If I can stop emotions – I am responsible for creating them: DAY 466

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If I can stop emotions – I am responsible for creating them: DAY 466

(Eternal Darkness continued)

Within this - also show you how you can change the reactions, where you can decide not to react, which is also proof that we ourselves create the reactions we experience, because: if we can stop and change reactions – it means we started them in the first place. No one else can stop reactions within your Mind: only self can.

Let us have a look at the heading (If I can stop emotions – I am responsible for creating them) as well as the last sentence in the above paragraph quoted from the previous post (No one else can stop reactions within your Mind: only self can). These two statements, encapsulates our responsibility to the emotions and/or feelings we experience in our Mind and Body. This is why:
An exercise one can do for oneself to see this point of responsibility for oneself, is the following: Take a person in your world that knows how to ‘press your buttons’. I am sure many will be able to relate to having such a person in your world, where it’s like they just know how to ‘rattle you up’. This is primarily because, through the Mind, we live-out habits and patterns and with being around / living with a person for a long time, one can eventually to a certain degree predict each other’s ‘buttons’ – what it is exactly that would make each other react and often use this to manipulate each other. On that note – it’s fascinating how we’re so aware of other’s ‘buttons’ we can push to manipulate an outcome – yet, we would not investigate our own reactions / patterns and are not so aware of our own patterns/habits as we are of others’. This is a point we can continue discussing in a next post.

Now, in the evening – before going to rest, bring up a memory within oneself of when one recently reacted to this particular person. Here, already, one will be able to prove to oneself that one is able to stop emotional reactions within oneself and stabilize through doing the following: walk some self-forgiveness statements, unconditionally and self honestly, in relation to the emotional reaction(s) that one experienced towards this person. For a more effective result, it is suggested to speak the self-forgiveness statements out loud. Here, remember – it’s not the self-forgiveness in-itself that will release the emotions/feelings – nor is it ever the emotions/feelings in themselves that brings them into existence: it is who we are in relationship to self-forgiveness, in relationship to emotions and feelings that determine the outcome / experience. Therefore, with self-forgiving – really walking the point of taking responsibility for the reactions in the Mind / within oneself and releasing self from the emotions/feelings in relation to the memory / person: will assist/support with seeing/realising and understanding how we can stop and change ourselves in relation to a memory/person and our reactions towards them. One will find how, within/through this process – one become calmer, more stable, until one can see the memory and the person within it and look at it without emotional/feeling reactions. In this, one will be able to see the memory/person for ‘what it is’ and actually be able to further investigate what it is exactly that triggered the initial reaction.
This would be the next step: to for oneself introspect and investigate what exactly of the moment/person in the memory activated an emotional / feeling response. Here one can move through the memory slowly – find the moment that one reacted, pause the memory and look into that very moment; one may find within this it’s the WAY they said something, like the tonality they used. Then one continue the introspection / investigation and ask/question why you reacted to the tonality the person used? In this question, one find that one’s parent / family member in the past used to use this tonality and it always made you feel inferior / disempowered. Now you have identified the ACTUAL reaction: that it was never this person in themselves you reacted to – you in fact had a reaction to the way YOU FELT INSIDE YOURSELF, which was ‘disempowered’. Then, obviously – this opens up a whole other ‘can of worms’, so to speak with investigating / introspecting how you came to accept/allow a tonality to make you feel disempowered / inferior / ‘less than’.

This is the journey into understanding our own programming in our Minds/Consciousness and how much we can learn about ourselves and the Mind/Consciousness through taking responsibility for our own emotions/feelings and understanding how we create them in our own Minds and Bodies.
We’ll continue more in the next post with how you can assist / support yourself in ‘real time’ interaction with another human being and prove to yourself how you can stop / change an emotional / feeling reaction while you are communicating with another human being.

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