LIFE Regulation: DAY 283

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LIFE Regulation: Day 283

What may have emerged in one’s Mind at first upon reading the Heading LIFE Regulation is: “What is LIFE Regulation?” or “What? LIFE Regulation?” Now, such questions emerging in one’s Mind would mean one of two things:
LIFE Regulation do not yet exist or
LIFE Regulation does exist, but one had not ever Heard about it/Known of it before.

What I will show first, is that: LIFE Regulation does exist, However – it exist in a Way that has become so automated, accepted and allowed that it’s not even Noticed…and its Consequences/extent of Consequence to the Lives of All Living Beings in/as this Physical Existence is not Seen/Realised/Understood. And, at the same time – that LIFE Regulation doesn’t yet Exist: But here we’ll have to look at the Definition of LIFE first.

Now, how can something exist – yet, at the same time Not yet Exist with having a look at one Word: LIFE and the Regulation thereof?

When we look at the Words ‘Life on Earth’ – we immediately look at the Systems that govern Humanity, primarily Education, Healthcare, Government, Money Systems, Consumerism, Resource Distribution etc. and how this determine, essentially, more Survival than a ‘Life worth Living’ for most of Humanity. Now, what’s come to ‘regulate Humanity/Survival’ AS these Systems…is Primarily MONEY.
So, what is LIFE Regulation within this current existence: MONEY – Regulating Survival. However, here we also then have to look at the meaning/definition of “Regulation” in this ‘Life’ of/as Survival as Systems’ relationship to Humanity – with this Regulation’s starting-point being done within/by the Scale of Morality and the polarities of “what’s Good” and “what’s Bad”.  

In and from this post, we’re going to walk a Self Forgiveness / Self Commitment Process regarding LIFE Regulation, what it now exist as, as Survival Management through the Weighing Scale of Morality within the Polarities of Good and Bad – and Real LIFE Regulation within and as the Stand As Self within and as the Principle of/as What’s Best for All, in equality and oneness Here.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how Life Regulation – is/has become Survival Management, through and as Systems that utilize the Morality Weighing Scale of the Polarities of/as “what’s Good” and “what’s Bad”; with the very Weighing Scale itself – existent/founded within/as Money. So, essentially – one can look at this as follows: Seeing Money as the Morality Weighing Scale that will accordingly determine the Polarities of “what’s Good and what’s Bad” and the Human, individual Human, existing with such a Morality Scale in their Minds/Consciousness that will accordingly be referenced to control/manage their Lives for/as Survival in their relationship to Money and the Polarities of “Good and Bad”.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that, ‘Morality’ – the Decision between “what’s Good” and “what’s Bad”, is in fact a Weighing Scale that had come into existence as an consequence-outflow of Survival, directly related to/linked to Money. Where, everyone / most at a young age Strive for “what’s Good” within themselves/their lives – however, what is not seen/realised/understood is that: for one to have a “Good Life” and so a “Good Mind” – Money is needed. But, then also, interestingly enough – having Money, does not necessarily mean one’s Mind becomes “Good”, even though one’s Physical Life may be “Good”, as has been evidenced with regards to those with Substantial amounts of Money do not always have Good/Benevolent Intentions. And within this, occasionally, to have to make Money – one have to deceive, lie, manipulate – which is “What’s Bad”, to get/have “What’s Good” as a “Good Life” with MONEY. So, this entire Morality System of “what’s Good” and “what’s Bad” is questionable, if the very Systems that manage life/survival for most part doesn’t allow oneself to in fact be able to Make Money in a way that is Good/Benevolent – for most part, the Weighing Scale of Morality in a sense Balance itself out eventually with the extent of “Bad” one have to do to within self get/accumulate/substantiate the “Good” in the without.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that, it’s interesting with having a look at the Morality Scale of/as Money within the polarities of “what’s Good” and “what’s Bad” from the perspective of ‘weighing substance’, in the sense of: the extent/amount of substance as “bad” one do within oneself/relationships to accumulate the extent/amount of substance as “good” in/as the form of material possessions.  Having a look here, from the perspective of questioning: but, how can we in any way be of a “Good Mind/Life” internally, when externally – we’re accepting/allowing/participating in all that is “bad” when it comes to how this World System exist in/as the sacrifice of human lives, earth, nature, the animal kingdom? It’s with having a look at this “Morality Scale” in the sense of how “what’s Good” and “what’s Bad” had been justified by/through Individual Human Beings when it comes to Survival and would accordingly alter/change/misconstrue the definitions of “Good and Bad” when it comes to Money/Survival.
For example: we say that those that Steal because they’re starving are “Bad”, but for them – on the scale of Morality in their relationship to Survival/Money, they have to do a “Bad thing”, to materialize something “Good” as surviving in this World. Yet, those that define such human beings, wouldn’t have a look at themselves doing EXACTLY the same: “Stealing LIVELIHOOD from other human beings, with having the access to Money that they do have, to have the “Good Life” that they experience in this World/Reality”. The only differences between those that Steal and the Elite, is: those that Steal actually do it themselves – the Elite, have Money/Systems/Other people do it FOR them.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how Human Consciousness is/as been controlled by/through the Morality Weighing Scale as determined by Money/Survival within/between the Polarities of “what’s Good” and “what’s Bad” in the sense of: the One part of the Scale as the “Bad” is REALLY Weighing down – as is evidenced with regards to the Evil this physical existence has become, with the decline/deterioration of human nature, and this World System’s relationship to humanity/this Physical Existence; so each child is essentially Imprinted with this Morality Scale of Money/Survival with the “Bad” part/polarity of the scale already weighing down extensively with the kind of world they’re being introduced into that exist today. And so, for the rest of their lives – they try and in their Minds, Balance this Weighing Scale within/between the “Good” and the “Bad”; trying to be/become something “Good” in/as this already-existent “badness” that become their Minds and their Lives. However, the question even within this is: does “Good” really in fact exist? Or, as we in this Morality Scale of “Good and Bad” – actually only ALWAYS accumulating the Bad polarity – because this is what is becoming with Life on Earth/Human Nature worsening; so – what is the “Good” then? Why is there not IN THIS PHYSICAL EXISTENCE, EVER a Balance of “Good / Bad” – when, especially having a look at humanity’s relationship to Money/Survival? The Scale is really shifting more to the “Bad” with more people not having access to Money/Resources with only a select few that have the “Good life”? I mean, there is certainly in human’s MINDS the belief that they are “Good”…but where is the evidence of that in how life is lived with considering/regarding All, equally as one? So, really – this then comes to the point of “What is GOOD”, EXACTLY? Where is this “Good” going, cause it’s definitely not manifesting in this Physical Existence?

We’ll continue in the Next Post

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