The Circus Act of CharACTers: DAY 273

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The Circus Act of CharACTers: DAY 273

Balance - continued

Enhancing CHANGE – continued

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

With the Relationship to Balance that we have Walked thus far, it is to be seen, realised and understood that Balance is but a ‘Stepping Stone’ within one’s Process to Self-Equality and Oneness within and as the Process of Walking Self-Change and Enhancing Self-Change, through walking and changing the Depths of one’s Mind-Physical relationship and Walking the Living Change in/as one’s Visible Participation in/as Physical Reality. Because, ‘balancing’ again – is equal-to and one-with standing on a Ball and Balancing oneself; getting one’s Awareness ‘centred and directive’ as Self Stand within/on that Ball – absolutely still, stable, immovable, untouchable, unwavering – the Absolute Self-Certainty of: I Stand. This process of ‘Mastering Balance’ as the process of Walking Change and Simultaneously Enhancing Change – is but a Stepping Stone that one eventually also have to Transcend, to be able to Become Equilibrium in/as the Physical, where one’s within and without is equal and one, here. Now, what does this mean – practically?

At the moment, the Mind/Consciousness – by our acceptance and allowance – is motioning us on that ball from left, to right, diagonally, ALL sorts of directions, exhausting us with/as the effort of ‘Balancing the Polarities of the Positive, Negative and Neutral’. And in this process – we never Live, never Materialize, never Manifest; as our Awareness becomes a ‘Circus Act’ within the Circuitry of the Mind/Consciousness; while we’re doing our Act within our CharACTers as Personalities that the Mind/Consciousness use to balance out the equations of its energies within the Negative, Neutral and Positive – the Mind/Consciousness at the same time Provide ‘entertainment’ within our Minds with which it preoccupies us/distract us, essentially doing Anything and Everything possible for Self to not Stand, to not Realise the Physical. As the Tent as the Energy of/as the Mind/Consciousness completely separate Self from seeing anything/anyone else beyond the entertainment that the Mind provide within the Circus Tent of/as itself; and everything that goes on / exist within the Circus Tent of the Mind is self’s Own Creations – own Memories of the past Animated to entertain/preoccupy self with and as the Energies of the Negative, Neutral and Positive. Kept busy in the Business of the Mind, while you Provide your Circus Act with all your CharACTers to make you ‘feel special and important’ being in the limelight of your OWN Mind and the crowd cheering, or booing in response to all your Acts – as all the Other people in your world/reality that you accept/allow to enter into your Mind, in fact being an ILLUSION; all and everything in fact an Illusion, Made Real by your Participation, Living, Acceptance and Allowance…kept Secluded in/as the Mind, and separate from the Physical and from Reality.

So, now the Process is to Realise: you’re a Circus Act in your own Circus as the Mind set up in/as interdimensional-physical Circuitry, with the crowds responses to your Act(s) as CharACTers that you become/live-out in your own Mind, such as ‘wondering/fearing what others may/might think of you’ / ‘wondering/desiring if others like/prefer you’ / ‘wondering/thinking whether this charACTer or that charACTer pleases this crowd/person or that crowd/person’ as the Crowds in the Circus Tent of the Mind either booing / cheering / clapping to/towards the charACTers you portray. All the while – everything happening in your own MIND; and the business part of it all is: as you’re playing the ‘Primary Act’ in/as the Circus of the Mind; together with all the other entertainment the Mind Provides – what is going on within/behind it all that Self is not seeing/realising/understanding that is keeping this Mind Circus and Tent ‘alive’ that separate self from/of Self/the Physical – is how the ENERGY to keep this Mind-Physical Illusion going, is being resourced from/of one’s Beingness/Awareness and so also one’s Physical Body; essentially everything that is going on beyond that Tent of the Mind’s Existence that self is Ignorant of, and not only in one’s own Physical Body, but also what is really going on within this Physical Existence – that self would not even make the effort of investigating/understanding, because the MIND is SO ENTERTAINING; as we’re kept busy on the Ball of/as the Mind in/between the Polarities of the Positive, Negative and Neutral – always looking for Balance, for Equilibrium…Never considering becoming and Living Balance into and as Equilibrium As-Ourselves.

So, it’s Interesting with researching most Circuses and even still today – as the Entertainment is Provided in the forefront, while in the Background…Evil dwells, with the extent of exploitation of human beings, the deliberate abuse imposed/enforced onto the Animals, to provide…AN ILLUSION of entertainment, of fun, of happiness; where human beings are evoked with ‘Positive Experiences’ in their Minds, at the sacrifice of human beings and animals’ lives and livelihoods; all the name of MONEY. The exchange-principle we’ve accepted and allowed – “you give me ENERGY”, “I give you MONEY” – and as self produce that Energy in the Mind as Positive Energy Experiences, it is Resourced from one’s Physical Body, and as one give the Entertainment Money, it is resourced as the sacrifice/expense of the Lives of Living Beings – both human and animal; but for most part, the Animals. The Entertainment being an ‘Illusion’ as it originate from the Evil of the abuse enforced upon the Animals, for example, and the Energy/Positive Energy an ‘Illusion’ as it originate from the Evil, the reversing of Live as the Physical as Energy is resourced from physicality/substance to be able to exist/survive.
So, this whole Circus and its Tent within and as the Mind exist within and as the exact-same Principles, the Entertainment the Mind provide in the Forefront as the Conscious, Subconscious Mind and the actual Evil that exist within/behind/beyond that within the Unconscious, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical as the extent of Consequence the Mind’s existence enforce onto/towards the Physical Body.

Now, the problem within this all is that – as Children, we ‘believe’ that a Circus is ‘normal’ that the energies we experience within our Minds is ‘good’ at the behest of the actual processes that goes on BEHIND the entertainment provided by Circus Acts with the relationship of human beings to Animals, and so we never Question what REALLY goes on for the Animal, communicating with the Animal, actually having an Equal and One relationship with the Animal; as one can also Hear from the Animal Kingdom themselves through the Portal in the Animal Life Reviews that are done: Animals are in fact Living Beings that are MORE Aware than the Human.
And so, in our relationship to the Mind – the problem is the fact that Human Beings believe that the Entertainment the Mind Provide is REAL, and so also our ‘Balancing Act’ experiences within/between the Energies of the Negative, Neutral and Positive – so ‘Real’ that we’ve BECOME it AS-ourselves; and so will be a Process to Transcend ourselves as the Mind/Consciousness, release ourselves from the Tent and actually Face Reality Beyond the Existence of the Mind/Consciousness. And that we’re essentially still ‘children’ in our relationship to the Mind with believing it to be ‘Real’ and not questioning/investigating what’s in fact going on within/behind it All; which self can Start Educating oneself with, with Investigating the Quantum Mind and Quantum Systemization Interview Series available on EQAFE.

We’ll continue in the Next Post – with having a look at, what is the Process then from/as Balance to Equilibrium and how to Transcend the Illusion as Self as what Self has become as the Mind/Consciousness, into and as Equal and One Physical Living.

For further reference in this Thread in the Desteni-Forums where we Clarify the Word ‘Illusion’ within the context that it’s used:
“…a point to consider here that we have noticed do come up often is the statement “my Mind isn’t real” / “my Thoughts aren’t real” / “my desires aren’t mine”, however to consider here is what exactly we mean with when we say: The Mind is Illusion / Thoughts are not Real is the following:

Firstly, it’s to understand, that: whatever comes up within self / within and as the Mind: is Self, and so is / will be self’s responsibility to sort out. It must be understood that it is REALLY in fact only you, and you alone within that Physical Body, from the perspective of a Being that is responsible for what goes on in and as the Mind as what we’ve become. Yes, there’s MORE beings in terms of the Physical-itself that exist within and as the Physical, however, self is separate from the Physical as the MIND and so from this perspective: self is alone within and as the Mind of self in separation from the Physical Body, and so self’s responsibility to stand, be/become equal-to and one with the Physical as Here as REALITY.

Within this, self is not going to transcend separation / the Mind by simply “saying” that the Mind is illusion / “desires aren’t my own/mine” or “thoughts are illusion”, I mean if it were so easy as an “instant realisation” that human beings could just speak and realise: then, we’d have a change world/humanity with human beings being equal-to and one-with the Physical and living within the equal and one principles of Physicality.

So, within this, what we mean with when we say, for example “Thoughts are illusion” is to understand this in the context of Thought’s RELATIONSHIP to the Physical Body and this Physical Existence. That when we say “Thoughts are illusion”, it doesn’t mean it is illusion from the perspective of “one can just close one’s eyes and “see them gone” and then they’ll just disappear”, it means that: Thoughts are creations of ENERGY a substance that is generated on a Quantum Physical and Quantum Mind level in the Physical Body, through essentially consuming REALITY to create ILLUSION, as the energy generate friction/conflict in the very physical, actually ‘break down’ physicality/substance and transform it into Energy – the detail of this we have walked in the Heaven’s Journey to Life Blogs. So, in this – one can look at the energy, sound and physical Symbolism within the word ILLUSION as follows:
ILL USE I O N - So, in looking at the N – representing a relationship, O – representing a cycling/looping, I – representing self. Thus, ILLUSION is the ILL USE of the relationship (N) between SELF and the Physical as the I as self has been cycling/looping O in and as the infinity system of Energy/Consciousness at the consequence/expense/sacrifice of/as the physical body.
Thus, to Align self from ILLUSION as the Ill Use of self’s relationship to the Physical body, because Self has been existing as the I of/as the Mind as Consciousness that has been Cycling/Looping (O) in/as the Infinity Relationship (N) between self as ENERGY/MIND and the Physical Body, where ENERGY is dependent on the sacrifice of the Physical to exist. To from here – REALIGN self’s relationship as SELF WITH THE PHYSICAL a DIRECT equal and one relationship to in fact BE the physical HERE.

To walk this Process from ILLUSION to REALITY, to/as what is REAL HERE, you first have to understand the DETAIL of how you accepted and allowed yourself to separate your SELF into and as the I as the mInd as Consciousness as Energy’s relationship to the Physical Body. Thus, why – it’s not going to be as easy as making simple statements/having moments of realisation regarding one’s relationship to the Mind, you in fact have to UNDERSTAND you as the Mind as what you are, to be able to CHANGE it.

So, from this perspective, we as the MIND are the ILLUSION, in how we created our SELF in relationship to the Physical as Reality, as what is Real here. And the Mind is Illusion from another perspective, in that – it CANNOT EXIST without the Physical, it is an reality/alternate reality that is dependent on the Physical to exist/survive, whereas this Physical existence can continue by-itself whether humans as their Minds in the Physical exist in this existence or not. Plus, it is Illusion from the perspective that, when/as you cross-over, all your personalities, thought processes etc. cease to exist and there’s one point, maybe more of self’s original beingness that is ‘left’ when you die, because ALL that you were as the MIND as ENERGY was dependent on the Physical Body existing to generate the energy for the personalities/thoughts to exist.

So, to understand thus here, when we say “thoughts are Illusion” / “the mind is the Illusion” – is not saying “It’s not real at all” – we have made it REAL as ourselves as what we’ve become as the Mind in the Physical, we have “made the Mind as Illusion flesh” in how the Mind permeate/infiltrate and throughout our lives essentially consume the Physical. Thus, in this – our relationship at the Moment is as Illusion in the Physical, and so thus the process of Rebirthing as Life, we’re really in fact walking from and as an ILLUSION into and as REALITY as the rebirthing of ourselves in/as the Living Flesh.

So, take this into consideration in/as your processes, especially with walking through Characters/Personalities, I would really suggest having a look at how we’re walking/guiding you through walking Characters/Personalities in the Heaven’s Journey to Life Blog, in this it illustrate the Process of walking from Personality/Character as Energy as an illusionary version of self as an ill use relationship of SELF to the Physical, and re-align one’s SELF to/as the LIVING WORD as the Living Flesh in making self’s life/living REAL, HERE – which is/will be a process.”

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