I will not let ‘my Want’ take over ‘my Will’ (Part 2): DAY 438

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I will not let ‘my Want’ take over ‘my Will’ (Part 2): DAY 438

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In this post, we’re exploring the two questions posed in the previous post, which were: what is the difference between the ‘I Want’ in the Mind and ‘Self Will’ in the Physical? What are the consequences of living in a Mind of Want, rather than a Self-Willed directive principle in the physical/real world? Within exploring these questions, we will find the Solution to our Mind’s / I’s Self-Interest that has accumulated consequence for humanity in this real world, because we’ve always only sought after our own Wants, rather than living by a Principle as Self-Willed individuals within a starting point of equality and oneness as what is best for all – therefore, creating a World of Greed, internally and externally, rather than a world of Giving/Sharing.

Now that we have, in the previous post, established the ‘I don’t WANT to’ in/of the Mind – let’s have a look at Self-Will in the Physical:
Self-Will is lived only by an actual decision self makes. Meaning, in a moment where one see something to be done/someone needing direction/a responsibility to be tended to – one within oneself make a Decision to prepare/stand up and get it done and in/as that Decision, Will oneself to physically move oneself to get it done. So, the equation for Self-Will in the Physical/Real World is Decision + Will + Movement = getting things done in the real world: Placing, thus – Responsibility in the real world BEFORE one’s own greed and self-interest. As opposed to the “I don’t WANT to” of the Mind, where the equation goes: I + don’t WANT to + emotional energy = inaction within the physical real world, placing self-interest/greed before practical reality responsibility.

One can essentially say that Self-Will is one’s “inner movement” – an “inner force” that ‘wills one into external movement/physical movement’ within/as one’s Physical Body. The Decision one make is what Propels one’s Will/inner movement into and as Movement/external movement – all of this happening in/as the Physical. Whereas, with the ‘I don’t WANT to’ of the Mind: this creates an “inner REACTION” of emotion/feeling, where the emotional energy becomes the force that separates oneself from/of the physical body and so physical reality and thus becomes easier to justify/excuse/validate abdication of responsibility/action in the real world.
Therefore, it is clear to thus far see the Consequence such a statement of “I don’t WANT to” does to oneself and so one’s life/living responsibility and movement in/as the real world. If we’d only instead in those moments where we find such a statement/point even wants to come up within us, DECIDE: “No, ‘till here no further – I commit to no more accept/allow my Want to take over my Will”, and in that moment take a simple breath, get up and stand up physically and get things done in the real world: this will make an actual noticeable difference within one’s practical living experience.

The problem we face in the Mind is that we still accept/allow ‘backdoors’ for ourselves to our responsibility towards ourselves and our practical life/living experience in this real world. These backdoors can also be referred to as ‘choice’, where we still allow ourselves ‘OPTions’ to OPT out of responsibility in our relationship to what is real as the physical world/reality – placing, thus, with such backdoors/choices/options our WANTS before what is practically needed/required to be done in the real world; and because of this – we have what we see as humanity today: everyone existing in the Mind’s Self-Interest, living for GREED. Where we’re not yet able to come together and stand together as self willed individuals, standing with a Decision as starting point to place our wants/greed secondary to what must firstly be done/get done within/as life on earth: to ensure that all are taken care of/cared for within the principle of equality and oneness and what is best for all.

Why are we making such a simple Decision from Want to WILL to actual self/world change so difficult for ourselves?

We’ll continue more in the next post

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