Adding or Removing one Ingredient/Factor can Enhance or Ruin a Dish/Creation: DAY 458

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Adding or Removing one Ingredient/Factor can Enhance or Ruin a Dish/Creation: DAY 458

In this post, we’re continuing with having a look at the Final Stand – with seeing, realising and understanding how the moment of facing the Decision between addiction/habit and change, where one know and can see what has to be done in a moment to stop/change: in that moment – the last ‘ingredient’ / ‘factor’ that will complete the equation of change, that will determine the creation of the moment/what one will dish out and live…is SELF. What do I mean by this?

What is clear is that: knowing and seeing what to do – having done all the preparation, means nothing if self doesn’t take all the knowledge/seeing/preparation and actually live it / bring it to fruition/manifestation into and as reality. Therefore, if we have a look at the heading of this post “adding or removing one Ingredient/Factor can Enhance/Ruin a Dish/Creation” – I’m specifically going to focus on that moment of change, where: if one were to take the knowledge/seeing/preparation and actually apply/live it, actually apply/live the change – one is in fact in that moment creating self in reality, in the physical where the change can be seen/noticed by self in the physical. In this physical change, this moment of creation – one is ‘dishing out’ who/how one is, and self will be the one that will be eating, that will be experiencing one’s own dish / creation in the physical based on what you live within and throughout your days within this physical reality. Where, we’re either in our life/living going to feast on our change – our noticeable change within this real physical world – or we’re going to face the consequence of a creation/dish that has gone completely wrong. Meaning: if we don’t take that last step, add the final ingredient/factor of taking the moment into and as real noticeable change in the physical – we’ve ruined a perfect moment, we’ve ruined the potential for the completion of a creation/dish that would determine who/how we are in our life/living experience.

So, the Final Stand is like the Final Step, the Final Ingredient to add – I mean, how we are in the falling/standing-up relationship is where we have the cookbook, we have all the ingredients, we have done all the preparation work and that moment where we have to start the meal – we fall, we go do something else, we don’t actually ever even start taking the steps, the practical, real, physical steps of creation in the physical. Or we do on occasion kind of start – start cooking, but somewhere simply stop and never complete the meal: we always find some way or another in this process to not take a point through to completion. Therefore, when facing addictions/habits in process – with knowing/seeing the change and have done the preparation work: you have to realise that nothing and no-one else can be there for you in that final moment, that final stand where you have to make the change: that moment is ALL IN YOUR HANDS. As they say “your life is in your hands” and those/such moments signify the process to/as birthing life from the physical – where we’re either going to take ourselves/such stepping stones and assist/support ourselves OR we’re never in fact even going to be able to taste / feast on the potential creation/dish/process we can manifest as-ourselves in/as this real physical existence.

So, it’s really all up to self in those moments – adding the last factor/ingredient to the creation/dish in/as our life/living experience in this physical world. We’ll continue more in the next post with some practical examples.

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