Why are the WANTS in our Mind more alluring than Responsible Living?: DAY 443

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Why are the WANTS in our Mind more alluring than Responsible Living?: DAY 443

Solution and Reward

Continuing with the Self Forgiveness / Commitment process:

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how indulging in/as the forbidden fruit in our own Minds as the wants, needs and desires that we KNOW will compromise ourselves/others: we make the decision/commitment in the moment to ‘put our wants/needs and desires FIRST’, and everyone within this believes that this means that “I am putting MYSELF FIRST” / “I need to look after MYSELF FIRST”. When this is interesting, because it’s not in fact that you’re putting you first/looking after yourself…you’re putting your WANTS, NEEDS AND DESIRES first: even before you/who you are in yourself and your life/living.

I commit myself to show how the wants, needs and desires is an individual PROGRAM running in the Mind, where you believe that “this is WHO I AM”…when it is not in fact ALL that you are. Yes, they are a “part of you” – but, if one would allow oneself to investigate such wants, needs and desires – one would in fact see the consequence they create in yourself, your life and relationships when it comes to basing decisions on them. Because, the nature of wants, needs and desires is created through ENERGY, emotions and feelings in the REALITY OF THE MIND. In the reality of the Mind – it is seldom taking PHYSICAL REALITY into consideration and so why/how – most of the time: one’s wants, needs and desires cannot materialize into reality/doesn’t turn out as one initially imagined. Furthermore – with investigating EQAFE and the Desteni Forums, as well as the DIP process: one can for oneself trace the extent of consequence wants, needs and desires in the Mind always create in reality. One do not now see it/cannot now see it – because you’re looking through the eyes/possession of your own wants, needs and desires and cannot see “you”, cannot see “reality” or how it all manifest into/as you/reality.
I commit myself to assist and support myself to through writing, forgiveness and self-honest introspection in moments where I am faced with decisions, especially decisions that are in alignment with ‘choosing between MY WANT / HOW I FEEL and Self Responsibility in/as the real world’: to in such moments just take a step back before deciding. Where I would always so easily have just given-into the temptation of my wants, needs and desires; I now assist/support myself to breathe, take a step back and REALLY LOOK/investigate for myself how opting for the want…will consequentially affect/influence my self-commitment to me/my life and living in reality. The more and more and more I assist and support myself to approach decisions in this way, and no more live within the “I’ll deal with the consequences later” self-interest/ego, but rather live by/as the Principle of Prevention: the more I cannot accept/allow myself to deny/ignore responsibility and the consequence of wants and so make it easier for myself to rather just take Responsibility/Will myself to move than give up to the Mind/Consciousness.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand the ‘alluring nature’ of/as wants, needs and desires that are predominantly founded within and as emotional/feeling ENERGY; that with investigation/introspection through and as the Desteni Process – one will find how all of one’s wants, needs and desires that are based within and as survival/self-interest and greed, is so tempting, because of the EXPERIENCE of the ENERGY that is connected to/as it in the Mind/Consciousness. That we’re in our relationship to wants, needs and desires in fact placing the ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE it comes with – above practical reality responsibility/consideration/obligation. In this, we’re conditioned already from childhood to place our wants, needs and desires within the starting point of emotional/feeling reactions BEFORE what needs to be done in the real world/taking who we are in relationship to others into consideration, placing Responsibility BEFORE wants, needs and desires.
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how from childhood – we’re already conditioned to place “how I FEEL about things” before “what needs to be done” with considering our responsibility/obligation to ourselves, our lives and others. That we as ‘adults / seeming grown ups’ still have not matured in this respect/regard – because we still place how we feel about things/how things make us feel to take precedence over/of what needs to be done/what has to be done.

I commit myself to show how such an instance can even happen in the small/subtle, seemingly irrelevant moments, where we do something like “I don’t FEEL like doing this now” and then we rather entertain a WANT in our Minds that gives us an ENERGY EXPERIENCE and we apparently “feel better”. Doing things that make us FEEL better, rather than looking at the point realistically / practically as in: “I know I don’t FEEL like this right now, but I cannot live my life in REALITY based on how “I FEEL” – this has to be done”. Eventually we can condition ourselves in our Minds within energy to such an extent that we don’t take ANY responsibility for ourselves/our lives in reality. This is becoming more and more problematic within the children of today / teenagers of today: showing how they’re doing more and more what they want/what makes them feel good…no maturity in/as what it means to get things done that needs to be done, no matter how you “feel” about it, but being able to assess/determine what is really, in fact, important and what is not: my FEELINGS, or my future/process/integrity/relationships in this world/reality?

I commit myself to assist and support myself to, when/as I see I need to take action/tend to a responsibility in physical reality and I find I am in ANY WAY reacting to it/there exist a movement in relationship to it – to for a moment stop/breathe, investigate the reaction and see/realise/understand how I am already preparing myself to in some way find a reason/excuse/justification to simply not practically will myself/move myself in/as this real world; but instead give-into an mind-rewarding energy-fix and so compromise my commitment to me/my life and living experience in this real world. Therefore, I commit myself to assist and support myself to – from this moment, instead of giving into reactions to reality, immediately stop and change and simply move myself in reality – not indulging in the Mind, but paying attention to who I am in/as my living in this real world/reality.

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