Using our own Weaknesses against ourselves: DAY 442

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Using our own Weaknesses against ourselves: DAY 442

Solution and Reward

Continuing with the Self Forgiveness / Commitment process:

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to within this see, realise and understand how – despite even now having an ‘awareness’ / insight into and as my relationship/responsibility to/as me and so to all: the wants, needs and desires of/as the Self-Interest of my Consciousness/Mind – still dominates my decision / ‘living will’ to fundamentally change/prepare me to take responsibility for myself and so the position/responsibility of me within this lifetime in relation to everything/everyone else.
Where, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to even go to the extent of “well, this process is difficult to walk / it’s impossible to change and so therefore, this must mean that I’m not ‘supposed to change / don’t have to change / that this is not what I’m supposed to be/do in this life”. Not seeing, realising and understanding how, with such a stance, what I’m ACTUALLY in fact saying is: “I don’t want to change / I want to remain in my ‘comfort zone’ / I don’t want to put in the effort/walk the process of change” and within this, what I am doing is manipulating myself with using my experience/application in process as the reason/excuse/justification to in fact protect/defend/validate MY wants, needs and desires – by making my reasons/excuses/justifications sound plausible/just/okay TO ME inside my own Mind.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to identify when I, within my Mind’s thoughts/backchats/reactions – in any way accept/allow myself to manipulate myself into excusing/justifying why I’m committing to ‘my WANTS’, rather than standing with and as my Self/Living Commitment to change/face myself within the Mind and also within this World. To not accept/allow myself to always WANT to ‘take the easy way out’ of responsibility/obligation for who I am within and without, but assist/support myself to persevere, to stand, to move until my Self/Living Commitment to me and to all is a Natural Living Expression of who I am.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand – how it’s interesting that so many individuals, even looking at myself before walking process: if someone would come up to me as I/so many of us walking process now come up to others and SHOW how the Mind works, how we’re directly/indirectly responsible for our own Minds and the state of life on earth as it exist now: that many do not even take the FIRST STEP of allowing themselves to INVESTIGATE, to SEE for themselves; but rather simply immediately REACT in the Mind with the statement “NO!!! I’m not responsible! How can I be responsible? I am my Mind! I am my emotions/feelings!!! There exist no direct relationship between my mind, me and my body and so therefore also not to this world/reality”. Instead of taking the moment to look, to investigate “to investigate ALL things”: one didn’t do it, but instead immediately went into thought/backchat/reaction in the Mind. Again here the question: how can one say NO / abdicate responsibility to something – when one had not yet in fact investigated / introspected / researched it? It’s the same as for example saying “Chemicals into the atmosphere does not Pollute the air or the oceans” and making such a claim because you haven’t researched the facts. With Desteni, you become the facts, the reality, the proof through actually allowing yourself to LOOK through investigating/introspecting rather than just immediately reacting.

I commit myself to show how - with so many individuals that have not investigated/researched/introspected the process for themselves, but instead immediately went into opinion/reaction in their MINDS without taking into account/walking the facts/proof for themselves and them saying this process is impossible/lambasting process: this does not define those walking process or the process itself – but instead, defines the individuals who are reacting, as they are becoming their own living proof of the extent of the problem we face within Human Consciousness, our Consciousness Pre-programming – where even seeing the words ‘equality and oneness/what’s best for all’ is simply immediately dismissed, and a stepping back into the mind, the isolation, the separation and limitation is taken. Within this process exists the Act of Abdicating Responsibility, and within that – why the world and human beings in their Minds are in the state/condition that we find today.
In this, I commit myself to assist and support myself to – when/as I ever find myself immediately going into REACTION when something is shown or even when I see something of myself for myself in my writing, forgiveness and living process: to not judge what I see/hear – but instead UNDERSTAND it, understand the problem, the consequence, look at the information practically/realistically and find a solution, commit to a solution and assist/support myself to CHANGE, rather than hold onto/limit myself in and as my own pre-programming. In this process, I expand my self-awareness, my world and so my living – instead of separating myself further from such an opportunity to learn, to expand to grow within and as who I am.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand the seriousness of the problem we face in/as Consciousness Pre-programming, where – we tend to take even the smallest moments of wants, needs and desires coming up in the Mind for granted. Meaning: we don’t see/realise/understand how in such moments, we shift from the here, from the physical, the moment and so our direct-relationship to reality and indulge into/as the Mind. The ‘forbidden fruit’ being handed out TO US by the snake/sly/deceptive mind in/as which we’re so skilled to lure ourselves into and as Temptation. Then we trap ourselves in/as our OWN wants, needs and desires and can for a moment, a day, a week, a month…even years/a lifetime: accept/allow ourselves to get lost in/as this self-created pre-programmed alternate reality and not even realise/see/question who we are within it all, our relationship to ourselves, the physical body and so this physical existence/life on earth.

I commit myself to show how we’re Not considering within this all how: our Minds is ourselves, in that, “we know ourselves the best” and so we know our own weaknesses the best and therefore – with how we have programmed our inherent nature for/as survival/self-interest and greed – we will even use OUR OWN WEAKNESSES against ourselves in/as our own Minds; exactly as we do with others in our world/reality. Like with our wants, needs and desires – our own ‘forbidden fruit’ / weakness, our own sly/deceptive/manipulative nature of reasoning/excusing/justifying why/how we indulge/place our wants, needs and desires before what is best for ourselves and so for all and our commitment to ourselves/life: we are our own worst enemy.
I commit myself to assist and support myself through writing, forgiveness and self-corrective living – investigate/introspect my ‘weaknesses’, to understand them, to understand who I am in relationship to them. So that I can within this assist and support myself to: instead of accepting and allowing myself to sabotage/compromise myself/my life through using my own weaknesses against myself – instead learn/teach myself how to not give into temptation as my own wants/needs and desires dominating my Self-Will, but commit to self/life/living change and work on strengthening my resolve to stand for/as what is best for me and so best for all.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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