God’s Creation-Software Revealed: DAY 21

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God’s Creation-Software Revealed: DAY 21

How the Fruit of Life became Rotten – Part Four

Who I Am as Money – continued

In this post, we’re walking the multi-dimensional manifestation of ourselves as the ‘rewards-based system’, from the beginning of our existence, to the evolution of ourselves as energy/Mind within and the creation of ourselves as this physical-existence and the World-System without.
How, since the beginning – we’ve created/manifested ourselves into a self-rewarding consumption of energy system, through transforming substance into energy through friction/conflict as negative-energy. And how, with each individual being as self – accepting and allowing such an existence/interaction/communication of conflict/friction as negative-energy – had driven ourselves and existence into the nature of competition for survival of ourselves as Energy. Where, the one’s that can generate/instigate the most conflict/friction in moments of interaction – would win the self-reward of positive-energy accumulation, and the one that lose, will experience little to nothing energy accumulation within themselves, and essentially ‘lose energy’ within the fight for energy in moments of conflict/friction. Equal-to and One-with how we’ve created the World-System of Money and the interaction of individuals within that System, where:
The World System itself – would instigate the most conflict/friction as negative-energy experience to/towards all within this physical existence, to accumulate its self-reward as positive-energy experience in the form/representation of Money – in the competition between the World-System of Money and this physical-existence: the World-System is winning in its accumulation of Money through initiating conflict/friction as transforming physicality into Money.
And within the interactions of individuals within the World-System itself – competing against each other, hoarding together into various groupings with similar/the same ways/means/methods of initiating conflict/friction to/towards parts of/within this physical existence to generate negative-energy for the accumulation of positive-energy within/as themselves. In the groupings, such as the nuclear family systems – the parents prepare the children in becoming energy-consumption machines as self-rewarding systems through specific ways/means/methods of initiating conflict/friction in their world/reality. In this internal preparation, preparing the children, equal-to and one-with how they were prepared –  for their external living, to initiate conflict/friction in their relationships within the World-System of Money, to get/extract/have the MOST Money as their externalized money-consumption self-rewarding process; not seeing/realising/understanding the consequence of them, alone – getting/extracting/having the MOST Money within the World-System, on this actual physical existence and the lives/futures of beings/manifestations from/of this physical existence.

What rots away within the children – because it’s not being nurtured, developed, enhanced or cultivated: is their beingness/essence/innocence, ‘who they are’. Because what replaces it is transforming them into energy/money-consumption machines within themselves and their living, founding their existence on competition for survival – instead of living their beingness/expression in/as equality and oneness. Thus, essentially – children become rotting fruit in the Tree of Life/Humanity throughout their lives, as they are not given/gifted the opportunity to an absolute life of absolute living as the parents train the children to compete, within themselves and towards others/this physical existence in the ‘game of survival’ that we have conditioned this existence into and as. Where, instead of children being the future of this existence – contributing to the life on/of earth in equality and oneness: children have become copies of the past, passing on the skills/tactics of competition and survival, with the consequence of this being: some win and most lose. To where we are now within this physical existence – producing rotten children, created a rotting physical existence with a minority reaping the rewards of energy within and money without and the majority losing in this game of survival – rotting away themselves, and this physical existence as a whole.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself, to create/manifest a physical existence/World-System in my image and likeness – that only exist within the starting-point of its own survival in competing against the very physical-existence for its own survival, through inflicting/inducing/instilling deliberate friction/conflict as negative-energy experience, to transform physicality into Money as the nature of this System as a self-rewarding money-consuming machine – at the expense/cost of this physical-existence and lives/futures of individuals/manifestation within/as/of this physical existence.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand the consequence of me as my creation of myself within and without, where I birth into this physical-existence/World-System – not to contribute to the equal and one living/honouring/respecting of this very physical existence and the lives/futures of/as all as me, but to prepare myself to compete for my own survival as an internalized energy-consuming machine as self-rewarding system for positive-energy experience within, and my survival as an externalized money-consuming machine as self-rewarding system for the positive-energy experience of/as Money.  
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create groupings / nuclear family systems – not as groupings into which I would’ve been born that assist/support me unconditionally in my development, growth/expansion as an individual, equal-to and one-with the whole to contribute to the living/expression/experience of all equally as one in this existence: but to train into me Within-Myself the skills/tactics and approach to/towards this entire physical-existence as me. To with these skills/tactics generate/create/manifest the MOST friction/conflict as negative-energy experience, to get/extract/have the MOST positive-energy experience within myself as my internal self-surviving preparation of consuming energy from/of others as winning the competition between parts of/as me in conflict/friction situations/interactions for me to get the MOST energy within myself. This internal self-surviving preparation of winning the self-reward of/as positive-energy experiences through/within competition of moments of conflict/friction as negative-energy experience, where I take/get/extract the energy generated within such moments of conflict/friction and experience my MORENESS within/as myself: is the preparation for my external self-survival in the World-System of Money. Where I become an individual, that can have no regard, consideration, respect or equal and one relationship with any parts of/as me – as I must use those very parts of/as me to deliberately create/manifest friction/conflict to/towards others/this physical existence to get/extract/take the MOST energy/Money for me, and only me for my survival in the World-System. And for me to get/extract/take the MOST Money as my self-reward as money-consuming machine as winning the game of survival/competition to/towards parts of/as me within existence: the rest lose/get nothing. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create/manifest groupings within this physical-existence, where – within those groupings, individuals are trained with the necessary survival skills of competition – competing against everything/everyone else for their own self-reward of positive-energy within, and money without. Where – as with in the beginning, I did not see/realise/understand the consequence I was creating in my relationship with/as all as me, as I separated myself into and as a manifested-singularity from the whole; for me to experience my awareness of/as only me as energy, I transformed substance into energy through friction/conflict as negative-energy experience, and became further oblivious to this consequence as I shifted my awareness into/as the layers of me as neutral-energy experience of/as ‘only me’ to positive-energy experience of/as MORE of/as me. The MORE of/as me there is to experience, the more friction/conflict I had to instigate/initiate, the more I was transforming substance into Energy for ‘only me’ / ‘my survival’ / ‘my empowerment / powering’ of/as Energy as me. Instead of creating with/as the substance of here as equality and oneness with/as all – I have been using/abusing/consuming it for my own interest, ownership of my energy, for my own reward of energy, for my own survival. And so, I had manifested me into an individual/singularity of/as self-interest, with this ‘self’ as energy-manifest, interested in only its own survival and competing for that survival against everything/everyone else through friction/conflict as negative-energy generation. Instead of me as an individual, being part of and standing equal-to and one-with all, living/expressing through with and as substance in/as equality and oneness – instead of using/abusing/consuming it for my own, ownership of interest that I accumulate as Energy.

And so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout time – transform substance into energy through consumption within friction/conflict, for me to self-reward myself with Energy/Power – considering/regarding the empowerment of only me, instead of the empowerment of living of all in/as equality and as oneness as me as substance.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create/manifest the World-System of Money and the interactions of all within and as the World-System of Money, in my image and likeness of who I am within myself and my interactions with/as all of existence as me, where:
The World-Systemof Money consume this very physical-existence/physical lives as substance-manifest – transforming it into Money for/of its own interest, as ownership of Money as survival/empowerment/powering of only itself through/as Money – not seeing/realising the consequences of this, in consuming Substance/Physicality into/as Energy/Money: where the more and more I transform substance into energy as physicality into money – the less and less substance/physicality remain. Because instead of me/us existing in equality and oneness with/as substance, creating/expressing/living with/as substance – instead of me/us existing in equality and oneness with/as this physical existence, creating/expressing/living with/as this physical existence: me/we have been consuming/using/abusing substance/physicality transforming it into energy/money for the evolution of the Mind/System. Creating the technology of systems - instead of the technology of Life. Instead of us being gods/programmers creating Life as-ourselves as starting-point in/as equality and oneness, we’ve become gods/programmers creating systems of ourselves that consume life/ourselves for its own survival as systems.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be/become a parent as god/programmer/creator of/within/as this physical-existence – that create myself into/as the child, as a system that would consume life, substance, physicality within/as this physical existence for its own survival as an energy-consuming machine, based within a self-rewarding nature of interest, ownership, powering of/as only itself with its consequential relationship of competition as friction/conflict to/towards all of existence as itself, in consuming/using/abusing the very lives/futures/physical-existence of all as itself within/as this existence. Equal-to and one-with what I have accepted and allowed myself to be/become as god/programmer/creator of me into/as a system that have throughout time, used/abused/consumed substance/physicality to transform into energy for only me, my ownership, my powering/empowerment of/as only me as energy as a self-rewarding, self-interested being that accumulate/consume energy from/of all as me through competition as friction/conflict to/towards all as me within/as existence.

I see, realise and understand that I have accepted and allowed myself to be/become a god/programmer/creator of me into and as an energy-consuming system, which has consumed substance/physicality for the survival of/as only me through competition, because I did not stand within/as the starting-point of me in/as equality and oneness with/as all as me to create with, in equality and oneness – all as me as substance in equality and oneness.
Thus, I commit myself to – reprogram myself as god, creator, programmer through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, to re-establish my starting-point within/as equality and oneness with/as all as me, so that I become a programmer/creator of Life, evolving the technology of Living – instead of the evolution of systems that use/abuse life for its own survival.
In this, I commit myself to – as I reprogram myself into/as a programmer of Life/Living within me, to reprogram the World-System of Money as me, into a system that will ensure the equal and one life/living of/as all within this physical-existence as me, and with me standing as a living-example – all the life/living programmers, can come-together and stand-together in evolving the technology of life/living through/as our living and so our creation of/as ourselves as the World-System into/as what will be best for all.

I see, realise and understand that I have programmed/created my Mind Consciousness System with me as programmer/god, where I created my Mind in the interest/empowerment/powering of/as only me as energy – as the System that ensures only my survival as energy through consuming/using/abusing all as me in the relationship towards all as me within competition as the nature of friction/conflict to generate energy for only me, and reward only me with my own empowerment/powering of/as energy. That I have in this – created/programmed/manifested the World-System in my image and likeness, that use/abuse/consume physicality/substance in transforming it into/as Money for/as only itself, its own empowerment/powering of/as Money in its relationship of competition as conflict/friction to/towards all within/as this physical existence. Where I within, as with my creation without had become manifestations that ruin, destroy, kill and murder life/living – for our own survival as energy/money.
In this, I commit myself to – stop, change and transform me as starting-point programmer/creator through writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application, into and as a programmer/creator that establish my equality and oneness within/as myself, through taking my program/creation as my Mind Consciousness System as energy-consuming machine/system – into and as system of living/expressing in/as equality and oneness with me, my physical and eventually all as me within/as this physical existence, that go from consuming life/living – to actually living/ gifting life, as I gift life/living to me in  establishing my relationship with me and all as me in/as equality and oneness. As I stop/change/transform me from using/abusing/consuming life through/as my Mind Consciousness System, to a living being of/as equality and oneness, I commit myself to stand in changing/transforming this World-System of Money into/as a System that gift life to all – stopping its current relationship of consuming/using/abusing as ruining, destroying, killing and murdering the lives/futures of all within/as this physical existence as me.

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