Adding or Removing one Ingredient/Factor can Enhance or Ruin a Dish/Creation (Part 2): DAY 459

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Adding or Removing one Ingredient/Factor can Enhance or Ruin a Dish/Creation (Part 2): DAY 459

Continuing with adding the one Ingredient / factor that will either Enhance or Ruin a Dish/Creation – again utilizing the practical example of Entertainment vs. Responsibility that is one click away: I in that moment have the one ingredient/factor to add to a moment of creation, that will enhance me / my process in relationship to facing my mind’s pre-programming; to in that moment physically, practically, move myself through the addiction/habit of entertainment and into and as physical reality expression of completing / working on the responsibility/obligation. Accepting/allowing myself to have clicked on the entertainment – would have ruined an opportunity, a moment of me moving through the addiction/habit, of me living my commitment to change – to face the mind and direct me in physical reality. It’s fascinating how such moments is really “right here” – it’s in that moment that only self can stand where self has to actually physically move: all the preparation work of the writing, forgiveness and commitments leads up to that moment where our life/growth/expansion is in our hands – it only takes that one moment of decision and action to change.

Therefore, it’s interesting to note that: it’s not so much about the ‘entertainment in itself’ – it’s about the relationship to entertainment and responsibility/obligation that we create IN OUR MINDS. So, such moments are not a “fight between entertainment and responsibility/obligation” from an external perspective with self caught in-between: it’s about the relationship we created towards to the two in our minds and what this represents. Meaning: what we’re in fact facing in such moments is the mind-programming, the emotional/feeling energy we attached to entertainment vs. responsibility for example. So, many believe that the process is about “no, no, no – can’t go into entertainment now – I have to do this responsibility/obligation”, but you actually have to look “beyond” the entertainment into the relationship the MIND created towards it and how it polarized entertainment and responsibility into and as ENERGY and thoughts/imaginations/backchats. So, such moments – is, as I’ve said, actually moments to transcend/change one’s relationship to mind-programming – the mind-programming the mind’s constructs (thoughts/imagination/backchat) and energy (emotions/feelings) it attach to things in our external world/reality to direct us into/as a specific path, instead of us standing by our awareness/our own directive principle.

Let’s say, for example, one do writing/forgiveness/commitments on entertainment – exploring the personality involved in this and finding, for example that there is a positive energy/energies of relaxation/freedom/enjoyment attached to it and one identified the thoughts/imaginations that ‘lead one into temptation’ – one come to see/realise/understand that you’re facing ‘deeper dimensions in/as Consciousness’ – such as thoughts/energies that one in fact have to direct in such moments. Not following the thoughts and stopping the participation in energy – is what will assist/support self to strengthen one’s awareness, one’s commitment/decision to stand and instead stick to what one decided to do. The more one take thinking and the energies/reactions involved with thinking out of the equation – the more one can prioritize one’s world/reality and stabilize one’s relationship between entertainment and responsibility/obligation. I mean, isn’t it strange that – both entertainment or writing/doing assignments/tasks are PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES in this world – both are streamlined, for example, from the same technology/equipment such as TV’s / Laptops; yet…we create different experiences towards them within our Minds, making one or the other more or less in our own Minds and then our decisions become driven by thoughts/energies of Consciousness – instead of our awareness being aligned in reality and in relation to what it is that needs to be practically done.

Thus, such moments – facing, for example, entertainment vs. responsibility/obligation, is in fact more about strengthening one’s awareness within oneself and strengthening one’s ability to stand in the face of the mind’s pre-programming. If you specifically enough walk the writing, forgiveness and commitments – know what thoughts/energies to look out for, you’d be so much more prepared to in moments when you see the programming come through – stop the thoughts, release the energy through breath and instead stand within your directive principle in reality. When no emotion/feeling is attached to things in your external world/reality through polarizing them into positives/negatives – here you get to a point of being able to live decisively, practically within/as self-expression.

What this means – we’ll continue with in the next post.

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