I will not let ‘my Want’ take over ‘my Will’: DAY 437

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I will not let ‘my Want’ take over ‘my Will’: DAY 437

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One often hear oneself, in the Mind, say: “I don’t WANT to” / “I don’t WANT to do it now” / “I don’t FEEL like it (also translated into ‘I don’t want to’). Have we ever considered the extent of self-interest within such a statement? Self-Interest meaning: within such a statement of “I don’t want to / I don’t feel like it / I don’t feel like it now/right now / I’m not going to do it now” – the only relationship that exist within such a statement is between the “I and the WANT”. Where this “I and WANT” ONLY exists in one’s own Mind, and the question within this is: where is reality? Where is one’s relationship to reality/the physical and responsibility within it…it is nowhere to be found.

Now, what is interesting is that most of the things that come up in our Minds have a direct-relationship to the “I”, where we exist through the Mind’s I and not the ‘physical eyes’, where we exist within Illusion instead of reality – where we will thus in such a moment only see the “I’s WANT” – instead of through the physical eyes, in terms of ‘who/what’s involved, what’s the responsibility in reality, what’s the consequence if I do not stand/direct/change/take responsibility in this moment, what would be best for all and my relationship to all/everything involved with taking this action/doing this thing/giving direction?’ None of that is taken into consideration in a moment, only the I of the Mind and its WANT, the MY WANT is taken into consideration. PLUS one get an added FEELING to it (Man!!! What a Prize!!!) when/as one go into that self-interested relationship of “I and WANT” instead of Here and Responsibility. Meaning, when you have a look for yourself, in memories of moments where you went into that “I don’t WANT to” – you will find that within that, you also get an energy experience, an emotional experience that you can feel in the physical AS YOU SPEAK THE WORDS. Look back at the memories, the moments – you will find that as you, in your mind or out loud spoke the words “I don’t want to” – along with it, came an emotional experience/energy experience from the mind in the body. This showing how the words we speak in the mind produce energy, as the energy is in relationship to the words we speak in the mind/out loud. This relationship between Words and the Mind/Energy and the difference of/as the Living Word expressed/lived through and as the Physical Body – we will discuss in more in detail in posts to come; how we have come energy-producing machines for Consciousness, instead of cultivating Life in the Physical/Real World.

Fascinating that we’d lean towards our own I / our own Want and creating an energy/emotion for ourselves – rather than, actually ‘creating/directing/moving ourselves in the REAL WORLD where there will be real impact/movement’. Instead, we ‘move’ in/as energy in the Mind as we speak the words “I don’t WANT to” – completely disconnecting/separating ourselves from reality, from REAL responsibility.
One can have a look at the simple, practical things where we do this to ourselves – in terms of simple/basic responsibilities such as house cleaning/studying/doing something for someone when asked/lending a helping hand/gardening/writing/reading etc. This one have to do for oneself – identify when/where one do this to yourself and your relationship to reality…additionally, how OFTEN one in fact do this to oneself in the Mind with the words/statement/context of “I don’t WANT to”.
But, what inevitably happens is: consequence in REALITY accumulates / time passes and that which needs to be done – is still here to be done. So, now what we’ve done with the “I don’t WANT to” statement in the Mind/out loud is get our energy-fix as well as accumulate consequence in reality / the physical where eventually MORE will have to be done than what it would have been if one simply physically willed/moved oneself when/as responsibility in reality came knocking/showing that it needs attention/direction. Consequence within, meets consequence without – for us to have that Energy Fix in the Mind, consequence externally continued escalating. Now Imagine, all of humanity in a similar/same possession – everyone wanting their mental energy-fixes FIRST before taking responsibility in reality/giving direction in/as their real world/lives and the earth as a whole. In this process, we’re all placing our own I’s / Mind’s and the ENERGY we experience BEFORE the Physical, BEFORE Life, BEFORE Responsibility in/as this real physical existence. Placing ILLUSION before REALITY.

The question is: what is the difference between the ‘I Want’ in the Mind and ‘Self Will’ in the Physical? What are the consequences of living in a Mind of Want, rather than a Self-Willed directive principle in the physical/real world? These questions we will explore in the next post.

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