mIrror, mIrror of the mInd...(Part 2): DAY 217

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mIrror, mIrror of the mInd…(Part 2): DAY 217

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

For context from the previous posts:
We’re continuing with another Wool-Thread, disentangling the fluffy whiteness of the Mind/Energy experiences / illusions we hide within and behind as the Sheep’s Clothing, to unveil and expose the real Evil that we’ve become and from which we’ve created the good/positive/light and love, to see/realise and understand why/how it is that there exist no real, equal and one, physically lived good/positivity/love in this World and in the Minds/Lives of individual Human Beings – because it’s all just been an Illusion, created to hide the real inherent evil of the nature of our beingness as humans that is in fact creating/manifesting this world to be/become and accumulate into and as the consequence of evil/bad/negativity/darkness. And so, without facing the evil/bad/dark/negative, instead of understanding it, instead of establishing solutions for it to no more exist – we hide it/veil it, and actually in this, accept and allow it to accumulate – as what is showing/manifesting in the Mind and Lives of Human Beings today.

The Next wool-thread we’re walking is existent within the following statement:
“Live in this moment. Observe the world around you without entering its drama. Look in a mirror and see the timeless, ageless being you are. Happiness can only be found NOW, there is no other time.”

In and from this post, we’re continuing with the Self Commitment Statements as walked in the Part 8,  Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 and Part 13 of the Self-Forgiveness Statements walked within Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7 – in assisting and supporting self to re-align the definition/relationship of ‘Happiness’, to have it not be/become a Veil of Energy within the Mind and behind one’s Physical Eyes, deluding oneself into an alternate reality that do not in fact exist – but to remain rooted/grounded here, within and as the Physical, Seeing Direct, and align oneself/one’s life to contributing to re-establishing Heaven on Earth, rather than contributing to the constant, continuous accumulation/proliferation of accepted and allowed suffering/consequence on Earth as what we’re currently, individually and collectively creating within/from who we are, how/what we live and the acceptances and allowances that’s come to Define ourselves, our living and so ‘life on earth’.

In this post, we’re continuing with the MIrrors and mIrror of the MInds and mInd that we exist as, as Consciousness – and why/how within this, thus that we have never in fact REALLY had relationships with any one being, but our own reflections in the MIrrors and mIrror of/as the Mind as Consciousness as Personalities.

With what we have established in the previous post:
MIrrors: with the emphasis on the MI in sound as ME – representing all the Personalities we created from/of the Primary mIrror as the “I” as Consciousness. Within this, how we have looked at the following statement “Look in a mirror and see the timeless, ageless being you are”, with regards to how ‘seeing a timeless, ageless being’ is simply creating another MIrror, another ME, another Personality in the Mind that one use to reflect ‘who I am’ and project/superimpose ‘who I am’ as this Personality onto/towards actually physical reality. Leaving the rest of the ME’s as Personalities as MIrrors cloaked/veiled as suppressed/hidden within the Subconscious Mind. Which, within this process – brings for NO real change to ‘who we are’, because the Personalities already existent as the ME’s as the MIrrors are not faced, deal-with or directed – the very Personalities that determine and define the nature of our lives, our living and so our participation/contribution to ‘life on earth’. And so, as long as we don’t face our own MIrrors as ME’s as Personalities and the mIrror of/as Consciousness as the “I” as the very Systems that’s come to define who we are and how/what we live and accept/allow within it all that’s created this world / ‘life on earth’ as it exist and in that FACING of the mirrors in fact CHANGE: Nothing will ever Change.

So, I commit myself to show – the actual Process of the First Mirror that has to be Faced and Looked at is the MIrrors and mIrror of/as our own mInd as “I” as Consciousness and the ME/MI’s as Personalities within and as it; to see, realise and understand our actual Real Nature and to in fact Change, and not create MORE CONSEQUENCE for ourselves as creating MORE MIrrors as ME/MI’s as Personalities from within and as the mIrror of/as Consciousness, such as for example an “ageless, timeless being” – because this is not CHANGE, this is EVOLVING the Mind, creating more Personalities, more MIrrors that will only lead one further into and as the separation and responsibility of one’s living in the Physical Body and so this Physical Existence as a whole.

I commit myself to show, thus furthermore – why/how it is that creating more MIrrors as ME’s as Personalities, such as for example seeing/looking at an “timeless, ageless being” reverse one into and as the EVIL, the consequence in one’s relationship to self and this world as a whole; from the perspective that the MIrrors as MI/ME’s as Personalities originate from the One Primary mIrror as Consciousness as the “I”, and as long as that “I”, Consciousness – that is the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical is not Changed, nothing that self will create as ‘additional Personalities’ can be ‘trusted’, because Consciousness as ENERGY as the “I”’s only prerogative is ENERGY and the experience thereof. Have a look at, for example creating the MIrror, the ME/MI as Personality as “ageless, timeless being”: it more create/generate a ‘good feeling/experience’ in one’s own Mind in the Body than it bringing any actual, real, physical visible change to self / ‘life on earth’.

I commit myself to show, thus – what it would practically mean to REALLY look into and as the Mirror that stand within and as the point of SELF-RESPONSIBILITY: to see, realise and understand that everything that manifest within the Mind – the thoughts, the reactions, the memories, the imagination, the fantasies, the internal conversations/backchat, are mini mirrors that reflect/mirror ‘who we are’ into/towards us. With this ‘who we are’ we mean, our Actual, Real Nature/Beingness that for most part – one will see, realise and understand to in fact be inherently bad/negative/dark/evil. With those MIrrors MI/ME’s as Personalities/parts of ourselves that we have defined as bad/negative/dark/evil – we have simply cloaked/veiled within us, and created MORE MIrrors as ME/MI’S as Personalities that we made to reflect/mirror only good/positive/light/love; when all we’re doing in these/such relationships/equations is creating internal friction/conflict between ‘Good and Evil’; busy trying to cloak and veil the bad/negative/dark/evil MIrrors as ME/MI’s as Personalities and keeping the good/positive/light/love MIrrors as ME/MI’s as Personalities: not seeing, realising and understanding the ONE POINT within it all that benefit as the Primary mIrror as Consciousness as ENERGY that gets fed from BOTH the ‘Good and Evil’ Personalities as MIrrors as ME/MI’s, because they’re all based in ENERGY in the MIND and not actual, real Physical Living.

I commit myself to show, thus – how to practically approach mIrror as Consciousness as ENERGY, is through walking all the ME/MI’s as MIrrors as Personalities that we created from within and as our starting point as Consciousness as “I” as Energy. To, re-establish a SELF that is AWARENESS that is PHYSICAL and investigate/introspect the Personalities, the MI/ME’s that we’ve become as MIrrors in/as the mInd of/as Consciousness as Energy. This one do through Writing and Self-Forgiveness, where one walk a multi-dimensional process, of –establishing one’s SELF-Awareness, becoming aware of how one operate/function and have been controlled by/through Consciousness as the “I” as Energy in its relationship to the Physical Body, get to know, really LOOK and SEE what self has accepted and allowed self to be/become as Personalities in the mInd and its consequence to the relationship to self, the physical body and to/towards others in one’s world/reality. For example, instead of us investigating/introspecting what comes up in our own Minds – we’ve always projected/blamed our reactions, thoughts onto/towards OTHERS – when, what comes up in our Minds, in fact reflect/mirror OURSELVES, but instead project our own Mirrors onto/towards OTHERS, in this we Never get to a point of SELF-realisation, SELF-responsibility, SELF-change as long as we project/blame our own Mirrors within our Minds onto/towards others. Thus, it’s to assist/support self in/as this Process of/as actual, real self-change, through investigating, walking as LOOKING into and as the MIrrors as the ME/MI’s as Personalities of/as the “I” as Consciousness as the mInd we’ve become – and for this process, we suggest investigating the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs as examples of facing the MIrrors of the mInd as Personalities of Consciousness and how to Change self into and as an Equal and One Self-Aware Living Being, together with the Process support that is available in the Desteni I Process LITE and Desteni I Process PRO – guiding one practically in/as the HOW TO walk this process of Self-Responsibility, Self-Awareness and Self-Change to Self-LIVING.

I commit myself to show, that – if/as one want to use the Mirror in actual, physical reality Practically – one can Stand in front of the MIRROR and LOOK and SEE WITHIN ONESELF, what comes up within the Mind as the thoughts, internal conversations and reactions that manifest within and as self. As whatever comes up in the mInd, from/of the “I” as Consciousness, would be MIrrors as MI/ME’s as Personalities self accepted and allowed self to create/program/manifest that is separating self from being able to LOOK/SEE through/as one’s PHYSICAL EYES as the PHYSICAL when looking into and as the Mirror in front of which Self Stand. To within this, walk one’s process of writing, of Self-Forgiveness to identify where/from where self accepted and allowed such MI/ME’s as Personalities as Mirrors reflecting/mirroring the ‘who I am’ in/as the “I” of/as Consciousness as the mInd. To from there, assist and support self in the Self Commitments and so Self Corrective Application to stop and CHANGE such MIrrors / Personalities into and as LIVING WORDS, to LIVE HERE in/as this actual, real physical existence – instead of constantly, continuously being determined/controlled/defined by/through Mirrors in the Mind that only serve for creating ENERGY-EXPERIENCES that preoccupy self in the Mind, instead of aligning/prioritizing self to what is important, HERE – self’s living in this World and contributing to ‘life on earth’ for self and so for all as self.

And so, I commit myself to show how the MIRRORING in/as our personal world operate/function – that, whatever we experience within ourselves towards others, whether good or bad – we’re only seeing ourselves. Because, in our mInds as the “I” as Consciousness, within and as all the MIrrors as MI/ME’s as Personalities: exist only ourselves that others will activate/initiate. So, always – whenever self REACT to others, reflect it BACK TO SELF, INTO SELF – to not project/blame one’s own separation onto/towards Others, but investigate as taking SELF-Responsibility for one’s reactions in one’s own mInd as “I” as Consciousness, investigate as taking SELF-Responsibility for the Personalities that others do activate/initiate and in this: CHANGE Self. So that our relationships can change from us REACTING to one another, projecting/blaming ourselves onto/towards each other – to actually being able to SEE/HEAR each other and ASSIST/SUPPORT one another. And to do this, one first have to Stabilize one’s SELF-Relationship, bringing all the MI/ME’s as MIrrors into Physical Equal and One Living, Here – changing/transforming oneself from Consciousness as the “I” of/as the mInd into and as PHYSICAL AWARENESS, Here – from ENERGY to LIVING, from Consciousness to Awareness.

We’ll in the Next Post continue with Redefining Happiness/Joy and Finally, bringing through Responsibility, Mirror and Happiness/Joy to/as our relationship to humanity/this World as a Whole.

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