Opinion: Guarding the Self-Interest of Consciousness (Part Three): DAY 436

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Opinion: Guarding the Self-Interest of Consciousness (Part Three): DAY 436

Let us have a look at some practical examples of everything that we have walked thus far – taking Plausible Deniability and its components (abdicating responsibility to reality, the secret mind and deception) and taking Opinion and its components (misconstruing / de-seeing reality and self-interest) - and how both Opinion and Plausible Deniability safeguards our Ego/Personality in the Mind.

Both Opinion and Plausible Deniability does something interesting to facts, to reality, to ‘what is real’: Opinion changes/alters/misconstrues it in the Mind and Plausible Deniability simply detaches one from reality/responsibility for who we are/what we live/do in reality. Therefore, Opinion manipulates reality and Plausible Deniability separates us from reality. Now one can more see/consider the conundrum we’re facing in the Mind with the relationship between Plausible Deniability, Opinion and Reality/Fact with the separation/altering of reality/fact that happens in the Mind/Consciousness – which is essentially the process within/as which we create ILLUSION.
Now, let us get into ‘physical matter’ / reality / fact: physical matter – is what it is, and for most part human consciousness/technology has evolved to the point of being able to investigate physical matter/reality/fact. However, despite the solidity of physical matter and events that happens in/as physical matter – human beings in some way or another find a way to have opinions about reality/fact and STILL believe that to be more real than reality/fact. One cannot manipulate an physical real-time event while it is happening in this real world and one cannot ‘separate oneself’ from a physical real-time event while it is happening – it’s right here, right in front of oneself and one is participating in it directly/part of it directly – it’s physical, real, fact. However – when reading/watching/hearing things on the other hand, VERY EASY to in the Mind manipulate what is read/watched/heard and to separate oneself from it to such an extent where you can take what is read/heard/watched and completely misinterpret it.

Human beings have more and more come to ‘lose touch’ with reality and get caught in the possession of consciousness/illusion the more we’re being isolated from the ‘outside / real world’ through the internet/media and the consequence of human mind’s short-circuiting / going haywire that we cannot even just walk outside without ‘fear for our safety’ and even despite this consequence manifest in reality/this real world…it isn’t investigated/researched/introspected and dealt with the necessary seriousness/questioning that it needs to, to bring forth a solution/understanding into the Human Mind/Consciousness.
One can have a look at utilizing this practical example for oneself: for one day – observe your communication with other human being/when you’re reading/watching something. Take note of how many Opinions come up during these interactions/moments, where the ‘voices in the head’ start ‘talking ABOUT’ the one you’re in conversation with/what you’re reading/watching – there will be thoughts creeping into the Mind, ‘having something to say about’ the person/what you’re reading/watching. But, the important question is – why do we not for a moment stop, really consider the thoughts/internal conversations/opinions that seemingly ‘automatically’ comes up in the Mind and consider the fact that: “but, wait – I’m not actually standing in the shoes of the person I have an opinion towards, I was not in fact “there” with what the news/media is saying about something/someone, I do not even KNOW that something/someone and their minds/lives and the context that is being reported on, I do not in fact know the reality/facts within/behind what someone else said – so, why/how can I have an Opinion in my Mind that I trust more than actually first getting all the facts?”

One can do an exercise for oneself in relation to Plausible Deniability as well – observe your mind throughout your day, observe the thoughts/imaginations/internal conversations that comes up, particularly where you tend to for example say REALLY nasty things about someone/something in the Mind and then you reason it within yourself as: “they deserve it / they had it coming / I can say/do this/that as I want/please – they don’t have a right to judge me”. This is an example of where we make the things we do to others in our Minds, “okay for ourselves” / “plausible” / “acceptable”…denying the fact that what we do in the Mind/accept and allow: does not define others – it defines OURSELVES. But, we do not see this, because we create opinions and ‘reason away’ even the FACTS of what we do in our own Minds; and we do this because we believe ‘we get away with it / can get away with it’; but the consequence of this delusion of thinking/believing what you do in your Mind doesn’t affect anyone/doesn’t control you…we’ll continue more in the next post with illustrating the web/consequence human beings are creating in this relationship between Opinion and Plausible Deniability in the Secrets of the Mind…I mean, isn’t this how consequence so often work: just when you think you got away with something/no one found out/you’re free to do in the mind whatever you want: consequence comes in some way or another…

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