The Final Stand (Part Two): DAY 457

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The Final Stand (Part Two): DAY 457

The context we’re having a look at here, regarding this perpetual cycle of falling and standing-up, is specifically when we know (have the knowledge and information) and when we can see (have the realisation) of what it is we need to do in moments, what action we need to take, how we need to stand…but we don’t take it through into the physical. We don’t apply the knowledge and information, we do not live the realisation and so therefore: the knowledge, information and realisation becomes useless – without bringing it through into actual physical living application; because then the knowledge, information and realisation only stays in the mind, it belongs to the mind and so our process, ourselves within our process in relation to change becomes useless.

I looked at such past moments where I knew what to do and I could see how to change – but I deliberately didn’t, I deliberately in moments made the choice to fall, as I knew and could see in the moment what I needed to do, what action I needed to take and despite that knowledge/seeing as understanding/realisation: I still fell. What’s interesting within this, is: the falling in-itself is an action we take. We decide to fall into the temptation/habit and we decide not to stand, not to change. I mean, one can process yourself as much as you want in relation to such moments where you know what to do and see what to do, but deliberately don’t – however, what it all comes down to – yet again, is the simplicity of the moment: we just don’t stand-up, we just don’t stand. Look, you can attach ALL sorts of reasons/excuses/justifications for the WHY – forever searching in the MIND for WHY AM I NOT STANDING-UP – there the mind pulls you in again, because while you’re searching for the WHY in the Mind – you again miss SO MANY MOMENTS of potential change, and you just keep on falling – despite seeing the knowledge/application of what to do/how to change. Therefore, this is another backdoor to take into consideration that is created in the Mind to complicate a point that is in fact simple, and within the complication – weaving another process in one’s Mind that divert one’s attention from the simple action/application of the knowledge/realisation of/as change.

Again, to consider that: this is really very specifically in relation to points such as habits/addictions – where one know how to change and then don’t, to be cautious of the backdoors in the mind such as remaining in the cycle of falling and standing up and also continuing to search for the WHY in the Mind. As both points do one thing and one thing only: distract and divert one’s attention from taking the physical action/applying the living action of/as change.
It’s within this interesting, also, how many things we can create in the mind such as excuses/reasons/justification – I mean, I have found how I did this myself where: I was sitting facing a particular habit – where it was entertainment vs. obligation/responsibility and I really wanted to fall into the entertainment and as I was sitting – a click away from going into entertainment rather than tending to obligation/responsibility I was going “but WHY can’t I stop this habit, I really want to go into the entertainment – maybe I should just go there and see what else I can find as to the reason why I am just not tending to my obligations/responsibilities”…and then I stopped, ‘cause I realised the simplicity of the solution: I was ONE CLICK away from the choice between entertainment vs. obligation – that was the SOLUTION RIGHT HERE. Simply move myself physically/practically and instead of clicking on the entertainment…click on the responsibility/obligation and continue moving myself from that one step, align myself into responsibility/obligation as/while I’m walking. I realised if I didn’t take that click – man, I could have created MORE reasons/excuses/justifications for WHY I need to ‘process myself out of entertainment within my Mind’. Because, the self honesty within that moment was in fact that: I was distracting myself / diverting my attention – it wasn’t because “I wanted to find out WHY I am not standing-up / standing” – the self honesty was that I wanted to go for entertainment and to not do what I was supposed to do. Therefore, this point of standing-up and falling, when one fall and deliberately decide to fall despite knowing what to do and how – can make one quite deceptive to justify/excuse/validate placing one’s wants before one’s will as one try and hide the truth of one’s actions behind things that make one feel better as to why one would, for example, instead of standing/standing up – fall into habits/addictions.

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