourselves in establishing who I am within me in every moment of breath and how I am in every moment of breath as my living with and as the physical.
And so establish our directive principle in the without of ourselves as the Equal Money System, where we will know that ourselves as all of ourselves is taken care of/cared for, each having their voice/their living within themselves and the without as themselves; and so no more be enslaved/possessed with ourselves/our lives to a system as the Mind within and without, but that we all live as a PRINCIPLE as LIFE as EQUALITY AND ONENESS HERE. 

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