The FREE within FRIction: DAY 224

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The FREE within FRIction: DAY 224

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

For Context from the Previous Posts DAY 222 and DAY 223 The CON within CONflict:
In and from the post we’re going to have a look at the nature, the purpose of friction/conflict and our reaction/experience/relationship to it as Resistance. With regards to, why/how it is that we tend to rather resist/fear friction/conflict in ourselves, in our personal worlds and this world as a whole – than in fact understanding it, our role/responsibility within it and changing the causes/origins of the points in relationship that is creating the friction/conflict in the first place; into and as an equal and one solution.

So, before we continue with the Self-Forgiveness and Self-Commitments on understanding our relationship to CONflict and CONsciousness within that, in how we had created protection/defence/attack Personalities within and as Consciousness in our relationship to Conflict, and within this – the process of Consciousness to Awareness/Physical Living and why/how it is that one will Face Friction/Conflict: let’s first delineate ‘Friction’ and ‘Conflict’ and its relationship to one’s process/relationship to the Mind with having a look at the illustration we utilized with the two circles connected with a string – the one Circle representing one’s Awareness and the other Circle Consciousness/the Mind. We can take this Illustration one Step further in drawing a BIG circle surrounding the relationship between one’s Awareness Circle and Consciousness/the Mind Circle, with the Big Circle representing the Physical.

Now, the Circle representing Consciousness, is the Circle that has a direct-relationship to the BIG circle that Represents the Physical. This one can ‘draw’ for oneself through drawing lines from the Consciousness/Mind Circle into and as the Big Circle that represent the Physical. So, the relationships exist as follows: From within the Big Circle as the Physical, there are relationships connecting to the Consciousness/Mind Circle and then only that one string/relationship strand that connect the Consciousness Circle to the Awareness Circle. Thus, at the moment, as we exist as our ‘awareness’: we’re separate from Consciousness and from the Physical Body.
Within all of these relationships, Consciousness/the Mind is control of itself, our Awareness and so also the Physical Body. Obviously, within the Mind/Consciousness itself and its relationship to our awareness and the physical body: it generate/produce energy through relationships of friction/conflict, in how, for example – it resource energy from the physical/substance through the relationship of friction/conflict, how for example – in one’s own Conscious Mind, one’s awareness is conditioned to positive, negative and neutral points/reactions; so the entire SYSTEM’s ‘life’, if you will – is dependent on these relationships of friction/conflict. However, within this context – the Mind/Consciousness is in control of the friction/conflict relationships. So, within this is another factor to consider regarding Why and How it is ‘pointless’ to resist/fear Friction/Conflict in one’s Mind, in one’s personal relationships / this World System – when their very existence is dependent on and originate from Friction/Conflict relationships in the first place. So, if Self cannot stand within and as that/such friction/conflict in and as awareness and stability, understanding as self - all the points/parts/relationships involved: self cannot in fact Change the relationships from friction/conflict into and as equal and one solutions. I mean, this for example goes the same with our external relationships: we’re busier with friction/conflict in our Minds towards others, than actual equal and one living - and this ALL starts within the primary existent relationship of/as ourselves to/toward our own Minds.

Thus, here – another point to consider with regards to why/how to remain stable when and as there exist Friction/Conflict in the mind, with for example – being overwhelmed with thoughts/energies, to not react to it in fear/resistance/judgment; but stabilize oneself in the Physical and Breath, and stabilize self’s awareness through Writing and then within the Self-Forgiveness, stabilize self’s awareness in ‘getting to the know’ the Mind/Consciousness as the points, parts and relationships involved creating friction/conflict. And then in the Commitment Statements and eventual Self-Corrective Application, how self is going to CHANGE from/of the friction/conflict relationships of Consciousness to the Physical Body, to actual, equal and one Self-Aware Living – to this, we will return with practical examples.
Continuing with Friction/Conflict: so – the primary Purpose for Friction/Conflict within the context of the Mind/Consciousness in its relationship to self’s ‘awareness’ and the Physical Body: is generating/creating Energy. NOW: the Friction/Conflict that self will initiate in the process of stabilizing self’s awareness in and as the Mind/Consciousness and eventually into and as the Physical Body in one’s process of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application – is a Friction/Conflict that self can Direct and Stand within, with understanding the Nature of this particular Friction/Conflict that self may face/experience in walking through the Mind/Consciousness.

So, before we get here – let’s have a look at the process one more time: One’s Awareness Circle, in relationship to the Consciousness/Mind Circle and the Consciousness/Mind Circle’s relationship to the Physical Body Circle. Now, the process is – as we have walked in the previous post, where: one as one’s Awareness have to ‘get to know’ the Mind/Consciousness, which means – one has to get to know the points, parts and relationships involved that networked into Systems/Personalities and how they generate/create friction/conflict in relationship to one’s awareness/physical body and so also one’s external world/reality, to produce the ENERGY necessary for Consciousness to continue existing/surviving. So that from here: self can stop/change/transform those relationships and re-align them into and as equal and one Self-Aware Living. Thus, one can for example in the Mind/Consciousness draw lots of strands/strings that fill the Circle, representing, for example, individual personality systems/thought patterns/memories. And so, the process is where self’s awareness is:
Firstly – changing that relationship between the Awareness Circle and the Consciousness/Mind Circle, in that self’s Awareness is now moving ‘closer / into’ the Mind/Consciousness, as one for example walk a Personality System through writing/self-forgiveness – one’s Awareness now no more become ‘connected to’ consciousness/the mind with a string/strand, existing only in a state of observing, accepting and allowing, but now becoming an ‘active participant’ within the Consciousness Circle/the Mind. So, one’s awareness was always ‘at a distance’ in its relationship to Consciousness/the Mind that it had control/directive principle over/of and now – one is changing that relationship/distance to actually moving INTO and As the Mind with walking writing/self-forgiveness. So, only in that One Dimension – one is going to face the following dimensions of friction/conflict:
Dimension 1: One is going to start “experiencing” or “becoming more aware of” the extent of friction/conflict in / as the Mind in which it Moves/exist, for example – becoming more overwhelmed with thoughts/energies/backchat. But, it’s not that Anything in the Mind/Consciousness changed – it’s simply self becoming aware / ‘more aware’ of the inner dynamics/relationships/energies of/as the Mind/Consciousness – thus, one is essentially walking into and as the ‘friction/conflict’ in and as which the Mind/Consciousness exists/moves.
Dimension 2: One can ‘see’ one’s ‘Movement’ of/as one’s Awareness ‘closer and closer’ / ‘deeper and deeper’ into and as the Mind/Consciousness, as that string/strand between the two Circles of one’s Awareness and Consciousness/the Mind becoming ‘smaller and smaller’, until eventually – as one continue walking through the Mind/Consciousness in writing/self forgiveness – identifying the relationships, points and parts: that one’s Awareness Circle will start overlapping with and as the Consciousness/Mind Circle. Now, in this process – the deeper and deeper one move into and as the Mind/Consciousness with and as Awareness/Self-Honesty and Stability; the string/strand relationship that initially connected you to Consciousness/the Mind – essentially sets of ‘ripple effects’ into and as Consciousness/the Mind. ‘Ripple Effects’, because self’s awareness and its relationship to the Mind/Consciousness is SET in specifically defined relationships, and now self is deliberately changing these relationships, which will cause Changes in and as Consciousness/the Mind. ‘Changes’ from the perspective that, Consciousness/the Mind will realise it does not have “Control” over/of this relationship between it and your Awareness and so will bring forth everything it’s got for your Awareness to remain in and as the relationship of only being an submissive observer, accepting and allowing the existence of the Mind/Consciousness AS it exist.

So, this is another dimension of friction/conflict to take into consideration, with having a look at it more practically as to WHY/HOW your movement of Awareness will initiate MORE friction/conflict in the Mind/Consciousness, in the sense that Consciousness may respond with INTENSIFYING Personalities, thoughts, reactions, backchats – essentially attempting to/trying to create a relationship of Superiority/Inferiority. Thus, it’s to understand this and to when and as one Do experience as though the Thoughts/Backchats/Reactions become overwhelming at times: this is where you Must Stand and to remember your Stability: BREATHING and within that WRITING and SELF-FORGIVENESS. Because, with Breathing – one stabilize oneself in and as the Body, the Physical Stability that is HERE and in Writing and Self-Forgiveness: One Stabilize one’s Awareness – remaining the Directive Principle of Understanding the relationships, points and parts involved within the Mind as the Personality that is creating/manifesting this Overwhelmingness and to within/through breathing, writing and self-forgiveness: walk the Personality and re-align it into and as equal and one living.
At the same time, what is Interesting to Note here is that – the Mind/Consciousness will Intensify things to attempt/try to ‘overpower’ your awareness with and as ENERGY, so in this moment one has a window of opportunity, because the Personality then actually SHOWS ITSELF clearly in and as the overwhelmingness of the backchat/thoughts/reactions. And is an awesome opportunity to through writing, self forgiveness really see the DETAIL of the relationships points, parts involved and to direct them into an equal and one solution. BUT, if one go into reaction to/towards the friction/conflict experience, one move into but a Personality in the mind, generating MORE ENERGY for the mind and eventually one will time loop in this exact same point. So, utilize such opportunities to stand in the friction/conflict and understand it and bring it through into and as an equal and one solution.

Thus, here – are two Dimensions to consider in one’s process from Consciousness to Awareness in understanding why/how it is that one will experience/face Friction/Conflict in one’s relationship to the Mind. In the Next Post, we’ll have a look at the relationship between the CON within CONflict and the FREE within FRIction and how one can practically, with self-honesty and stability – utilize Friction/Conflict in and as one’s process to/as Self-Equality and Oneness.

So, what is the FREE within FRIction and its relationship to the CON within CONflict…find out in the Next Post. 

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