When Self-Interest Protects self and Creates Consequence for others (Part 2): DAY 455

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When Self-Interest Protects self and Creates Consequence for others (Part 2): DAY 455

So, with having a look at the heading of this post “when self interest protects self and creates consequence for others”, one of the first things that came up after I looked at that moment, was: Survival and its relationship to Self-Interest. Where, with ducking underneath the web  - that was only ‘protecting me’, but would have possibly created consequence for another if the Spider’s Web was located somewhere near and the spider got onto the other person and/or would have disturbed the spider, for example. So, it was completely ‘personal-survival/protection’ orientated, only protecting ME from the web/it’s possible consequences.

It’s interesting, the point I’d like to emphasize here, is what such tunnel-visioned self-interest/personal survival does is: not seeing any other solution in that moment, but for oneself. The moment happened so fast, it was like “well, the only solution here is to duck underneath it”. This is what our minds, with tunnel-vision, with not taking into consideration the bigger picture, not incorporating all things such as people/space and time etc. does: it creates this illusion of ‘there’s no other way out, there’s no other solution’. Where the problem-solution relationship existed as it initially did in that moment because, in the mind, it was only me in that moment in relationship to the web as the problem and so the solution that’ll come up will only then exist within that starting point of there only being me in that moment in relationship to the web. But, if I EXPAND the problem – like, consider me, the spider AND OTHERS walking there – the solution would then change, which it did. It then wasn’t the ducking underneath it – it was then, slowly disconnect the web, maintain the spider’s web, and ensure others can walk through freely/safely.

With Desteni, for example – with the changes we’re proposing in the World System/Money System and also one’s personal journey in/as one’s own Mind/Consciousness and so into one’s personal relationships with others: so many cannot fathom the Solutions we’re proposing, because the individual cannot step beyond the self-interest, the personal-survival/protection tunnel-visioned mind-set and only thus see ‘problems’ within a personal closed-minded context. If one’s starting point with viewing problems exist as such: one will not be able to see the solutions we’re proposing as we’re looking at the problems from the bigger picture/holistic perspective – incorporating more, if you will, which with expanding the problem – also expands the solutions, for example.

You know, we often find this in relationships as well – or more often than not, where: if there is conflict/disagreements – both only look at the problem within their own personal context and therefore, often cannot see a solution that would be best for both parties, yet, when shown how to consider both points, expand the problem, understand the problem: through/from that a solution arise that incorporates both equally as one. So, this is all existent as well within the principle of “what is best for ALL”, to be able to see what is best for ALL – one have to understand how the current problems in this world, relationships, the mind – ALL of it is creating consequence, to from there, be able to see the, from the consequence of ALL, to the best for ALL.

Therefore, I suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process and also the processes we’re walking in proposing solutions for the World System/Money System through Living Income Guaranteed, for example – expand oneself to step beyond the tunnel-visioned self-interest of problems and learn how, through incorporating/considering ALL factors/equations or MORE – that we can find solutions to things that would not only assist/support ourselves – but others as well, and starting working together and standing together to establish solutions for the Mind, Relationships, Money and so life/living experience on earth – because we will not be able to change how we live/what we live and who we are within it, unless we take responsibility for ourselves and expand that responsibility to others/the world as well.

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