Memories as Chains vs. Memories for Self-Change (Part Two): DAY 462

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Memories as Chains vs. Memories for Self-Change (Part Two): DAY 462

We often ‘indulge’ in our memories, where this ‘indulgence’ can very quickly transform into imagination where we play memories out / relive them and/or transform into internal conversations where we talk to ourselves about the Memories that come up in the Mind.

When memories themselves come up, when we relive them in our imagination and when we talk to ourselves about the memories – they are often accompanied by experiences of emotions / feelings. For most part, as with much of the constructs in the mind such as thoughts / internal conversations / projections / fantasies – we have with memories, not utilized them practically / effectively enough within our Minds. Meaning: Instead of using Memories to reflect on who we are / how we are to facilitate growth/expansion/change – we have used Memories to ‘relive the Mind’, to ‘relive the experiences they produce’ and/or have actually used/misused Memories to justify/excuse/validate certain thoughts/words/deeds that we in fact know was compromising / self-limiting towards ourselves and our relationship to others.
So, with Memories – it’s like we take them and swirl them around within our Minds, looping them over and over and over again: experiencing the same reactions/emotions, having the same discussions, thinking the same thoughts. Not realising how we’re within this process / relationship to Memories: actually keeping ourselves in a loop, keeping our own thought patterns / reactions patterns the same and is one of the reasons why we never change our habits / patterns in our thoughts, words and deeds.

So, the question then: how to assist and support oneself to constructively use one’s memories and relationship to Memories for self-development/growth/expansion and inevitable change, where we LEARN from ourselves through our Memories – rather than solidifying personalities / habits / patterns and create the same consequences / make the same decisions in our lives? See, what is not seen/realised/understood is: through our participation in memories – when we think about them / react towards them / speak about them in the same way, what we’re doing in this process is in fact keeping ‘ourselves the same’. This means: we’re ‘chaining’ who we are and so how we look at things / make decisions - to/as our Past/Memories, and so in the present we’ll make the same choices / decisions which will lead to the same consequences / lead us down the same paths as we had walked in the past / in the memories.
Whereas: if we reflect / introspect on our thoughts/words/deeds in Memories – assess/analyse our words / tonalities / behaviours / choices / decisions and observe their consequences / outflows on ourselves / towards others – we can more ‘readily’ find problems in how we think / speak / act and so accordingly change ourselves so that we don’t make the same mistakes in thought/word/deed.

We contribute to the creation / experience of ourselves and our lives through our relationship to memories – as long as we keep ourselves and the relationship to the memories the same: most of how we experience ourselves and live our lives will be the same. Therefore, in the DIP – one will be introduced to Mind Constructs, which is a practically structured process one walk through Memories in the Mind – where one see for oneself how one’s relationship to memories can be walked in meticulous detail and for oneself see how holding onto memories and our thoughts/reactions towards them: determine how we make decisions/choices and so contribute to how we create/experience ourselves, our lives and relationships within them.
We have also done interviews on EQAFE that explores memories (Here is the link to the page with all the interviews done / walked in relation to Memory: MEMORIES - EQAFE) and how to work with them practically; to discover the resources that in fact exist within and as our Memories and relationship towards them to facilitate oneself into/as self change/growth/expansion within oneself, one’s life and relationships.

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