The Practicality of Balance: DAY 270

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The Practicality of Balance: DAY 270

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

In this Post, we’re going to continue exploring the Analogy walked in relation to the Plant growing from a Seed. How self’s Awareness, at this stage, is still a Seed – and a Seed that’s becoming smaller and smaller and smaller as the Generations of Man continue devolving into/as the Mind/Consciousness, with a smaller and smaller and smaller ‘window of opportunity’ of Transcendence/Realisation/Rebirthing of/as Life from the Physical – as is also Evidenced with regards to the current emergence of children / young adults and their sense of Responsibility, Respect and Integrity for themselves / all other Life Forms deteriorating rapidly.

We left off in the previous post with having a look at the Plant growing/expanding/developing – inwards into the Soil, rooting itself, and then outwards through the Soil into/as the Existential Environment – where, even though that Plant is positioned in/as that one Point, that One Location: it exposed itself to the Earth below and the Universe Above – being part of EVERYTHING.
So, the question within this then – why have us Human Beings, not Birthed/Emerged ourselves into and as such an Equality and Oneness with and as this Physical Existence? Where we’ve become so ‘Weak’ in/as our Awareness/Beingness – that with an instance of resistance, discomfort when facing Change/Transcendence/Transformation, when for example walking process from the Mind/Consciousness into/as Physical Equality and Oneness; we’d immediately give-up/give in/fall? How could we have, in any way, defined anything that do not stand in equality and oneness with/as Life as the Physical/this Physical Existence to be ‘evolution’ / ‘advancement’ / ‘growth’ / ‘development’ of Human Nature/Civilization? I mean, if one have a look – most, if not everything, within the History of Human Civilization termed ‘evolution’ / ‘advancement’ / ‘growth’ / ‘development’ had any direct connotation, responsibility to/as standing with and as Life HERE within the principle of/as what’s best for all as in fact ‘Giving/Gifting Life’, on the contrary – it ALL contributed to the annihilation, destruction, extinction of nature, animals, humans, the environment; at the SACRIFICE of the Physical. And this goes also for the Spiritualists, because – None of them are taking Responsibility for HERE, but only ‘advancing/growing/evolving/expanding’ into and as their own Mind’s alternate realities, very Separate from the Here of/as this Physical Existence.

So, essentially what’s Happening is that: our Awareness is this Seed – and, instead of us as our Awareness of what goes on in the Mind, and within this Physical Existence – expanding, growing and evolving/developing so as to take Responsibility for and CHANGE ourselves within and without into and as an equal and one co-existence as what the Physical exemplify: we’re actually in fact Rotting. And in the Rotting-Process – going one step further within and as the Nature of Consciousness/Energy as the Mind, and extracting as ‘sucking the life out of the Soil as the Physical Body and the environment as this Physical Existence’ for/as the “evolution, development, expansion and growth” of CONSCIOUSNESS as Energy within, and the World System as Money Without at the Sacrifice of/as “Life” as the Physical-Body, and this Physical Existence.
So, this is why and how it is that we as Human Beings, as ‘Human Nature’ – do not stand equal-to and one-with the Nature of/as the Physical as ‘Physical Nature’ but the Nature of the Machine, the System as Consciousness that only Survive at the Sacrifice of Life-itself / that which represents Life.

In the previous post, we mentioned that we’ll be having a look at our relationship to this Physical Existence, Earth as the PLANet / HEART (Earth – placing the H in front of the E = Heart) and the blueprint for/as the Process of the Birthing of Life from the Physical as-ourselves we have missed because of our separation from/of it into and as the Mind/Consciousness; and the consequences we have created in/as the Physical because of it.
Even within PLANt – one have the PLAN, within PLANet we have the PLAN – so, what is this relationship between PLANet and PLANt – with Plant, essentially representing Nature as that which is Birthed / that which Emerge from a Seed? Even the Earth itself from an Existential Perspective – looks like a Seed in-itself; a Seed which, as-ourselves – is in the Process of Rotting, Imploding into/onto itself as we do in/as our Mind-Physical Relationship within and throughout our lives – we literally mentally and physically rot-away; no one seeing/realising or wanting to Hear that it’s in fact this Mind-Physical relationship, the Separation we’re accepting and allowing and existing-as within ourselves, to our own physical bodies, our own selves as the Mind and then into/as this entire Physical Existence and Humanity as a Whole.
So, the Movement from Earth to Heart is that of the H – the H which represents the HERE, the Stand, the I and I as Equal and so as One, with the I and I – the Self and the Physical in equal and one Living Expression/Standing. So, for the Earth – to become the Beating Heart of Life Force, the Force of equality and oneness, for Life to be Born from the Physical; is for the Human Being to establish this relationship of equality and oneness with the Physical, first walking/establishing one’s SELF-relationship, which is done through walking through the Mind/Consciousness and then simultaneously the equal and one relationship with the Physical, Walking as Breath-Awareness and being/becoming the Living Word, a Living Example of Self Equality and Oneness; where the Mind/Consciousness stops being the auto-pilot in Control/Directive Principle of ‘who/how/what’ Self is in every moment of Breath that only exist for its own interest, greed as Survival at the sacrifice of the Physical as it resource physicality/substance within and transform it to Mind-Energy, which is why we accept/allow the World System without change as it externally represent what we internally do – resourcing from/through Sacrificing the Physical, animals, nature, humans, the environment to transform into Money.
(For further perspective regarding the Process walked into and as Physical Equality and Oneness through first Establishing Self Equality and Oneness in/as the Process of Walking from the Mind into and as the Physical – investigate the Desteni I Process PRO.)

Thus, instead of Human Nature – being equal-to and one-with Physical Nature, as a Seed growing, developing, expanding, evolving inwards and upwards into/as full expression, part of the Earth below and the Universe above; existing in equality and oneness with the Physical: we’ve become Possessed by/through Consciousness as a seed that start as a Child, but then emerge as the Mind – and instead become a parasite; and as the Seed’s Potential, start deteriorating as we resource the soil below/resource the Physical to sustain our Minds – never rooting, never growing; as we’ve Never in fact yet emerged/birthed ourselves as the Seeds/Potential that we are. We’ve throughout the generations of Humanity always had the Opportunity, as we reincarnate over and over and over again – but, in the past, with the Heaven-Earth relationship of enslavement and control as can be heard in the Journey’s into the Afterlife Series and the Soul of Money Interview Series; Heaven was the Parasite of Earth, as the Mind is to the Physical Body as the World System is to the Physical Existence – only ever sucking Life out of everything/everyone…Never Gifting/Giving Life in fact.
So, we have the PLAN within the PLANt and the PLANet as the Blueprint of/as the Process to be walked – of/as Birthing Self, as REAL equal and one development, expansion, growth and evolution within the starting point of Gifting/Giving Life; so – how do we then walk this Process, of Gifting/Giving Life? Where do we Start? How do we Start? As the Process of Changing ourselves from/of the Mind/Consciousness parasite, to an Equal and One Physical Natured Living Being? Becoming the Heart of the Earth as a Living Example that sets the Pulse of the Life Force in motion for this Earth, this Physical Existence to in fact ‘come Alive’…

We’ll continue with this in the Next Post with having a look at the Practicality of Balance as a stepping stone to the Process of developing, growing, expanding and evolving within and as the Seed of/as Self Awareness into and as Physical Equality and Oneness.

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