The Prophets of Damnation: DAY 47

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The Prophets of Damnation: DAY 47


The Chicken or the Egg??? – Part Seventeen

Who I Am as Money – continued

From this post, we’re continuing with the simultaneous physical inception and mind conception process, in and as the mother’s womb, as the process of how the fruit of life/children of the future became Rotten from and of the Tree of Life/Humanity. Where we previously walked to the point of the moment of Birth, where we in quantum-time energy as the Mind, through and as the birthing process, reach the positive-energy experience the moment we’re born, but then again immediately lessen to the negative-energy experience that manifest the crying/whaling and physical contortion in pain and discomfort as the process of the Mind’s quantum integration into the physical-body during the birthing process as the physical-body move forward with the mind moving inward in the process of consuming physicality to transform into Energy, with the Mind integrating/permeating the depths and manifestations of the physical body substance and structure.
Specifically, we’re now going to be walking how exactly we in and as and with the mind and the physical, manifest from fear experience/negative-energy experience the love experience/positive-energy experience – and the interconnected relationship within this as fear of loss and love of gain – both existing within the starting-point of possession and survival, where fear/negative-energy experience initiate possession and survival and love/positive-energy experience secures possession and survival.
However, before we can start with that process, we first have to understand how the nature of the relationship between fear and love as ‘give and take’ within the polarity of the negative and the positive, already is physically programmed in the womb of the female within and during the child’s physical inception process and mind conception process.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, from my inception and conception process as the physical and the mind within and as the mother’s womb, manifest my relationship as the mind to the physical within the starting-point relationship of Fear/Fear of Loss as Consciousness that will automatically control my choices through and as the nature and action of me as deliberate Blame, within and as spite, excuse and justification within the standing of Cause/Acceptance and Effect/Allowance as consequence and consequence-outflow. Where:
As Consciousness Fear/Fear of Loss as the negative-energy experience will initiate/instigate my physical-movement forward and my mind integration/permeation inward to consume physicality to transform into energy, and the moment I am birthed out of the mother’s womb, the positive-energy experience lessen and then in quantum time move me into and as the negative-energy experience that manifest as crying and contortion through and as the mind and the physical as the nature and action of me as Blame within and as spite, excuse and justification where I initiate/instigate the process of manipulating my world/reality to get/have energy for my possession/survival. All of which manifest within and as the primary relationship of me as the Mind to the Physical within Cause/Acceptance – acceptance of me as the cause of separation as the mind from the physical, and the Effect/Allowance that manifest as the experiences of and as the negative, to the neutral and to the positive as the constant/continuous interrelationship between the energies ensures/secures the possession of me as Energy and the survival of me as Energy/Mind Authority. With the existence of me as Consciousness Fear/Fear of Loss, within the relationship of Cause/Acceptance and Effect/Allowance through and as my nature and action of Blame as spite, excuse and justification – damned me to such an existence throughout my life as the mind in the physical, without responsibility, directive-principle, will and choice – only existing as control, defence and protection, motivation as fear with all choice only existing for survival as Mind/Energy-Authority.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand the Nature of the relationship between the female’s Mind and Physical-Body and the child’s Mind and Physical-Body that is physically pre-programmed from, within and as the female’s womb, where the Child ‘consume’ from and of the Male/Female’s Mind and Physical-Body in and during its inception and conception process to manifest its Mind Consciousness System and Physical-Body, as follows:
The child’s physical-body inception consumes from and of the female’s physical-body – with the female’s physical-body manifested directly in and with the Male and Female’s Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind. And so – as the child emerge within and as their physical inception process, consuming from and of the Female’s Physical Body and so the Male and Female’s Subconscious and Unconscious Mind that is manifested in and as the Physical Body: they’re at the same time consuming and manifesting the contents and substance of and as the male and female’s Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind, that will eventually become the child’s Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind framework that they will use to manifest their personalities, behaviours and physical-patterns/habits.
Then, at the same time – with the child’s subconscious and unconscious-mind manifesting in the image and likeness of the mother and father (as what happens during Sex between male and female relationships is both of the male and female’s minds merging into each other, so the child essentially thus download/consume and upload/integrate the Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind of both the mother and the father): the child’s own subconscious and unconscious-mind integrate and manifest into and as and with their own physical-body – as the child downloads the subconscious and unconscious of the mother and the father and uploads the subconscious and unconscious into and as their own physical-bodies.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to – see/realise/understand the nature of Sex as the physical-mind process within and as which the Mind Consciousness System ensures/secures its Survival within and as Evolution, where within and during Sex – the Minds of the female and male transfer/download into and as each-other and upload into themselves; where the Minds thus utilize the new downloaded mind-framework to cross-reference its own conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind systems and do necessary upgrades/alterations/changes from and of the newly downloaded mind-framework of the partner that was consumed into and as itself.
(NOTE: This process of the Mind’s Evolution through Sex has been walked in absolute detail within the What is Sex Series available on EQAFE, and will thus not walk the detail here at this stage. Self can take the responsibility of walking through the Interviews and assist and support self through the process of Self-Forgiveness in how we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to transform sex into and as Mind-Evolution within ourselves and towards our children. Where children develop as ‘Evolved Minds’ with the merging from the female and male’s Minds – this line of self-forgiveness we’ll be walking within this Process – how the Mind Evolve in the Child, however the personal self-process in relation to Sex, can be walked for self, with self from the What is Sex interview-series.)

I forgive myself that I as a parent, had not seen, realised and understood the full extent of my Mind’s relationship to the Physical, in the integration, permeation and manifestation of my Mind into, as and with my Physical-Body throughout my life – where for example:
Every thought I’ve had throughout my life, resonated within and through my entire physical-substance, with my physical-body substance predominantly consisting of and existing as water, the thoughts resonate/reverberate throughout the substance/water. With thought patterns and internal conversations, resonating/reverberating the same sequence within and throughout my physical-body/substance – programming the resonance/reverberation of the thoughts/conversations into and as the substance/water of and as my physical-body that would eventually crystallize within and as the physical-flesh, where eventually my very physical-flesh/tissue/fabric will align its structure and formation according to how I programmed it through and as and with my thoughts; and all the information of my thoughts, thus manifest into and as and with my very physical flesh/tissue/fabric, consisting of and existing as the nutrients/chemicals and sustenance that the child will eventually consume in its process of physical inception, and so within and during the physical-inception process – download into and as its own physical-body: everything of my Mind and so my partner’s mind that merged with mine through and as Sex.
(NOTE: We’re going to be walking the detail of how the Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious Mind integrate/permeate, merge and manifest into and as the physical-body as we walk this time-line of a child’s development, we’re for a moment only briefly touching on the extent of integration, merging and manifestation of the mind in the physical as per the example above, to understand how the child download the parents’ Minds into and as itself within the inception and conception process. When we get to the time-line of the child walking into relationship, sex and inception and conception of their own children’s mind and physical – it will be more clear of how and why exactly this transfer manifest and within this – how the fruit of life/children of the Tree of Life/Humanity has borne Rotten Fruit, instead of Fruit of Life. As with all things, we have to start at the beginning; our beginning as we birthed into this existence as the Mind in the Physical.)

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand what in fact happen/manifest on the unconscious and subconscious mind level within and as the physical-process of the birth of the child within and as the female’s womb, and within and as the physical-process of sex in the Mind’s relationship to the Physical: as I have accepted and allowed myself to abdicate my responsibility, directive-principle, will and choice of and as equality and oneness of me and my physical-body, to and as Consciousness that has automated my entire existence within and as the unconscious, subconscious and conscious-mind, with me now only existing in and as pre-occupation in and as the Conscious-Mind – Flying High above, yet within the Mind and the Physical-Body, experiencing only energy that Consciousness through and with the Mind Consciousness System is producing and manifesting for its own Survival. And so, within this – why and how, I have had no awareness of the Mind’s relationship to the Physical – due to, and because of the extent of separation from my own Mind and the Physical-Body, that has become the control of and as Consciousness.

In the next post, we’ll continue with how the female within their physical and mind, move within the energies of the positive, to the neutral and negative, as the child take/consume energy/mind and physicality from the female to move from the negative, to the neutral and to the positive, and how this process of ‘give and take’ from parent to child manifest in and as physical-actions, as the relationship between fear of loss and love of gain manifest in both the parent and child, and thus within this: the true/real nature of ‘Love’ in this existence of Minds as the survival of the Mind in the Physical for Energy-possession/empowerment.

I commit myself to show, how and why – children has become the consequence and consequence-outflow of our accepted and allowed existence as the Mind/Consciousness as Energy-Authority, where the Mind had taken possession of ourselves as parents, and so also our children of and as ourselves; where Sex and Birth had become physical actions and processes that the Mind has possessed to ensure/secure its own Survival through and as the Evolution of itself.
Within this, I commit myself to show, how and why – the world of humanity, our very natures throughout the generations had devolved, for the evolution of the Mind, as parents with merged mind’s transferred their minds into the children, with the children then evolving their own minds from the parents’ transferred minds within them, and so – the Mind evolved through the children, while the very physical-nature of ourselves as beings devolved, which is why this physical-existence is devolving as the World-System of Money/Technology/AI is evolving.

I commit myself to show, how and why – children had become transfers, continuations, copies from and of the past, as the parent’s Minds of Past transfer into and as the Child’s Mind and so the child’s living framework/reference as their Mind would come-from, of and as the Parent’s Minds as Past-manifest, and so – how and why: Children could not become the Future of the World for all of Humanity in and as equality and oneness, as we’ve been passing onto them the past / sins of the fathers from the generations that had gone before them, and so why and how – through our very natures and living as human beings as the Mind as the Past manifest: had throughout human civilization only time-looped within and as the past, creating and manifesting the same past, over and over and over again without change. Because we haven’t seen, realised or understood the extent to which we’ve manifested ourselves and this existence as a whole through and as the Mind within and as consequence and consequence-outflow.

I commit myself to show, the consequence and consequence-outflow we’re each individually and all together responsible for, within ourselves and this existence as ourselves in our accepted and allowed abdication of responsibility, directive-principle, will and choice to Consciousness as Energy/Mind-Authority that had possessed sex and birth, that was supposed to be the physical-process of birthing Life from the physical – but possessed it to be/become a process of Survival and Evolution of the Mind within and as Fear; that has manifested this physical-existence of and as Fear for Survival and the Evolution of Systems for Possession – with the consequence and consequence-outflow manifesting in the devolution of the physical-body to eventual death, and the devolution of this physical-existence that will reach eventual death if we continue existing as we are now with giving Energy/Consciousness/Mind Authority over and of Life.

I commit myself, to – through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application; assist and support me out of my Mind into and as physical equality and oneness, to be/become a living example for my child/children to come as what it means to in fact Live as the Future of this World in and as equality and oneness.
In this, I commit myself to rebirth myself in this Life, as life from the Physical in my process of returning energy to its source as substance of and as the physical body, as I walk from knowledge and information definitions of energy experiences as the Mind into and as physical equality and oneness as the living word, in this also preparing for when/if/as I do have a child in the future, to prepare me as effectively as possible, to not pass onto them the sins of the fathers of the past, but the future of this world of and as Life.
(NOTE: We will in the posts to come, more clearly outline this process of parent-child relationship within the principle of Life of and as equality and oneness, in how to – if one is already a parent with children, to first assist and support self in one’s process as a living example; and how to assist/support one’s child(ren) equal-to and one-with how self is/has been assisting and supporting self within one’s own process in the mind’s relationship to the physical)

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