The Circus Act of CharACTers (Part Two): DAY 274

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The Circus Act of CharACTers (Part Two): DAY 274

Balance - continued

Enhancing CHANGE – continued

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

We’re continuing having a look at our Mind as a Circus, with ourselves the Main Act as our Main CharACTer as Ego; and all the other Acts as the rest of the CharACTers as Personalities that exist within our Minds as the entertainment we as the Mind provide ourselves with to distract/preoccupy us from/of actual, Real, Physical Reality. Then the Crowds, the people in our world/reality we accept/allow to exist in our Minds as either applauding/cheering/booing the CharACTers we become/live out/embody.
Furthermore within this, how the entertainment/positive in the forefront – actually originate from abuse/evil in the Background as how it exist in Reality in relationship to most Circus’s and so also how it exist within our Minds as the Energy of/as the Mind is resourced from/of the Physical - even to the point of how it exist in this World System/Money System; Consumerism/Entertainment in the forefront, while in the background – for this very World System/Money System to exist, lives/livelihoods of beings, animals, the earth and environment is compromised/sacrificed.

In this, how we have established that – we’re on this Ball, as our Main CharACTer, our Main Awareness-relationship in/as the Mind with how we’re in our ‘Awareness’ – ‘Aware’ of what is going on in the Mind, but being ‘Moved by/through the Mind/Consciousness AS ENERGY’ into and as being the Mind’s Main Circus Act as we’re pulled into/as the ‘Balancing of Energy-Polarities’ as the Negative, Neutral and Positive. Always busied with the business of the Mind, as the more and more and more we accept and allow ourselves to participate in/as being the Mind’s Main Act as how we’re moved by/through the Balancing of the Energy-Polarities of the Negative, Neutral and Positive: the more and more and more the Very Energy we participate in in/as our Awareness-relationship to the Mind and ‘believe to be ‘Who we Are’’ – is being resourced at the sacrifice of/as our Beingness and Physical Body. With no direct equal and one relationship to the Physical Body, this Physical Existence in Any Way Whatsoever…and then beings wonder Why this Physical Existence/ ‘life on earth’ has become what it is, when we’re the One’s not In Fact Living in it, as it and With it.

Now we’re on this Ball; and we have established that the First Step – is Stabilizing one’s Awareness-relationship to the Mind/Consciousness as mentioned in the Previous Post: “Because, ‘balancing’ again – is equal-to and one-with standing on a Ball and Balancing oneself; getting one’s Awareness ‘centred and directive’ as Self Stand within/on that Ball – absolutely still, stable, immovable, untouchable, unwavering – the Absolute Self-Certainty of: I Stand. This process of ‘Mastering Balance’ as the process of Walking Change and Simultaneously Enhancing Change – is but a Stepping Stone that one eventually also have to Transcend, to be able to Become Equilibrium in/as the Physical, where one’s within and without is equal and one, here. Now, what does this mean – practically?”
So, STEP ONE – is Stabilizing self’s Awareness on the Ball of having been the ‘Main Act’ in/as our Own Minds, which is the Process of Walking Self-Change as well as Enhancing Self-Change, where Self essentially, as self’s Awareness go: “But wait, why am I automatically, without question, simply accepting and allowing myself to Be Moved by Energy/energy-experience?” – and in this, establish Self’s Commitment/Stand in Practical Living: “I commit myself to be/become Directive in/as who I am and investigate/introspect when/as energy-reactions/experiences simply automatically manifest without my Decision/Directive Will, to be/become Stable and See Reality DIRECT, as I see/realise and understand that as long as I’m in/as Energy, this is All that I will be, this is All that I will See/Experience/Exist-as and in this – miss the Total Moment of my Physical-Interaction in REALITY”. So, interestingly enough – what one will find is that, the Process of Stabilizing self’s Awareness to not be moved into/as all sorts of Directions within one’s Mind by Energy: will be experienced like a ‘Balancing Act’ in itself, from the Perspective of how one now as Self’s Awareness, essentially, have to on that Ball – find one’s ‘Centre’, one’s Stand, one’s Stability. And so, as one walk one’s Process of Change and also Enhancing Change – it will sometimes feel like you’re a bit wonky/shaky/unstable, but as you Persist/Stand/Stabilize and Find that Point within yourself where you Stand – you’ve got your Centre.
Now, this ‘Centre’ is not some ‘Invisible Centre’ – it’s a PRACTICAL Centre, the ‘Centre’ we reference here is simply a Point of Stability you establish, when you’re walking your Process of Practical Application Change and your Self-Commitments are practical, direct, to-the-point and Simplistically Applicable. In this, one’s moments of Change become immediate and this is the reference of having establishing that Centre-point where Self Stand, and not accept/allow Self to be Moved by the Mind/Consciousness as Energy/Energy-Experience.

So, one can look at it as being on this Ball as one’s Awareness standing/Balancing on it, and there’s Invisible Strings attached to Self’s Awareness, with those Invisible Strings representing, for example, various Energy-Relationships; and so the Mind with its ‘invisible strings’ as ‘energy relationships’ will Move you as your Awareness on that Ball into and as All Sorts of Directions as the Mind/Consciousness Move to Balance the Energy-Polarities within itself as the Negative, Neutral and Positive. So, you’ve got to establish that Centre-Point on that Ball as your Awareness that Stand, and find that Centre Point, that Stand where the Mind will attempt/try to Move you with/as Energy to balance out Energy-Experiences and no matter what: You Stand. Such as for example, in instances of friction/conflict – where you used to be moved from a positive moment, to a negative moment within yourself; where you were ‘fine one moment’ and then the next ‘overwhelmed with negative emotions’; where one can stand within one’s Awareness so Stable that – in friction/conflict instances, before during and after – Self Stand Stable; no movement, no reactions, no invisible strings/energy experiences Moving Self as the reference/cross-reference that Self has released Self from the energy-experiences/strings and can Stand/balance AS SELF in/as Stability.

So, obviously within this, there are many CharACTers that self within/throughout one’s Life accumulated in one’s relationship to the Mind/Consciousness and one’s External World/Reality and the People within it, and so – one Will be walking One CharACTer, as the First One that all will face as the One where you first Establish your Stand/Stability in relationship to the Mind, with developing your Awareness – from just being ‘Aware’ of what goes on in the Mind and in this World to realising: “Holy SHIT, I can actually stop/change/transform who I am in/as my relationship to the Mind”; and so start the Process of stopping participation in CharACTers as Main Acts of/as the Circus of the Mind, in seeing/realising/understanding that the CharACTers as ACTS in the Circus of the Mind only exist, because self’s Awareness accepted and allowed such a relationship to the Mind, instead of being/becoming the LIVING WORD that Live in/as actual, real, Physical Reality. As our Words have come to ‘belong to ENERGY’ as the Mind/Consciousness Entity – filled with emotions/feelings/memories, knowledge and information, imaginations – multiple Mind-dimensions, instead of us as our Awareness nurturing our Living in/as this Actual, Real, Physical World/Reality through LIVING WORDS as-ourselves, HERE. This relationship to Words and the process of how Words have come to exist in/as and for the Evolution of the Mind/Consciousness instead of the nurturing of Life/Living is Discussed and Walked in Detail in the Quantum Mind Interview Series available on EQAFE.
And so, from Walking one’s Main CharACTer as ‘initial Awareness’-relationship to the Mind/Consciousness as the process of realising that one can stop participation in the Thought patterns, Imaginations and Reactions and in a Moment Decide ‘who I am’ as self’s directive Will, one’s Process continue with Enhancing that relationship change from Awareness Ball-Balancing between Energy-Polarities, to Self-Aware Stability in/as who Self is in one’s World/Reality - and then the Process Start/Continue of re-aligning all one’s other CharACTers as Circus ACTS in the Circus of the Mind into and as Equal and One Physical Living, Living Words; until eventually – the invisible strings/energy experiences release, the Tent fall down and one for the First Time, slowly but surely, start Seeing/Realising REALITY and the difference between being Enslaved to Energy-Experience and Living Self-EXPRESSION. The Difference between Mind-Energy enslavement and Self Expression – is/has been explained in the following Interview: What is Self-Expression?

We’ll continue in the Next Post with making the Process from Balance to Equilibrium more Tangible and Practical with walking a Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment Process.

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