From Addictive Energy-Fix Rewards to Self-Rewarding Living: DAY 444

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From Addictive Energy-Fix Rewards to Self-Rewarding Living: DAY 444

Solution and Reward

In the posts that we have walked thus far – “I will not let my Want take over my Will” and “Fear of Commitment” from DAY 437 to DAY 443: we already see the Solution in the Problem. Following our Wants, how we ‘Feel’ about things in our Minds – separates us from being able to critically/responsibly assess obligations in our life/living experience. How ‘Fear of Commitment’ to change/to walk a process of considering/regarding more than only “how I FEEL about things” / “MY WANTS” – is not in fact ‘Fear of Commitment’, but ‘Fear of losing my feelings / wants’. So, Fear of Commitment also in turn justify/excuse/validate placing our Wants before Reality/Self-Responsibility within our lives – because Fear of Commitment, as ‘Fear of losing my feelings/wants’ – means that one choose to commit to one’s feelings/wants, rather than to self/one’s life and self-responsibility within and as it.

Now that we have walked the Problem-Solution process, let’s look at the ‘Reward’ / Self Reward with not accepting/allowing one’s Wants to dominate one’s Will and Committing oneself to self/change and so the extended responsibility to/as life on earth:
With having a look at some of the points we walked above – I mentioned that our relationship to our wants, needs and desires is more existent within the energy-fix of emotions/feelings we get when we indulge in our wants rather than responsibility. This exists within the statement “I don’t FEEL like doing this”, which inadvertently means “I rather FEEL like doing that” – thus using “energy” to make a decision, and with energy as a starting point…the outcome of the decision is already predetermined, because the Mind/Consciousness will always make a decision that is best for ONLY ITSELF, and so will opt for the choice that will lead to its own best outcome…which is MORE ENERGY. If you indulge in the temptation of rather entertaining your wants and living it out in reality, the Mind’s happy – ‘cause as you do what you want, you feel good, which is how the mind produce more ENERGY/feelings. If/as you decided to tackle the responsibility in reality –you wouldn’t have had the consciousness-reward of a feeling, but rather actually getting something done constructively which is how ‘reward’ works in REALITY.

Therefore, to assist/support oneself in changing/transforming WANTS before WILL/Responsibility and living Self Commitment – is to assist and support self practically, in/as moments where you’re faced with a decision between Want and Will as Energy and Responsibility: to in that moment, make your starting point the physical, reality, yourself here – move yourself from the Mind into the Physical using breath, making the decision to will, as move yourself in reality and reap the rewards in the real world with directing yourself in the real world and getting things done, creating yourself and your life in the reality that is real as the physical. Rather than what you would have done as make the Mind/Consciousness you starting point, base you on ENERGY as emotions/feelings – look at reality through the Mind or in self-interest/greed/wants and in that, rather commit to the REWARD OF THE MIND, which is really just an ENERGY FIX and compromise your position/responsibility in your life/living experience. This is predominantly why the world is the way it is today, as I’ve mentioned before: we’re going about how we FEEL about things, when the physical reality doesn’t exist/move/evolve by FEELINGS – but, by ACTION, how we LIVE and move and behave and direct things in this real world.

So, yes – this is going to be a PROCESS, you have to every moment you find you putting your wants before will/responsibility – deliberately move yourself in the real world and not indulge in the wants, but practise living the Self Commitment to you/your life and so to all. It’s not going to be easy – emotions/feelings are addictive, they FEEL BETTER than simply moving yourself in reality, because you believe that indulging in the energy gives you a REWARD, but the reward is not even to “you” per say, it’s the Mind/Consciousness within and as you that gets the reward as ENERGY.

Thus, change your relationship of Reward to the rewarding process of moving/creating/directing yourself in this real world, where creation is a process – you’re not going to get an instant McDonald’s energy-fix reward like in the Mind, you have to have patience with yourself and your process in this real world and slowly but surely see how you change, how your life/relationships change – every moment you stand by/with/as your decision/commitment and self-will.

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