Fear of Commitment (Part Two): DAY 440

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Fear of Commitment (Part Two): DAY 440


We’re within the walking of the relationship between Want and Will – also facing the Dimension of Commitment. When you ‘choose’ your Wants over the Decision to Live Self-Will: you are making a commitment to your wants, to your Mind. If you make a Decision to stand by/with and Live your Will: you are making a commitment to you. So, again – here, the problem in itself is not Commitment, nor is it the Fear thereof. It cannot be, because commitment doesn’t stand alone, it’s not this externalized force influencing you. Who/what substantiates and so defines and lives the word Commitment is: ‘who we are’, it is in fact Ourselves. Commitment remains commitment, but what will create the consequence of how the word is defined and so lived – is who we are in and as the Word. Therefore, if we can commit to ‘wanting our Wants’ – why not commit to ‘living Self Will’? If we can commit to our Minds…then we are able to commit to ourselves, to the physical, to life.

Many may for example in this moment say: “I’m not COMMITTING to my Mind, my Wants…it’s just who I am, how I’ve been, it’s Natural. I don’t even know what ‘Committing to my Mind/Wants even means! This is ridiculous!” Have a look: Every moment you participate in thought, every moment you give into reactions, every moment you speak words intentionally and deliberately where you know it is going to cause harm/consequence – are moments you are committing to the Mind, to your Wants. In moments where you want something that you know will compromise a relationship, a friend, a family member or get you into trouble – is a moment where you make a choice, a commitment to ‘getting your own wants in your own Mind’ – committing to putting the mind/wants BEFORE consideration/regard of others/your life/consequence. Commitment is an action, it’s a choice/decision that is acted upon/lived out – either in the Mind or in Reality. The difference between why it seems so natural in the Mind/in relationship to our wants – is because we’ve always done it, it’s the choice, the action of participating/living out the Mind/it’s wants that’s become so ‘easy/natural’; which in turn is why we don’t “obviously SEE” the commitment. Because, as I’ve explained: commitment takes an allowance/permission and then the choice/action to stick to/live out the commitment. Therefore, with our allowance/permission of participating in the mind/giving into reactions being so automated, seemingly natural and so immediate in choice/action: is why we don’t even realise how we’re in fact every time committing to the Mind. Therefore, making the decision to change one’s commitment to self, to a better self, way of life/living – not only for self/for all, is going to be a process of deliberately, in awareness, in moments sticking to/standing by this commitment – making that decision, and living that decision for a changed self/life.

So, bringing the point of Want and Will, as well as Commitment together – we have to consider the following: Are we not, then, fully committing to a change that we know will contribute to ourselves/life on earth for the better – only because we feel it does not serve our Wants, our Self Interest? Surely must be, because it’s obvious that we only would not want to change/commit to change, even despite knowing the betterment of it – if ‘there’s something else we want, need, desire, want to do/achieve which we believe we can only do/have/achieve “MY WAY” and so will give up a better self/life – not only for self, but for all, just so that one can have that one/few wants, needs and desires. Because, within us – a part of us knows that, we have to compromise, deceive, sabotage, lie, be secretive, manipulate –hold onto the ENTIRE Mind, ALL our personalities to achieve/get/have that one/few WANTS. We believe that a TOTAL better self/life – for self and for all, will mean that “I will not get MY WANT MY WAY”…this is frightening to face, to look at. Many will try and deny this, but we in fact do it most of the time, every time we indulge in imaginations, in backchats that are detrimental to ourselves, our integrity and relationship to others – we say “this moment I want MY WANT MY WAY”, instead of being the ‘better person that we know we can be’ and use that moment to change ourselves, to change how we see, how we react, how we approach a moment/relationship.

So, we’ll continue in the next post with having a look at what it says about ourselves with accepting/allowing our WANTS, in the small and big scales – to have precedence over our will, our commonsense, our integrity regarding who we are as a person within ourselves, and questioning whether the point is in fact about ‘fear of commitment’ or is that simply the ‘nice way we’ve found to hide the truth’: we’re putting our wants/desires before what would best for ourselves and life on earth?

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