How did a Factual World become infected with Opinions? (Part 3): DAY 447

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How did a Factual World become infected with Opinions? (Part 3): DAY 447

Problem (continued)

Before we continue with the previous definition for “infected”, where we have established how we corrupt / affect the integrity as the wholeness/completeness of facts through Opinions; and in this process – diminish reality, the factual, physical world through opinions: we’re in this post going to walk-through the last definition of “infected” at the relationship between Opinions and Facts. From here, we will bring-through all three (3) definitions, have a look at practical examples to gain a holistic perspective of what we in fact do within and as this accepted and allowed behaviour of ‘infecting facts with opinions’.

The last definition of Infect as per (Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2013: s.v. “Infect”) within that we’re going to have a look at is:
“to imbue with some pernicious belief, opinion, etc.”

Here we have the definition of ‘infect’ as-is in relation to Opinions, and with having a look at the context we’re walking within the Mind when it comes to memories: this is what we do to our memories – we infuse our own memories with Opinions, where both the ‘good and bad’ Opinions have an outflow-consequence/nature of being pernicious/evil. Because, if we return to how we have looked at the word evil within previous posts in this blog (which is the reverse of LIVE): both ‘good and bad’ opinions are ‘evil’ within the context of how the Opinions will reverse, as in change/alter/misconstrue REALITY. One will then with ‘good and bad Opinions’ see reality through ‘good Opinions’ and/or ‘bad Opinions’ – veiling reality/facts within and as the starting point of Opinions. We do the same with beliefs, for example – if the starting point of our Minds is existent within the construct of beliefs, we will see through the eyes of beliefs; and with seeing through the eyes of beliefs, where our Minds can take us to the extent of creating beliefs within ourselves from/of the Opinions we hold: we with beliefs – whether good/bad - also imbue reality/facts, which so also stand within the nature of being ‘evil’ as reversing reality in the Mind to suit our own self-interest.

Now that we have walked through all three of the following definitions for “infect” within the context of how we infect reality with Opinions: let’s bring all three definitions together with what we opened up within them and have a look at answering the question of these blogs:
What one has to understand with regards to the Mind, is that it literally takes all constructs within and as it – such as beliefs, opinions, thoughts, imaginations, reactions and will always align it within itself in accordance to what will serve it best, meaning: what will produce the most energy (emotional/feeling reactions) and what will cement your Personalities/Self-Definitions within Consciousness the most. Therefore, this is what one will find one do with Opinions: it will always only serve one’s own Mind, Personalities and Experience and never stand within the reality/factual/physical principle of equality and oneness as what is best for all. So, in terms of the question “How did a factual world become infected by opinions” – here we’re having a look at this first dimension as to ‘what Opinions does for ME’ / ‘what do I get out of it’. This ME/I point is the epitome of self-interest – therefore, Opinions serve our self-interest, whereas reality/fact doesn’t serve anything/anyone: it is what it is and it tends to the whole / all. But, we humans have this innate drive within us, in and as our Minds to be special/the one/unique/precious – whereas, with standing within the physical, in equality and oneness as what is best for all: such self-interest cannot exist.

Therefore, one can for oneself do an experiment to see how Opinions, both good and bad, serve only the ME/I of the Mind/Consciousness – have a look at the thoughts/backchat (words/sentences) that comes up in the Mind in relation to other people, for example: when an Opinion comes up, which is any/all remarks/statements/views of another person (both good and bad) and note how, when/as the Opinion comes up – one get an “experience” out of it, an emotional/feeling movement within the body. And/or together with the Opinion, one will notice how one’s body/behaviour changes in a moment – where one’s facial expressions will subtly / obviously change. Such changes, energetically / behaviourally, indicate how one is in the process of ‘feeding one’s own Personalities in the mind’ based on the Opinion one have of another within one’s own Mind. To do this practical experiment, you have to slow yourself down in/as breath – because our Mind, or we in/as our Minds, tends to move so fast: we don’t realise the extent to which Opinions are in fact substantiated with an energetic (emotional/feeling) charge and the extent to which it influence/affect the physical body.
So therefore, one want to move one’s awareness more into the physical, through utilizing breath, to change one’s relationship from the mind into physical awareness – to become physically / ‘reality-aware’ of what the Mind, through the construct of Opinions, in fact does to the body. If one, for example, only feel a movement in the solar plexus – it means that the Opinion in the Mind simply fed an emotional/feeling charge. If one’s bodily gestures/mannerism/facial expressions changed, where there was a distinct physical expression that came together with the Opinion: it means that the Opinion fed a Personality System in the Mind. (This process of how constructs in the Mind feed emotional/feeling bodies and/or Personality Systems and how to distinguish between the two – we’ll continue more in posts to come).

So for this post, the practical application process – to become aware of Opinions and its relationship to Personalities and emotions/feelings, as well as the effects of this on the Physical Body: it’s to become aware of what changes happens within self and the body the moment an Opinion arise in/as the Mind.

We’ll continue more in posts to come

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