How did a Factual World become infected with Opinions? DAY 445

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How did a Factual World become infected with Opinions? DAY 445


In this post we’re going to explore how a Factual World, which is this Physical World, has become ‘infected with Opinions’. To understand this – we have to look at the Mind-Physical relationship (or shall we rather say ‘Mind-Physical separation’), because with understanding the separation between the Mind/Consciousness and the Physical Body: one will be able to understand how it is that we have Opinionated a Factual World. Essentially the question within all of thus is: “How have we managed to create a relationship to the Physical/Factual World of matter that we physically see and live/exist in – and yet have Opinions, which are created in the Mind/Consciousness, hold more ‘weight / substance’ in our Minds than physical matter/facts/reality?”

Obviously here, the heading of this post is specific with regards to how Opinions have come to “infect” Facts / Reality / this Physical World – with the emphasis on the word(s) “Infect” / “Infected”. With having a look at the definition of “infect” in (and taking the relevant definitions that exist within the same context we’re looking at) with regards to how Opinions “infect” Facts, how we have accepted and allowed a Factual / Physical world to become infected by Opinions / Illusion (why/how Opinions are but illusions – we’ll also discuss in posts to come):

The definition of Infect as per (Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2013: s.v. “Infect”) within
“to taint or contaminate with something that affects quality, character, or condition unfavorably: to infect the air with poison gas.
to corrupt or affect morally: The news of the gold strike infected him with greed.
to imbue with some pernicious belief, opinion, etc.”

Let us expand on each individual definition of “infect” in the relationship between Opinion and Facts, the Mind and the Physical – also within this the relationship between “Consciousness Energy-Matter” and “Physical Substance-Matter”, bringing into the equation the dimensions of interdimensional and physical Physics:
If we have a look at the following definition of Infect as per (Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2013: s.v. “Infect”) within
to taint or contaminate with something that affects quality, character, or condition unfavorably: to infect the air with poison gas.”

It is fascinating the example that is used here with regards to poisonous gas that infect the air – because this is the extent to which Opinions can ‘poison oneself’ within one’s very Nature/Living of ‘who you are’ and so determine/affect your living/behaviour in relation to something/someone in the physical/factual word. Opinions, as we have also established in previous posts, ‘misconstrue / alter / change’ reality/facts in the Mind. How the Mind operate/function, or rather, how we have been conditioned to operate/function within the Mind - is to take reality/memories of reality and/or the people within it – imprint it into our Consciousness and then create relationships to memories in our Mind that serve our Ego/Self-Interest/Intent. Our Minds have not been educated / prepared to deal with Reality/Facts/Memories AS-IS. What we do in our Minds is look at memories one-dimensionally – only from “my point of view / my opinion / my experience” and miss the rest of reality in the memory entirely/completely. We do not take “all things into consideration”, but see only what we want to see and how we want to see it.
Now, within this, what we do in this process is thus in fact taint / contaminate memories / remembrances of reality in such a way that it affects the quality, character, or condition of the memory of the event/person unfavourably. Meaning: It’s like – one can have a look at what one do in the Mind when you look back at a conversation/interaction you had with someone, and then the memory in the mind becomes like a ‘centre point’ in your consciousness and you don’t realise how, the moment you look at it/think about it/talk about it in your OWN MIND, you are in the process of infecting the moment/the person/the event with only having a look at it one-dimensionally. You are in the process of changing/altering/misconstruing the memory and so in that process, the memory as the reality of what happened in the conversation/interaction – the reality-memory’s quality / condition becomes altered/changed/misconstrued and thus ‘infected’ by our own Opinions.

Now, within this to also Understand that: I’m here talking about both ‘favourable and unfavourable’ Opinions – that it is not, in fact, only the ‘bad/negative Opinions’ that infect Facts/Reality; but also the ‘good/positive/favourable Opinions’. This is because both polarities do the same thing: it cause one to see memory/reality one-dimensionally, from one point of view / one dimension – it erases the other 99%; and so in this process: the unfavourable Opinions that infect Facts and so affect the quality/condition of reality/memories happens also with the favourable Opinions. The consequence of this is that: the Factual World/Reality becomes Opinionated, infected with the good and the bad. Opinions infecting Facts – whether good or bad, cause one to not see FACTS/Reality AS-IS, but taint it with good and/or bad Opinions, separating oneself/the Mind from seeing reality/facts/the physical as it really, in fact, exists.

The question then is: what is the Solution to this all? Do we need Opinions to see Facts? How can we See Facts/Reality for what they are / how reality is without infecting it with Opinions – whether good or bad?

We’ll continue more in the next post

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