Consciousness Matter of Opinions vs. Physical Matter of Facts: DAY 460

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Consciousness Matter of Opinions vs. Physical Matter of Facts: DAY 460

Continuing from the previous post:

Obviously, because of the extent to which we have become the Mind, the extent to which the Mind has become Physical – the only way to walk process is construct by construct, point by point, and within this breath by breath where we have to start changing this equation from substantiating Consciousness to re-substantiating the Physical/Fact – moving ourselves from an Opinionated Stance to a Factual Starting-Point… and this we’re going to have a look at in the next post with continuing exploring ‘Mind Matter’ and ‘Physical Matter’ and who/what the ‘cure’ is for the Infection of Reality/the Physical/Fact from/of Illusion/Consciousness/Opinions.

In and from this post, we’re going to have a look at how we have substantiated our MINDS more with Opinions projected onto/towards the physical/real reality and in this process ‘unsubstantiated’ our relationship to the physical/real reality where we no longer work with/live with FACTS. Within this, we’re then going to be having a look at the Cure – who/what is the Cure for the Infection of Reality/the Physical by Opinions? How are we practically going to assist/support ourselves from an Opinionated Stance to a Factual Starting-Point in equality and oneness with and as the Physical?

With any Cure – it requires a process of creation / formulation. Therefore, the question is: how are we going to formulate ourselves into/as a Cure, to ‘disinfect’ our Minds from Opinions to re-establish our direct-relationship to facts/the physical/the real reality?
To be able to re-align ourselves with facts / the factual/physical reality: we have to start with our relationship to ourselves in our own Minds. As long as we participate in Opinion, ‘believe’ in Opinion in the Mind – we’re separating ourselves from critical reasoning / factual assessments of our relationship to the real/physical world. What is interesting about Opinions is that: an Opinion comes up in a moment and then we immediately ‘believe’ it – we take it on ‘faith’. Whereas with Facts: it takes a process of investigation / researching and accumulative understanding to be able to build a relationship to Facts and see it for what it is. The same as with thoughts, really – we immediately believe them, have faith in them and trust them to such an extent that we would ‘side’ with our thoughts more than actually questioning their validity / credence within/as the physical. This is a point we’re going to explore as well: How all thought are in fact Opinion.

If we have a look at the heading of this post “Consciousness Matter of Opinions vs. Physical Matter of Facts” – we have Consciousness MATTER – which mainly exist of/as emotional/feeling energy and then we have Physical MATTER – which mainly consists of/as that which constitutes this real physical existence. In both dimensions of our existence: we have MATTER. At the moment, Consciousness/the Mind and all that it consists of – matter MORE than the Physical/this Physical Existence and all that it consists of. A simple example would be: How many of us hold Opinions of our physical-appearance in the mind and are more concerned with such an Opinion than all the living organisms/beings/manifestations that constitute our physical bodies and that is providing us the opportunity for life/living in this physical existence through/as the living Breath? Here, in this simple example – we can see how we have come to substantiate Consciousness-Matter through Opinion and the reactions as emotions/feelings we have towards them: more than our relationship/consideration to/towards our own Physical Bodies. So, in our Minds: Opinion MATTERS more than the Physical/Physical Reality/Facts.

The practical process of formulating the cure as ourselves from the infection of Opinions: is to identify Opinions you hold within yourself about yourself. Why we have to start with ourselves, is because: we have to first understand how we work with Opinions on a personal level within ourselves, to be able to understand how we project this same relationship of Opinion onto others on an interpersonal level and then from there – to the existential/global level such as media/the world system/social events/consequences etc.
So, an example would be to have a look at a judgment you have about yourself / your physical body: such a judgment would fundamentally exist within/as the context of Opinion – especially when there is nothing ‘physically wrong with your body’, where everything’s in place, got all fingers/toes/limbs, one’s body is ‘generally healthy’; but yet: will within the Mind create opinions / judgments to/towards it and have the Opinion MATTER more than the Physical MATTER that one consist of/exist as and must take care of/consider/regard more than one’s Opinions/what Opinions in the Mind has to say about it.

We’ll in the next post continue with the Practical Application process of how to disinfect ourselves from/of our relationship to Opinions on the personal, interpersonal and existential/global level of our interactions within our life/living experience. Cure ourselves from/of Opinions to ensure we work with facts, what is real, what is here and start living/taking responsibility for/as the real world and who/how/what we really are  - and no more hide behind / abdicate responsibility through having Opinions about ourselves/others/this world as a whole.

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