Valuing LOVE more than LIFE (Part 4): DAY 201

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Valuing LOVE more than LIFE (Part 4): DAY 201

 "The Personalized Suit I Hop In to Feel Nice through my Application of Sucking Life Essence from my Physical Body to Generate a Simulated Life Force of Energy Purposed to my Self Interest

Understand Energy at Heaven's Journey to Life "

MFM Art: The Pursuit of Happiness
by Matti Destonian Freeman

FEAR of our own SHADOW – continued

EVIL – continued

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

In this post, with walking the Self Forgiveness Process – we’re now continuing with the Commitment Statements, and in the Commitment Statements expanding further on the Evil in Valuing Love more than Life as well as the Solution; where we’re in the process of identifying, disentangling the Wolves Sheep Clothing – strand by strand, in showing/revealing the illusion, the evil within and behind love/good/light/positivity within the context of how it is currently being lived by/through the Mind as ENERGY, hiding/veiling the real, true nature of our beingness – instead of Love being/becoming an actual living commitment, visible, in and as this Physical Existence for self and for all in/as equality and oneness here.

For context from the previous post:
We’ll start with a thread of Wool, covering up the inherent Evil of ourselves - with having a look at the following statement:
“Life is filled with joys and sorrows. Open your heart and feel both of them fully. Your heart will know what to do. All you have to do is be present with where you are in this moment, and your heart will awaken your soul to surround you with an Eternal Love greater than life itself.”

I commit myself to show, each one, how to assist and support self to establish an equal and one LIVING relationship with and as WORDS, that we become actual, physical, visible living beings in and as this Physical Existence, that in fact contribute to life on earth – rather than reversing/destroying life in/as the Evil that we have become as the reverse of livE, that’s been destroying/reversing the life of our physical’s and so this physical existence in and as the illusion we’ve created as the Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY that is a reality that is separate from everything/everyone in this Existence – and is the reason/why us Human Species is the only one within this ENTIRE physical existence, that destroy, instead of contribute and co-exist.

I commit myself to show, with for example having a look at the word JOY, and how we have connected it/defined it in ENERGY as images/experiences in the MIND and has in fact become a word, an experience, an image that vary in human being’s Minds according to what will serve their own Self-Interest. At Desteni, we propose an LIVING of JOY as a word that stand in and as the principle of equality and oneness, as what’s best for all and not in the consequential mind-energy relationship with a starting point of self-interest that it currently exist as in the Minds of human beings, that’s created/perpetuated more CONSEQUENCE than actual, real, visible, physical living JOY in and as this actual, real world. And so, propose the definition of LIVING JOY – where each human being, each part of this existence – has an equal and one opportunity to life and living from birth to death. This would be best for all, and so best for self – knowing, that self’s life, as all’s life and so the children to come is taken care of and cared for, waking in the mornings not in the fear and sorrow of what the day might bring as the uncertainty that life has become in this World due to our current accepted and allowed relationship to the current World System, but that each day awakened into brings forth an OPPORTUNITY as life and what we can learn from each other, how we can expand and develop ourselves and each other, than how it exist now – as living in constant fear of ourselves, of each other as what ‘life’ has become in and on this earth and Humanity.

I commit myself to show, how each one of us – in and as physical equality and oneness, realise that our Hearts Beat, that we Breathe in every moment – and this PHYSICAL HEART and Breath, exist equal and one in and as ALL Human Beings, and this is a primary realisation that should be considered in re-aligning this World System to equality and oneness with Humanity, as proposed in and as the Equal Money System – to ensure that each heart beats, that each breath taken – each beating heart of the physical beats to its fullest potential with all physical necessities and provisions afforded to all, equally as one, to take care of the Physical Body, and so our living in and as this Physical Existence, and in this equality and oneness – come together and stand together in how we can develop an equilibrium of life on Earth.

I commit myself to show, that – it’s not an “opening of the heart” that will give one access into “eternal love” – all of such talk is abstract, figurative, metaphorical as IMAGINED in the Mind of the quantum reality of Energy which is very easy to do – especially when you have your physical world taken care of and cared for, I mean – then, one can create whatever quantum reality you want in the Mind of Energy. However – creating an actual, real, physical reality of “eternal love”, where each human being coming into this world is equally as one taken care of and cared for: Now that takes Real Courage, Real Responsibility and Real Action with standing in a context, a starting point that is MORE than one’s own self-interest within and as the Mind, creating love/joy experiences that suit one’s own Personalities/views/experiences of ‘life / self’ on Earth.  And so, I suggest considering that – it should not be about ‘opening our hearts’ – I mean, we’re not even in an equal and one relationship with our BREATHING, walking equal and one with the physical body, let alone the actual beating heart, the beating of physical life – so, our separation from our own physical bodies is astounding. Furthermore, we don’t have a HEART, from looking at the metaphorical/figurative relationship to it as having any form of ‘real love’, we’ve got ‘imagined love’ – but it’s definitely not REAL, because if it was REAL, the REALITY of Love would SHOW in and as this physical existence in the Lives of all of Humanity: which it most certainly does not. Therefore, jumping to ‘opening your heart’ when one’s EYES is not even open to SEEING the reality of who one is in the Mind, the consequences of thoughts, words and deeds in the creation of our own lives and the effects this has on other human beings’ lives and so all of humanity/this physical existence: is not an OPENING of anything, but more of a further BLINDING of seeing our equal and one responsibility to what we in fact accept and allow in THIS Physical Existence.

Therefore, I commit myself to show, if anything, what must be OPENED first: is our EYES, our I’s as the mInd – ‘opening’ within the context of really SEEING into and as the Mind, walking through the dimensions of the Mind from the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical – all of which is being walked in Desteni, EQAFE, Heaven’s Journey to Life Blogs and can also see the living examples of those walking through the VEIL, the BLINDS of the Mind/Consciousness as Energy in and as the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs – to in this OPENING and SEEING face, take responsibility for and really establish self as the Living Solution to and as the Evil we’ve become as the Mind/Consciousness as Energy – where one essentially see, realise and understand how we’ve created ourselves into ENERGY beings in a PHYSICAL REALITY, and how for that Energy to exist, it’s resourced/mined from/of the Physical Body, and then we align ourselves/our definitions and our living to ENERGY in the MIND instead of actually, really, in fact LIVING in and as this Physical Existence. And as we’re blinded in and through energy in separation from the Physical, we do not see the CONSEQUENCE we create as the Mind-Physical relationship in our own lives and so that of humanity/this physical existence as a whole. And so, this is why/how – opening your heart is another EVIL wool-thread of us wolves in sheep clothing, continuing with the deceptive woolly front, when within and behind it all, we’re the very ROOTS, the very sources/origins of what ‘life on earth’ is/has become and continuing to exist as.

And so, I commit myself to show – the deception, the evil, with ‘opening the heart’, when our EYES, our I’s – physically and mentally is not even OPEN to the direct-consequence we create and contribute to in and as this Physical Existence and for which we have not yet taken responsibility for in ANY WAY. That, it’s interesting, that so many human beings ‘opening their hearts’, yet CLOSING THEIR EYES and I’S into the mInd – would believe that in any way after death, there awaits REWARD, with the extent of abuse that is being accepted and allowed with every physical heartbeat, and every physical breath in and as this physical existence, with not ensuring/taking responsibility for the life on earth we’re contributing to and participating in, directly and indirectly within and as the current World System’s relationship to Humanity and this Physical Existence. Another, real, practical physical opening would be that of the Money System and the Resources of this Physical Existence – distributed equally, as one for all to have an equal and one life/living in and on this Earth, this Physical Existence.

I mean, if anything, what must be considered is, what if: we all placed ourselves in the utmost separation within Existence, to see who we really are in and as our real, inherent, true nature, essentially “testing ourselves” – WHO ARE WE REALLY. And, what is clearly showing, is that there’s not an ounce of “heart”, of “goodness” within humanity, because if there REALLY was – we wouldn’t have let one person live in inferiority to anyone else within the Physical. I mean, WHY has no-one challenged the principles of the Angels, Masters, Gurus in heaven that spew the bullshit of the people in wars, famine, poverty, starvation having their lives being ‘their choice’ / ‘facing Karma’ – when, with Studying the MIND, what can be TRACED in detail is how/why the World System and this physical existence is the way it is because of HUMAN CHOICES/DECISIONS made in Self-Interest in the Mind and not in the Interest of All in equality and oneness here; that if we have humans realigning the World System to equality and oneness, ensuring that everything / everyone is taken care of/cared for/educated – we’d have a changed world from a living perspective, with much of the consequences created by the current world system stopped, such as crime, robbery, wars etc.
So, it’s time to REALLY open your Eyes – see what’s going on in this World, and open your I’s as the mInd to see, face and realise the extent of responsibility/contribution that exist of self, self’s living to humanity/this physical existence as a whole. That we can SORT OUT HERE, and stop blinding ourselves in quantum energy realities of the Mind, and open REAL THINGS that can REALLY make a difference to this existence, such as the Money System and Resources, that is damned up, damning the majority of humanity to inconceivable conditions of suffering in this existence, that can change if humans but change from the Mind, into actual, real physical Living.

Featured Art Work by Matti Freeman

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