New Year’s Resolution / New HERE Solution: DAY 265

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New Year’s Resolution / New HERE Solution: DAY 265

New Year / New HERE - continued

Redefining SOLUTION - continued

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

In this post, we’re having a look at Redefining New Year as Living New HERE and expounding on, within this, what it means to stand as the Living Solution/Answer to/as “The Problem(s)” as the Mind within and the World System/Money System without.

Defining New HERE:
So, first we have to look at what HERE in fact practically, physically mean and in this – we get to the relationship of TIME, as the process of existing and being controlled/defined by the Mind’s Time as our Energy-Relationships from/of Personalities/Reactions to/as the Past, Present and Future of Consciousness in/as the ‘creative force’ of Consciousness with our stand as the Present, recreating the Future from the Past/Memories of/as the Unconscious, Quantum Mind/Quantum Physical.

So, in this – even in our Relationship to our own Minds; we don’t exist within Answers/Solutions to bring forth actual Self-Change to/as our Nature/Living – as can be seen in our Practical Living in the Physical, accepting and allowing this World System/Money System as ‘life on earth’ to continue existing as-is while ‘scraping together’ remnants of a ‘life’ from what is leftover of the physical existence after it had been milled through/by the World System/Money System.
So, to first and foremost be/become the change you want to see in the world, one first have to be/become the Change, and to be/become the Change as Self, is Living the Solution/Answer. To Live the Solution/Answer – one have to establish Solutions/Answers to/as one’s consequential relationship with the Mind/Consciousness and the extent to which it in fact determine/control/define who one is and how/what one live. With seeing, realising and understanding that the Positive is a REACTION to the Negative and so Not in fact an Answer/Solution to the Negative as a Change of/as the Negative as it exist within the Mind that we experience/react to. And so, with this – one can have a look at the processes walked by Individuals in their Blogs within the 7 Year Journey to Life Process; as the Process/Structure walked with Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application as SELF being/becoming the Living Solution/Answer as CHANGE to/as one’s relationship within and as the Mind. Which brings Change as Self into and as Practical Living, and not Polarity Energy-Reactions as the Positive’s relationship to the Negative, that still only keep one into/as the Mind and separate from one’s own Physical Body and Physical Living in/as this Real Physical Existence.

With this, continuing with New HERE:
Now HERE is the HERE of Reality, the Physical – the Direct HERE that one See with one’s Human Physical Eyes, as the actual, REAL, Visible Physical Living of Humanity within and as this Physical Existence. So, as one can see with Seeing-Direct with and as one’s Human Physical Eyes – no Mind, no Spiritualizing, no Religion; really Directly Seeing the Physical state of things ONLY…we’ve got a Problem with regards to what the HERE, the Direct-View of/as the real-time Physical Interaction of/as our day-to-day Living within/as Humanity.
As we have also explained the “Here” within previous posts, as for example standing on the outside of existence taking an in-breath, and before the out-breath that MOMENT in-between one see the HERE of/as existence. And so it is also within one’s Mind-Physical Relationship, that In-Between moment of the In-Breath and the Out-Breath – one See the Moment, the Here of/as ‘who one is’ in/as one’s Mind-Physical Existence. Whereas, with not walking the “Breath Walk” in/as Self-Awareness – all we do is constantly, continuously being preoccupied in Thought-Patterns, reactions that generate Imaginations/Fantasies, as the Past that arise in the “present” as the “presence” of our attention; that from there simply recreate our own Mind into/as the Future that so determine ‘who/how/what’ we are/Live.
And this is one of the practical application Tools within the Desteni-Process – Breathing with/as Self-Awareness, and in the in-between Moment as the HERE-moment, assessing/taking the Moment to see/determine ‘who I am’ – practising being/becoming Self-Directive in that Moment/as that Moment, in no more accepting/allowing the Time-Machine enslavement of Consciousness of creating the future from the past in the present, but re-establishing one’s Stand in/as Self-Awareness to utilize the window of opportunity in/as such moments to in Fact Change as the Answer/Solution to one’s “past relationship” within and as the Mind.

Because, the commonsense question should have been: Why do we keep physically manifesting CONSEQUENCE in this physical existence, with nothing/no-one in our relationships between each other and this physical existence actually manifesting into/as Answers/Solutions as Visible, Substantial, Sustainable Change? This can be seen within/as one’s internal relationship to/as the Mind/Consciousness – we in/as the Time-Machine of consciousness as the present, creating the future from the past, only REPEATING the past over and over and over again – and with us not understanding and so LEARNING from and Changing our own History/Past: we just do/accept/allow the “same shit, different day/year” scenario in/as our own Mind and so within/as this Physical Existence.
So, with repeating the same past, the same mistakes – manifest Consequence, and then adding multi-dimensions to that repetition through REACTING to the past/mistakes evolve Consequence and so why/how actual Solutions/Answers as Change have not come to fruition/manifestation; because we haven’t become it within/as ourselves.

So many human beings make “New Year’s Resolutions” – “I’m going to change this/that” / “On THIS Day/Time – I’m going to make the change”…and why do many, oh so many, not See any “New Year’s Resolutions” through – besides the fact that most/none of it is in fact in Direct-Relation to/as any Self-Change or contribution of Change as Solutions/Answers to/as our Responsibility within and as the Mind and the World System/Money System; is that: one in/as defining “Change” to/as a particular Time/Day/Year – already in one’s Mind’s Imagination “Imagine” the Change, already process it into and as one’s Consciousness, Projecting it into and as the Future and so, on a Quantum Mind/Quantum Physical – you’ve “already done it”. All the Energy/Awareness/Participation is channelled into the Mind’s Imagination, and by the Time one get to the Time/Day/Year to actually Physically Walk it – all the ENERGY as “Motivation” is GONE and then one simply Fall back into and as the Past of the Mind, recreating the Future in the Present…No Change. So, what happens here is that: One created separation from oneself As the Change – defining/connecting it to a Time/Day/Year; instead of making the Decision for Self AS Self in One Moment, in One Breath and then Walking it IMMEDIATELY in the Moment and from that Moment in/as Every Breath and not looking back, walking through the resistances of Change and Seeing the Change through As Self in/as Practical Dedicated, Disciplined Living. And then, with already Imagining/Fantasizing the Change in one’s MIND – one give all one’s power/energy to/as the Mind’s Imagination, feeding it all your Dedication/Commitment/Motivation; the Mind/Consciousness in the Imagination “runs with it” and then one in relationship to Consciousness, create the Illusion of the Change already being “Done” cause that’s what one Uploaded into and as one’s Consciousness; and so why – when one get to the Time/Day/Year of ‘Change’ that one has empowered one’s IMAGINATION with, instead of immediately making the Decision and Walking it, Becoming it in/as One Breath and Physically Manifesting it as Self: the Mind goes “What? Live this – No, no, no – it’s already DONE; I’ve got control over you. You’re going to LIVE THIS (“this” being all the Preprogrammed past-patterns of Personalities)” and so there in such moments, the Mind/Consciousness simply solidify/cement its control over/of you; and self has NO POWER – cause all was given to/as the IMAGINATION.

So, when you Make Decisions of Change – do not accept/allow self to give all self’s power/motivation away to/as the Imagination and not to separate self from Change by defining it to/as a Time/Day/Year; when one make a Decision to change, suggest WRITING the SELF-COMMITMENT of Change in WORDS in REALITY and in/as the Writing, making the Decision to Change in the Moment, take a Breath and WALK it – bringing the Decision to REALITY. Otherwise the Mind//Consciousness will OWN it, and so OWN you and in that – continue controlling/enslaving you into/as the Mind, with no Change manifesting as a Solution/Answer because again, one Fell into the Present, Creating the Future in the Past instead of directing self into/as being/standing/living the Solution/Answer. So, Own the Change – implement it, become it, live it in/through Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments; otherwise it becomes JUST another Year, and the rest of the Year one spend THINKING about how you haven’t Changed, wasting an exceptional amount of Breaths/Time throughout the Year,  because you linked Changed to a Time/Day/Year; instead of realising it’s simply a Decision made by self in/as a Breath and to be Walked.

We’ll continue with this in the next post.

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