SELF-enJOY-MEnt (Part 2): DAY 221

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 SELF-enJOY-MEnt (Part 2): DAY 221

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

For context from the previous posts:
We’re continuing with another Wool-Thread, disentangling the fluffy whiteness of the Mind/Energy experiences / illusions we hide within and behind as the Sheep’s Clothing, to unveil and expose the real Evil that we’ve become and from which we’ve created the good/positive/light and love, to see/realise and understand why/how it is that there exist no real, equal and one, physically lived good/positivity/love in this World and in the Minds/Lives of individual Human Beings – because it’s all just been an Illusion, created to hide the real inherent evil of the nature of our beingness as humans that is in fact creating/manifesting this world to be/become and accumulate into and as the consequence of evil/bad/negativity/darkness. And so, without facing the evil/bad/dark/negative, instead of understanding it, instead of establishing solutions for it to no more exist – we hide it/veil it, and actually in this, accept and allow it to accumulate – as what is showing/manifesting in the Mind and Lives of Human Beings today.

The Next wool-thread we’re walking is existent within the following statement:
“Live in this moment. Observe the world around you without entering its drama. Look in a mirror and see the timeless, ageless being you are. Happiness can only be found NOW, there is no other time.”

In and from this post, we’re walk the Conclusion of the Self Commitment Statements as walked in the Part 8,  Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16,  Part 17  and Part 18 of the Self-Forgiveness Statements walked within Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7 – with walking the Redefinition of Happiness into and as Self-Enjoyment and eventually Living Joy, and simultaneously the Redefinition of Responsibility within this in/as our relationship to Humanity/this Physical Existence as a Whole.

(Continuing from the Previous Post…)

Therefore, I commit myself to show – that, with making such a Decision of Self-Enjoyment in walking this process and discovering/realising and changing self; to be aware of the tendency of creating energy relationships of ‘Happiness’ within the context of the definitions of “Fun” / “Boredom” that was primarily brainwashed into us within/as Childhood – where, LIVING / participating in Reality, doing real Physical Things had become defined within/as boredom in that eventually one just want to watch TV/Series, rather than cleaning up after ourselves in/as the home environment we want to “play”, then eventually it gets into sex, drugs, alcohol, partying, shopping – “Happiness” aligned within Self-Interest:  ALL of this, creating the distraction/preoccupation of things that lead us as children into the alignment of ENERGY as ‘happiness’ instead of becoming individuals of integrity/substance that really consider our responsibility to ourselves, our personal world and humanity as a whole, but then instead simply become part of the sheep – following the herd into the slaughter of the World System in/as our Enslavement to Energy within and Money without. Obviously, one is still going to LIVE in this world – so, it’s to be “in this world, but not of this world”, meaning – one is still going to work with Money, within one’s Profession, all that change is ONE’S RELATIONSHIP to it, to no more define Money in a relationship/energy of ‘Happiness’ in the Mind, for example – to see beyond the Energy, the Self-Interest of Happiness being defined as Money to realising how such a relationship can ever be real if it only provide this ‘Happiness’ for a select few minority of Humanity. And so, with walking/stepping beyond that Energy Relationship of ‘Happiness’ to Money, one will in fact see the EVIL existent as the current World System of Money and how Money can be manifested in such a way to ensure that each human being has an equal and one life/living. Surely, such an alignment has more priority than only tunnel-visioning oneself in one’s own Mind’s ‘Happiness’ in a relationship to Money, and one will see/realise/understand how much more, ensuring/securing an Equal Life For All is, than the ENERGY of ‘Happiness’ we’re trying to look for/search for.
Now, again – to emphasize here, is that we’ve just illustrated one Dimension of changing Happiness to Self-Enjoyment in aligning it to/as the walking of one’s process within and as Self-Responsibility – one can consider other expressions/movements as decisions of self-enjoyment, when cleaning the house – making a decision to enjoy self within and as it, when going out for dinner/lunch/coffee with a group of people or having family dinners, one can make a decision to ENJOY SELF within and during the process – it all then becomes a DECISION of enjoyments as a movement/expression. But, that self within this always remain within the One Point as the primary self-enjoyment as one’s process of self-realisation into and as self-living, that when/as one do participate in reality-activities, that it can be a self-enjoyment from the perspective of “Okay, let’s see what else within me I haven’t faced” – see what the Mind tries and “dishes out” within the Subconscious/Unconscious that one hasn’t considered facing, aligning one’s life into and as the principle of/as one’s Self-Process, placing the focus/attention on SELF-CHANGE, rather than the ENERGY of Consciousness that only lead to Mind-Possession.
Even other simple things can be a Self-Enjoyment, tending to one’s Physical Body – showering/bathing, really developing an equal and one relationship with the body as one wash oneself and really physically be here/present as one touch/caress/move with one’s Physical; when one go for walks/runs – to practise BREATHING, being HERE with the physical body as a self-enjoyment – in this, one transform one’s process of Self-Enjoyment into Physical Body equality and oneness, in being/becoming equal to an done with the Physical instead of participating in Mind Possessions when/as one should in fact be HERE with and as the Physical.

In this, I commit myself to show the change from/of ‘Happiness’ as Energy/Consciousness, into and as Self-Enjoyment within Self-responsibility and one’s process of Self-Equality and Oneness as a Decision, a Movement as an Expression of/as self within and as which Self Stand in/as Self-Awareness that self in fact Direct/Move as. So, within this –how does Responsibility, Mirroring and ‘Happiness’ / Self-Enjoyment relate to one’s process in/as one’s Responsibility to Humanity/this Physical Existence as a whole?
In this, I commit myself to show how – with human beings standing together and walking together within this alignment in/as Self-Enjoyment in/as the process of sharing the realisations, the insights – it becomes a group that enjoys themselves WITH each other, and in that manifest a JOY as a Gratefulness of seeing the changes, the transformations the actual ‘setting free’ of self from/of the conditioning, the enslavement of Consciousness/energy within and as the realisation of how we can in fact CHANGE ourselves, our experiences and so our lives and in this, assisting and supporting each other in fact to do so. I mean, there is a joy in the sharing of Self-Enjoyment in the processes walked through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, in/as this Joy in fact being in the alignment of establishing that Self-Trust, that Self-Stability that Absolute Stand of who I am in/as me and my Living.
Now, within this – obviously, not all Human Beings at this stage have the ability/opportunity to walk such a process, because of their relationship especially to Money, with having to primarily only focus on survival, which Physically takes precedence over/of Everything else. And so, it is up to us, who can stand as Living Examples, as the Living Proof of this Process of Self Change within Self-Enjoyment and Self-Responsibility to come together and stand together and stand up for / as an Equal Money System, that will ensure that each human’s life is physically, practically taken care of and cared for so that they can have this Opportunity into/as actual real CHANGE. I mean, imagine such a process – where it’s about SELF-enjoyment in the expression/movement/realisation of ‘Who I am’, where enjoyment is about one’s expression, one’s Living and a World System as the Equal Money System that would make this Possible. Because, at the moment – this World System only caters to a Happiness based on Energy in its relationship to MONEY that only benefit the Money System, instead of Money equalling LIFE with the value in/as the Life of/as human beings/what is here in/as this Physical Existence.

So, thus – I commit myself to show, with even changing this One Point of/as Happiness into and as Self-Enjoyment, one start becoming a living example of self-change, one will start seeing beyond the illusion of the Energy of Happiness and its consequence especially to this World System of Money and in this process of redefining happiness to a process of Self-Enjoyment, within Self-Responsibility and Living – how to change the World System into and as that which ensure the life/living of each human being within/as this physical existence, where we can re-educate ourselves into/as co-existence, instead of what it’s become now is a War-path in/as the ‘pursuit of Happiness’, where for some to find their Happiness Bliss in the Heavens of the Mind as Energy, the majority of humanity physically suffer in the Hell of/as the Physical as what the current World System is creating/manifesting and that we’re accepting and allowing as long as we blind ourselves in/as this Energy of Happiness as it’s defined within the Mind/Energy within, and Money/this World System without. To start re-aligning oneself in/as one’s relationship to VALUE, to VALUE self as LIFE/LIVING and to stand up for/as this in/as this World System in/as its alignment into and as the Equal Money System – instead of what it’s become now, with ‘Value’ being defined according to products that only benefit MONEY and the amount/extent of ‘Happiness Energy’ it produce, instead of life on earth.

Thus, here – some considerations / perspectives to Note within one’s process of walking Self-Equality and Oneness and so the redefinition of Responsibility in/as this World System/Money System – with us changing ourselves and becoming living examples/living proof of how we can change ourselves and what we can do in this World to bring forth such an opportunity for All of Humanity – is aligning one’s life to equality and oneness with self, and so eventually humanity/this physical existence as a whole, in making one’s life more substantial than only the self-interest of the pursuit of happiness of Energy and Money, but what it would mean for human beings to realise such a Self-Enjoyment of Self-Change and the Real Living of Responsibility within that to self, to others, to humanity and this Physical Existence as a whole – transforming ourselves into the Fruit that bears LIFE as what we children were supposed to have been/become, from/of the rotten fruit that we’ve become in/as the Consciousness/Energy that only resource the Physical and Existence through Energy and Money for experiences/happiness, rather than in fact being a Tree of Life producing fruit of Life for ourselves and so for All.

Thus, with having a look at SELF-enJOY-MEnt: the ‘answer’ is already existent within the word within the context of having a direct-relationship to Self as JOY-ME, as “Joy as Me” – but this “Joy” as “Me” / “Self” is something that has to be developed, through practical living through establishing SELF, here in Self-Awareness in and as Physical Living Expression. With, where we have established: Living Expression is a Movement, a Decision to express self as Joy/Enjoyment – essentially here, then – Joy/Enjoyment being one and equal as an Expression/Movement as Self in a Moment with self. And so, with Self-Enjoyment being a Physical Expression – it’s NOT ENERGY, but SELF EXPRESSION – so, we’ll get into posts to come explaining the difference, the change that happens with changing self from energy-enslavement to aware expression in/as the Physical.
And then furthermore to within this, commit self to align this World in such a way, where each human being would be able to have the opportunity to discover, to realise, to LIVE such an Joy as Self-Enjoyment with/as Self as an Expression, a Movement of “Who I Am” – that is not something that is dependent, that is enslaved to a something/someone or an Energy – but a Decision OF SELF AS SELF. In this, we then enjoy ourselves, each other as a SHARING of who we are in and as an Equal and One Moment; which change the context and relationship to ourselves and each other in the sense that, we now SHARE our EXPRESSIONS with each other, rather than playing energy-games of dependency/need of superiority/inferiority of master/slave.

We suggest within this, to Investigate the Desteni I ProcessRelationship/Agreement Course, that Practically, with Buddy-Support, Guide you in what Self-Equality and Oneness in fact mean and how to Live/Share/Express with another in Equality and Oneness here.

We will in posts to come walk more Redefinition of Words, understand this is merely a framework to consider – and if/as one have any further questions/clarifications that are needed – one can place/post one’s questions HERE.

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