One Memory + One Moment + Losing Touch with Reality = Recipe for Disaster (2): DAY 450

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One Memory + One Moment + Losing Touch with Reality = Recipe for Disaster (2): 
DAY 450

So, as I was scratching my head because I had an itch and this memory of the episode pops up – I was looking at the following:
I want to scratch my head, and in that moment – with the touch of my finger on my scalp, that physical connection, got interrupted with this memory. So, it creates like a sandwich in a way – my finger-then memory-then scalp and in that moment, I am separated physically, because the memory is creating the separation. I am then not focusing on the pressure I am using to scratch my scalp, nor am I focused on the actual sensation of me scratching my head – what does come up is the memory and my reaction to it. So, here is a small – but relevant example of how separation works, where we’re busy in memory/reactions, instead of here with the physical in such a simple moment of scratching an itch.

So, the moment this happened as I was walking to the horses – another dimension to it is, I was not at all aware of my surroundings, reality ‘faded away’, the entire area I was walking in was ‘lost’ in a way and all my focus/attention had shifted to this memory and the reaction within and as it. Therefore, as I stood there – the itch still there, I first looked at the reaction to the memory – spoke a forgiveness statement, let the memory go within myself and the moment this happened – reality/where I was and the environment I was in was all ‘here’ as I was ‘all here’ in myself and my body and then I scratched my head, ensuring the right pressure, experiencing the sensation until the itch was gone – with no memory/reaction interference. Now, ‘imagine’ that we’re mostly just in the Mind – busy with thoughts/reactions/imaginations/memories – I mean, how much within this process are we in fact missing reality / the environment / the here and even our relationship to our own physical bodies within and as this accepted and allowed separation to/as the Mind. Because what it showed, in terms of this relationship I created is: when/as I reacted to the scene in the episode, because the emphasis was on the man’s head-region, what one’s Mind does the moment what you watch is imprinted into your consciousness – is relate the point directly to you. Relate meaning, it’s like in the mind – you in a quantum moment ‘imagine that happening to you / you being in that position’ and now a relationship is formed between my head and that memory. This is why, the very next day – when my head was itching, now in my Mind my head is in direct relationship to that memory – so, when my head was itching, the direct-memory popped-up. And there, from within my Mind – I created a separation from/of my own head, now there’s a memory in relationship to my head, instead of me actually being here, equal and one, within and as my own physical body. So, I mean – the memory still exists within me, as all memories do, however the CHANGE in relationship to the memory is that: it’s no more charged with an ENERGY / emotion/feeling – it’s no more located in a specific position in the body where it will automatically activate with an energy charge separating me from my body / a ‘here moment’ – who I am in relationship to the memory is that it is purely just a memory and now I can scratch my head, for example, and actually be HERE without the memory interfering anymore.

So, I would suggest – for those finding difficulty with ‘imaginations running wild’ because of shows/movies/series, for those who can relate to how memories can interfere in moments of physical interactions that separate you from you, the body and the environment: investigate Desteni, the Desteni I Process, the 7 Year Journey to Life Process as well as EQAFE – to understand this separation between the Mind-Consciousness and the Physical Body, the consequences of/as this separation and how to assist/support oneself to live in/as this REAL WORLD.

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