One Memory + One Moment + Losing Touch with Reality = Recipe for Disaster: DAY 449

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One Memory + One Moment + Losing Touch with Reality = Recipe for Disaster: DAY 449

A while back I was watching an episode of the series “Supernatural” and this man was sitting on a chair, two guys approaching him. The man on the chair was sitting as though he was sleeping, with his head slightly bowed down. One of the two guys approaching the man on the chair then takes off a hat he was wearing, and as they pulled off the hat – half his brain was exposed with worms oozing out of it. Lol – so, that scene was quite unexpected / ‘out of the ordinary’ of what one would see in reality / everyday life. So, I grimaced at the prospect of actually, in reality, seeing something like that. Then, the next day – I was walking in the fields, on the way to horses and I had an itch on my scalp and as I was about to scratch it – there pops-up the Memory of this particular scene. Immediately in that moment I stopped – having a look at what had just happened, because many of us would think something like that to be “normal / okay / ordinary” – but, there is in fact more going on within/behind it all than one would realise and this is what I am going to discuss in this interview.

Firstly, I looked at the moment I saw the scene – the reaction I had within myself, and this is something that series/movies/shows often ‘play on’ within the Minds of human beings: it is ‘geared’ to make us react/respond energetically within emotions/feelings – this primarily done through taking the series/movies/shows as far from reality/the real world as possible; which would produce emotional/feeling responses/reactions, because it is not aligned with reality/the real world in fact or rather, not aligned with the reality/real world that most of us are exposed to in our lives. Therefore, with scenes / storylines ‘losing touch with reality’ – our Minds do not have the ‘tools’ with how to equate a commonsensical relationship to what one see in series/movies, and so therefore – we react, energetically, with emotions/feelings. Eventually the Mind will attempt/try to equate a relationship to it all through using Imagination – it’s interesting how extensively we take what is watched in movies/series/shows into/as our Imagination and let our Imaginations ‘run wild’. Series/shows/movies etc. – when watched within the starting point of emotional/feeling reactions: are like a feeding-ground for one’s Imagination, that then feeds into one’s Personalities, into one’s emotional/feeling bodies of Personalities, and then from there back into reality; how we then superimpose imaginations onto actual reality and so lose touch with the real world – so, it’s like a whole interconnected system that is created for one purpose only: Keeping you as far away from reality as possible, while stimulating the senses of the Mind/Consciousness and so we ‘lose touch’ with how reality in fact Operate / Function.
(Here, I would suggest taking a listen to an interview I did regarding watching series/movies/shows – because the Solution is obviously not to ‘stay away from it’ – because you’re then not dealing with the existent problem-point within/as you – the program will always remain then within the mind, only de-activated. So, the solution with how to approach / change your relationship to watching things from reaction to commonsense critical reasoning – can be found in the interview listed in the description box below).

This is also why one would have resistance to watching more realistic / educational shows such as documentaries for example, why in the global consciousness circuit a more definitive relationship is created to things that are more taken far from reality: it shows how far taken our own Minds/Imaginations are from reality and how we’re more conditioned to watching things that makes us FEEL something – than watching things that would actually align us to contributing to life/living on earth for all, such as documentaries with understanding how the world/humanity in fact function/exist – because within documentaries for example, because it is more in line with reality – one will not have as extensive emotional/feeling reactions AND/OR the mind will even manage to take documentaries into/as the Imagination, where you allow your imagination to run wild with what you learn/see instead of looking at it practically / realistically – geared to finding solutions, rather than react.

We’ll continue more in the next interview

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