Eternal Darkness: DAY 463

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Eternal Darkness: DAY 463

The other day, Adam asked me the following question: “where do you go when you leave your body?” I explained to him how most of the time, especially when the other beings come through the Portal, I am in my own body and cross-reference the words / explanations / points that the beings communicate through the Portal in their interviews; or I move through and check into/as the multi-dimensions of this physical existence – Nature, the Animals, the Earth etc. But, what also came up while I was explaining to him where I go and what I do - was one of my ‘favourite’ places to go: the Atom.
There’s a centre-point within the Atom where it is completely quiet – there’re only darkness, an eternal darkness. When you’re in that point, it feels like everything / everyone in existence disappears for a moment and only you remain / exist. So, what I often do here is ‘float’ within this space of eternal darkness and check myself on all levels of my beingness. Because of the silence, the darkness – there is nothing externally moving, so if anything moves within me, even the subtlest shift / change: I know it’s something I have to work with / investigate, because there is nothing externally stimulating any movements/reactions within me / my beingness so therefore – there’s literally no place to ‘hide’ from myself in this point within the Atom.

In and as such eternal darkness, absolute silence – there is no way one can blame anything / anyone for any movements/shifts/reactions within self, because there isn’t anything / anyone around: it’s only self, here. So, as I was opening up this point in discussion with Adam – I looked at the following:
When we’re constantly being stimulated – through the physical senses and also through our mind/consciousness by our interactions with the external physical environment and also other human beings: it becomes easier to blame everything / everyone else for what happens within our minds and our emotional/feeling experiences. This is because that something / someone that triggered/activated a thought/imagination/reaction within us is ‘so close’, like ‘right in front of us’ (and because many human beings do not yet understand how the Mind/Consciousness operate/functions with regards to how our external environment triggers thoughts and emotions/reactions) – we often blame everything/everyone else for who/how we are in moments. When, in fact: as we’re interacting with our external environment and everything/everyone within it: we’re constantly/continuously triggering/activating various things in our Minds and Bodies – but, it’s not “the other” that is to blame / that is responsible for creating the thoughts/reactions in our Minds: that we do ourselves, that is where our personal responsibility exists in relation to who we are in thought, word and deed.

Many might be able to relate to the following example where we’d have an argument with someone and we’d say: “YOU made me angry”. This would be illustrative of how we’d blame another for our own emotional reaction within the Mind, when it’s not in fact that the other made one angry – there is no way that the other person is within one’s mind/body and created the emotional anger within self. The other was simply a point that triggered a thought / memory within one’s own Mind that produced the emotion of anger – but the moment of becoming angry, of participating in the anger within one’s Mind: that’s ALL on self and self alone. So, if one would investigate the Mind / oneself in the moment – one may actually find that a thought came up of “they’re really just saying this/that to make me angry” and it was that thought that produced the emotion of anger within self. It’s in fact thoughts / memories and various other constructs in our Minds that produce emotions / feelings – no-one and nothing else creates what we do in our Minds but ourselves.
What I’d like to show here is: when one is alone with oneself – one really gain perspective of how much of the stuff we participate in and experience within the Mind: we do to ourselves, we’re solely responsible for. Realising this, makes it a lot easier to take responsibility for what we accept and allow in our thoughts and emotions; and how we can assist/support ourselves and our relationship with others with stopping blaming everything/everyone else for who we are in our Minds, but in fact change ourselves and direct our own thoughts/emotions.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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