The Negative ALWAYS Move the Positive: DAY 25

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The Negative ALWAYS Move the Positive: DAY 25

Who I Am as Money – continued

As mentioned within the previous post, we’re continuing with why the female physical-body experience pain during birth, what the pain in fact is, why we’ve created/manifested the birthing of ourselves as physical-bodies into/as existence with pain within the womb of the physical-body, how/why our Unconscious-Mind in/as our physical-bodies manifest as pain with its relationship to/towards the physical in constant/continuous friction/conflict as extracting substance/resources from/of the very physical-body. And within this, how we created/manifested the World-System of Money in our image and likeness of movement – how Money/the World-System moves through friction/conflict to/towards this physical-existence, consuming the physical/lives within/as/of this physical-existence to evolve/grow/develop itself. Instead of the World-System of Money contributing to the movement, evolution, growth and development of life for all in/as equality and oneness – which we will be implementing with the change of the current World-System/Money to an Equal Money System – where Life will move in/as equality and oneness.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, how – in the beginning, the very external structural formation of/as me as manifested singularity formed/manifested from/of the substance of/as existence, and the internal manifestation of/as me within/as that manifested-singularity consisted-of/existed as substance-manifest. That initially, in my structural formation and internal substance as manifested-singularity – I was still a part of/as substance. But the moment I as that manifested-singularity as part from/of substance/the whole conceptualized me as an individualized part in separation from/of the whole, I in that separation as me as individual-manifest from/of the whole/substance: aligned my internal and external formation with/as friction/conflict as negative-energy experience to/towards substance/the whole. Instead of me within myself and my external formation/manifestation as structure of/as the manifested-singularity – being equal-to and one-with substance/existence as me: I manifested my internal and external formation/structure/design with/as friction/conflict as negative-energy experience. That friction/conflict as negative-energy experience within/as my external-formation as structural-design/lining of/as my manifested-singularity, then reverberating/rippling within/as my internal substance/beingness of/as me that would accumulate into/as the neutral-energy, and so into positive-energy experience within/as the MORE of/as me within my beingness. And so, as my energy-awareness of/as me as energy-experience shifted/evolved within/as myself within the internal-experience of/as ‘only me’ as neutral energy experience, to positive-energy experience as ‘more of me’: I became unaware of/as me as my external formation as structural-manifestation of/as my manifested singularity that exist within/as constant/continuous friction/conflict to/towards all as me as my communication/starting-point and so movement of/as ‘who I am’ as individualized manifested-separation from/of the whole/substance/existence. That within my very existing, ‘being here’ in existence as manifested-separation from/of the whole/substance: constantly/continuously transform substance into/as energy as negative-energy experience through/as my constant-continuous friction/conflict to/towards it.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, throughout time – evolve my internal beingness and external formation/structure through/as and within friction/conflict as negative-energy experience. Where I internally and externally formed/shaped/manifested me through/as/from negative-energy experience accumulation into the culmination of who and what I am today: a Mind Consciousness System (Energy-evolution of internal formation) within and as a Physical-Body (external-formation Evolution through/with Energy), as I have consumed substance from within myself and from existence as me to manifest/form my internal beingness into/as a Mind Consciousness System as Energy-manifest, and consumed substance through/from the without/external formation as me to manifest/form my external formation/structure/design.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to - throughout time, condition my emergence into/as existence as manifested-singularity to the extent where, the moment I emerge as manifested-singularity, I within and during that emergence/rebirthing-process: immediately/instantaneously within my beingness and structure/formation of/as my manifested-singularity: go internally and externally into/as simultaneous friction/conflict to/towards existence/the whole as me, to immediately/instantaneously start the process of generating/creating negative-energy experience for me as Energy to come into being within/as myself as manifested-singularity. And so, throughout time – have automated the emerging of me as manifested-singularity and beingness of/as substance/the whole: to immediately/instantaneously within/during the emerging/birthing process as my external-formation manifest friction/conflict to/towards the whole/substance to accumulate/manifest the internal experience of/as energy from negative, to neutral to positive. And thus, emerging/rebirthing into existence – became the emerging/rebirthing of/as Energy, through consuming substance/the whole from/of the initial moment of emergence/rebirthing as I within my very formation/manifestation process of/as my manifested-singularity already start accumulating negative-energy experience within/as myself and develop/grow/expand my external formation and internal experience of/as Energy through/as the consuming of/as substance of/as existence as me.

In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to equally as one, now – exist within and as my emergence/rebirthing within/as the womb of the female physical-body, where from the moment of conception, the moment I develop/form/manifest my physical-body and throughout the process of developing/forming/manifesting my physical-body: the entire process is done through consuming physicality/physical-substance, where I through that consumption within the nature of friction/conflict – develop/form/manifest my external formation/structure/design as physical-body equal-to and one-with my internal formation/structure/design as the Mind of/as Energy-manifest. This internal and external formation/structure/design manifesting simultaneously -  as I have aligned/paralleled my internal energy-formation with my external structural-formation, so that as my external structural formation as physical-body manifest friction/conflict for its development/growth/expansion within/as the womb of the physical-body, I utilize the negative-energy experience to develop/grow/expand my internal structural formation of/as Energy as the Mind within the energy layers of negativity (the unconscious), neutrality (the subconscious) and positivity (the conscious) that only initially accumulate and manifest as pure energy-experience layers of negative, neutral and positive energy that is contained within the structural framework/manifestation of/as the Mind System. In layering/containing my Mind-System framework/manifestation with negative, neutral and positive energy: I prepare myself for my education/guidance/training by those that has gone before me, where I will imprint/manifest those energy-layers with knowledge, information and imagery as my process of relationship-creations, to program my energy within/as my layers as the Mind into/as ‘who I will become/what I will live’ as Energy-manifest as the Mind through/as my physical-body.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create/manifest the World-System of Money in/as my image and likeness, where: constantly/continuously new systems emerge/rebirth within/as the World-System of Money within/as this physical-existence, that form/structure/manifest/erect themselves with/as materials/substance from/of this physical-existence that has consumed from/of this very physical-existence to form/structure/manifest themselves as manifested-singularities in/as the World-System of Money. Where the very structural formation/manifestation/design (buildings/constructions etc.) came into existence through/as the consumption of/as this physical-existence (soil, earth, trees, water, stone) = equal-to and one-with the structural formation/manifestation/design of/as my physical-body coming into existence through/as the consumption of/as physicality/physical-substance of the womb/physical-body of the female. With these structural-manifestations forming/manifesting themselves simultaneously within and as the starting-point of accumulating Money for/as itself to evolve – as it constantly/continuously – from its moment of emergence/birth/manifestation: consume physicality to transform into Money for the survival of its own existence as Money = equal-to and one-with the structural manifestation of/as my physical-body forming/manifesting simultaneously with and as the starting-point of me within myself accumulating Energy for/as my own evolution as the Mind – as I constantly/continuously, from my moment of emergence/birth/manifestation: will consume physicality/substance to transform into Energy for the survival of my own existence as Energy/the Mind.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, how – my very ‘physical-movement’ from/of the female physical-body womb, is/has been equal-to and one-with my initial manifested-singularity movement within/as existence when I initially emerged/manifested myself into/as a manifested-singularity within/as existence. Where, in my initial solid-standing as manifested-singularity, as manifested-separation that manifested friction/conflict as negative-energy experience to/towards existence/the whole as me as I conceptualized me as an individual separate from/of the whole – where that initial negative-energy experience was enough to accumulate into neutral energy-experience and positive-energy experience, as I was standing/remaining there in that one solid-standing position – the positive-energy experience of/as the MORE of me started lessening, to the neutral energy experience of/as only me and eventually experienced only the ‘lesser’ of/as me as negative-energy experience as the friction/conflict reverberation/ripples from/of the structure/formation of/as my manifested-singularity that manifested and was experienced within/as me. And as my awareness of/as me as Energy had already been defined within/as the MORE of/as me as positive-energy experience, I in/as my manifested-singularity moved myself to search/look for the experience of/as me within/as myself as the MORE of/as me as positive-energy experience. And as I MOVED through/as the motivation of/as the lesser experience of/as me as negative-energy experience to look/search for the more of/as me as positive-energy experience, the very movement generated/created more friction/conflict as negative-energy experience, accumulated the neutral energy experience into and as the positive-energy experience of/as MORE of/as me. And so, from that moment – the very movement of/as me as manifested-singularity was constant/continuous in/through the motivation of/as me - searching for/looking for the MORE of/as me as Energy within/as myself as positive energy-experience the moment I started experiencing either the neutral-energy experience of/as ‘only me’ and/or the negative-energy experience of/as the lesser of me.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create/manifest the World-System of Money in my image and likeness, where the World System of Money would, the moment any part/manifested-singularity (business, bank, corporation, industry, markets) experience an balance with Money as neutral energy experience, or a lesser of Money as a negative-energy experience – it would deliberately MOVE itself through/as instilling/inducing MORE friction/conflict as negative-energy experience to/towards this physical-existence as consuming more of this physical-existence/physical lives to transform into/as Money, to accumulate the balance as neutral energy experience into/as positive energy experience. As the Money-System and human-beings within the World-System of Money - will through debt, for example, as negative energy experience – accumulate the debt as negative energy experience, and in the accumulation of debt, through the cost of other individuals’ lives and livelihoods, accumulate the positive-energy experience for itself/ourselves as MORE Money.

In the next post, we’ll continue with the exact consequence of our conditioning of ourselves as movement through/as friction/conflict as negative energy experience, and how that relationship of our awareness with negative, neutral and positive energy is what physically moves-us out of the womb of the physical-body of the female as we have conditioned/manifested/created our initial movement as manifested-singularity in/as existence into and as our movement as physical-body out of the womb of the female’s physical-body.

I see/realise/understand that I as my Mind Consciousness System exist and move according to my experience of me as energy-awareness, where my very movement of/as me is motivated only when I experience the neutral-energy awareness of/as ‘only me’ and/or the negative energy experience of/as the lesser of me as Energy. In this, I commit myself to – through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, assist and support me to walk my process with and as my Mind as me, in transforming my motivation/movement from/of/as Energy to actual Living. I see/realise/understand that motivation and movement exist as Energy, as I have defined me as Energy only, and so I have motivated my movement as me to/towards me only rewarding myself and so evolving myself towards a positive-energy experience from a negative-energy experience, thus my motivation and movement of/as me had become self-interest/self-survival based as Energy only. Therefore, I commit myself in assisting/supporting me in/as my process of transforming myself from Energy into/as the Living Word, to align me with/as actual real physical-movement as the human physical-body/breathing, with motivation transforming into expression of/as me as equality and oneness as I live here in equality and oneness with the physical, and I move here in equality and oneness with the physical. In this, transforming me from motivation/movement for energy through consuming substance/physicality, to a being that live here in/as expression of/as equality and oneness moving with/as existence/the physical in/as equality and oneness; and in this living and expression – no more exist as energy, but in fact live WITH and AS what is here; and stand as a living example for beings to stop energy motivation and movement at the consequence of self and all of/as self, but align their living to expression and movement of/as equality and oneness, so that we can birth life, instead of destroying life.

I commit myself, to transforming the current World-System of Money from the motivation of negative-energy experience/debt at the consequence of this physical-existence/physical lives for the survival of/as itself as money-accumulation as positive-energy experience through consuming physicality/physical lives – to a World-System of Money that gift life to all equally as one within/as this physical-existence, so that all can in fact Live, and in that Living move/express in/as equality and oneness, to in that living/expression: birth life from the physical.

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