Life’s a Rollercoaster Ride, but how much do we in fact Pay for it?: DAY 451

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Life’s a Rollercoaster Ride, but how much do we in fact Pay for it?: DAY 451

In one of the recent Death Research Interviews that will be available on EQAFE – a Lady shares her Death Process / Experience of falling off a Rollercoaster Ride and her insights/realisations/perspectives regarding her life, the moment of Death and the direct-relationship of her life and death in relation to the Rollercoaster Ride.

Lol – she starts off with sharing that she’s not going to be showing the relationship between the Rollercoaster Ride and life’s ‘ups and downs and highs and lows’, which is an already-existent common analogy used. Instead, she goes in-depth into the relationship between the “Cost” of the Rollercoaster Ride within the principle of “as within, so without” – taking on the following dimensions:

1.       How does the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resistance – the mixed emotions/feelings of attraction and resistance that we experience in relation to Rollercoaster Rides – produce an energy-force within the Mind/Consciousness, what this Energy Force is and what is its consequence for the Mind, but more specifically for our physical bodies
2.       Why do Rollercoaster Rides not constitute as a “physical activity” with the commonsense that the body is in fact sitting strapped-into the rides, but that it in fact create a very nice Consciousness-Ride of Energy for the Mind in the Body – going into what the consequences are of this to the development/natural development of the physical body
3.       Why within the Global Consciousness of Humanity – are children encouraged with such rides / joy rides, how do these/such joyrides actually contribute to the evolution of Consciousness through the mind-energy experiences such rides generate and what are the consequences of this to the natural development of the physical body
4.       Why has real physical activity diminished for children within this world – where it’s now more ‘mental stimulation’ through TV/Technology/Joyrides than actual physical stimulation through the physical body, and how does such physical stimulation through the physical body within actual physical activities stimulate brain functioning / physical development, whereas the mental stimulation children are predominantly exposed to now – is in fact limiting / diminishing the brain-physical body functioning/development/evolution?

So, as with all the Death Research interviews, and others available on EQAFE – the realisations/understandings/perspectives is fascinating – going beyond what we in our Conscious-Mind believe the Mind to be, and so ourselves to be. Therefore, I suggest investing in this interview to see/realise/understand that there is in fact more going on within the Mind and this Physical Existence that we have simply blindly and ignorantly come to accept and allow without question – and how we can assist/support ourselves to align ourselves back into/as our source, our equality and oneness, our REAL Awareness: which is the Physical from which we have separated ourselves into/as the Mind/Consciousness.

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