How did a Factual World become infected with Opinions? (Part 4): DAY 448

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How did a Factual World become infected with Opinions? (Part 4): DAY 448

Problem (continued)

In this post, we’re going to take the Opinion-Fact relationship one step further, where we have now looked at the Opinion-Fact relationship in relation to Memories in our Minds – but, the question within this is: to what extent do we infect reality/fact with opinions/illusions? If we do it in our Minds in relation to Memories of things that happened, where we already in ‘real-time’ actively infect reality with Opinions and then additionally in our Minds when we revisit the memory/moment infect reality/facts with opinions: with this starting-point – how are we separating ourselves, who we are, our starting-point from the physical, from reality, from fact within this process to the extent where we substantiate opinions/illusions/the mind as Consciousness MORE with energy-matter and substantiate ourselves less and less and less from/of physical matter/reality/fact?

Let us revisit the three primary definitions we have been working with:
The definition of Infect as per (Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2013: s.v. “Infect”) within
“to taint or contaminate with something that affects quality, character, or condition unfavorably: to infect the air with poison gas.
to corrupt or affect morally: The news of the gold strike infected him with greed.
to imbue with some pernicious belief, opinion, etc.”

All three definitions are the same, yet different, in how they illustrate the consequence of “infect / infection” and can also be noted within how we walked each individual statement in the relationship between Opinions and Facts within the context of Memories in our Minds.
Now, another dimension we’re going to open-up, which we mentioned in the beginning of this process, is: how the Mind/Consciousness use Constructs, such as Opinions, to substantiate its own existence MORE than the physical existence. We’re going to show you how this works with walking the Opinion-Fact relationship and how the relationship between Personality-Systems and emotional/feeling bodies in the Mind/Consciousness  makes the Process of separating ourselves more into the Mind/Illusion from Reality/the Physical possible.

Within our Minds – we have ‘personality systems’, with each personality system consisting of its own defined emotional/feeling body (the process of Personality Systems and emotional/feeling bodies has been walked in previous posts – and can also be understood with following the Quantum Mind Self Awareness series available on EQAFE).  
So, most human beings, in the Mind, believe that “an opinion is just an opinion”, but do not realise (because of not being self-aware/aware of the Mind and not being equal-to and one-with the physical body) how: every time one have an Opinion – one is creating an energy-discharge into one’s Mind at the sacrifice of one’s self/beingness and the physical body and slowly but surely separate oneself more and more from here/reality into the mind/consciousness. Each construct in the mind does this – for every thought / opinion / imagination / reaction, for example: one is in that moment substantiating the Mind and for the mind to be substantiated – it has to ‘unsubstantiate’ the physical body/one’s beingness, as the mind resources its existence from the physical body. Many that have walked the previous post’s practical application process in self-honesty/physical awareness – would have noticed how one Opinion in the mind can alter/change your physical body expression, create energy-movements in the body and in that separate you more into an experience in the Mind than being physically aware of the real senses/experiences in/as this physical/factual reality.

The concern here is: how can an Opinion change/alter one’s state of being and physical body – without one’s directive principle / awareness? One is ‘conscious’ of the fact that an Opinion comes up in the Mind, which you can see and participate in and you’re conscious of the fact that it change/alters your state of being and physical body – YET, not AWARE of how an Opinion can permeate/infiltrate the mind and body and so ‘who one is’ in a moment to affect/influence one’s entire presence/self/experience. Here, to become aware of how Consciousness – as an interdimensional-physical system within and as us: controls us – controls our body, our emotions/feelings. Because, here, an Opinion comes up in the mind in a moment and then one can suddenly change how one feel, how one behave…and this is just using an example of an Opinion! Never mind the rest of the constructs/things that exist within our Minds, where we don’t see/realise/understand the seriousness of the situation of the fact that an OPINION can change who we are within OUR OWN MINDS…and self having no control over who one become/how one behave, because it all happens automatically.

The obvious question within this all is: why have we never questioned / realised the fact that when looking at memories in the Mind, for example, when interacting with people in real-time – and while looking/interacting with memories and people, the thoughts/backchat/opinions/imaginations that comes up: comes up only from our Mind, in which only we exist, where we cannot see through into the Mind of another human being. Exactly as self knows another human being cannot see through into your own Mind and how much of your own Mind is ‘secret / hidden’ and yet despite this: one still believe, somehow, that one can form an opinion about another…but, based on what evidence??? None!!! Because one cannot in fact see beyond the physical into/as their real intentions in moments. Then, with what one does to memories – why have we never questioned/realised the fact that it is only self that is looking at the memory – no other participant in the memory can ‘speak for themselves’, so therefore – how can anything one come up with in relation to others hold any credence to them? This only happens when one is an Opinion, looking through the eyes of Opinion in complete separation from Reality/Fact with taking all things/the whole into account. So, who/what is in fact the “infection”? We are in/as our existence as Opinions in the Mind in complete separation from Reality/Fact, where we think/believe we’re in the process of having Opinions of others…while all the while, ‘behind the scenes’ we’re creating the MOST CONSEQUENCE for ourselves! Because the more we create Opinions, the more we warp reality in our Minds and the more we do that – the more we separate ourselves from ourselves, the physical and life that is HERE in the physical/factual world.

Obviously, because of the extent to which we have become the Mind, the extent to which the Mind has become Physical – the only way to walk process is construct by construct point, point by point, and within this breath by breath where we have to start changing this equation from substantiating Consciousness to re-substantiating the Physical/Fact – moving ourselves from an Opinionated Stance to a Factual Starting-Point… and this we’re going to have a look at in the next post with continuing exploring ‘Mind Matter’ and ‘Physical Matter’ and who/what the ‘cure’ is for the Infection of Reality/the Physical/Fact from/of Illusion/Consciousness/Opinions.

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