A Woman’s Birth-Right is Pain: DAY 24

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A Woman’s Birth-Right is Pain: DAY 24

Who I Am as Money – continued

As mentioned in the previous post – we’re in this post/dimension going into more detail as to how exactly, we developed our physical-communication/Unconscious-Mind as ourselves in relation to family/parents, how as a child we developed the most effective/rewarding ways/means/methods of deliberately manifesting friction/conflict for negative-energy experience, and so positive-energy experience to accumulate within ourselves, and how – within that: our parents accepted and allowed the development of such physical-communication/behaviour as the Unconscious-Mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself – to, in the beginning – within my manifested-separation relationship/communication of/as friction/conflict as negative-energy experience to/towards the whole/all as me: from that moment, ‘move myself’ as my manifested-singularity within and as existence, where that very ‘movement’ manifested more friction/conflict within myself and to/towards existence/substance as the whole as me. Because: the very movement is me, me moving myself as manifested-singularity, with ‘me’ as my ‘movement’ standing equal and one as starting-point/foundation/alignment of me with and as negative-energy experience as friction/conflict.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, how – instead of the movement of/as me, being a directive-principle of/as me as ‘who I am’ with and as all as existence as me in/as equality and oneness, where my movement as directive-principle would be an expression of/as myself with and as all: my movement became a constant/continuous conflict/friction against/in opposition with the whole as me, as me as my manifested-singularity of/as separation was manifested/aligned/founded within and as the starting-point, foundation and alignment of negative-energy experience as friction/conflict and so – everything I am and so: will stand within and as this starting-point that I have accepted and allowed myself to be/become.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, that – with my very beingness, my ‘who I am’ as manifested-energy – consisting-of/existing-as energy-experience, my very movement – generating friction/conflict as negative-energy experience became an additional source of/as energy-experience accumulation, and so my movement would become deliberate for me to generate the MOST negative-energy experience to/towards all as me as existence/the whole/substance manifest, for my neutral-energy experience of/as ‘only me’ to accumulate and so for me to get/have the MOST positive-energy experience of/as the MORE of/as me within myself.  
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself, to – throughout time, with separating myself within myself within the energy-awareness layers of/as me as negative-energy experience (the unconscious), neutral-energy experience (the subconscious) and positive-energy experience (the conscious), as I have automated and evolved myself into and as a Mind Consciousness System of/as Energy-Manifest as me within and as my manifested-singularity/human physical body. Where my very structural outline/alignment/foundation of/as my manifested-singularity would be/become the unconscious/negative-energy experience as I within my very entirety as the structural manifestation of/as my manifested-singularity would in my entire movement of/as me within and as existence/the whole: generate/create/manifest constant/continuous friction/conflict as negative-energy experience. Equal-to and one-with how I now existence with my Mind Consciousness System in and as the human physical body, with my Unconscious-Mind manifested within and as the very structural manifestation of/as the human physical form itself, where I within my very physical-behaviour/movement: would constantly/continuously generate/create/manifest friction/conflict to/towards the physical-environment and others physical-bodies as me within and as this physical existence. For me to within my very physical-behaviour/movement as friction/conflict as negative-energy experience: generate/create/manifest the most friction/conflict as negative-energy experience, for my internal layers of Subconscious-Mind as neutral energy-experience to accumulate and so my Conscious-Mind as positive-energy experience to manifest for me to experience the MORE of/as me within and as my Mind Consciousness System.

I forgive myself, that I have accepted and allowed myself to, throughout time – manifest myself into and as an automated/evolved energy-consuming system/machine that has become my Mind Consciousness System manifest as me, where: throughout time, I have accepted and allowed myself to separate me within myself and from all/the whole/existence as me to such an extent, where my unconscious/foundation/alignment of/as me as my manifested-singularity/now human physical body has become my unawareness, as my energy-awareness of/as me only remained/shifted within the subconscious (neutral-energy experience of/as ‘only me’) and conscious (positive-energy experience of/as ‘more of me’). To where I am today within and as myself: entirely/completely unaware/in self-separation from/of my human physical body/manifested-singularity within/as my Mind Consciousness System. Unaware of/as my very movement within/as my human physical body that has become my Unconscious-Mind, with my very movement as me existing within and as the starting-point of/as friction/conflict for me to generate/create/manifest negative-energy experience for/of me within myself, to accumulate my neutral energy experience for my Subconscious Mind and positive-energy experience for my Conscious-Mind. 
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to – with my development within and as the female physical-body womb, the moment my movement as manifested-singularity/physical body begin; how that very movement of/as me within and as the mother’s womb is manifested within and as the nature of friction/conflict as negative-energy experience as I move against/in opposition to/towards the physical-body of/as the female within the womb. That for my very development/manifestation as a physical-body as manifested-singularity to emerge – I have to go into/as constant/continuous friction/conflict as negative-energy experienced generation/creation/manifestation to/towards the physical-body of the female within the womb.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to – from the beginning, make my development/growth/manifestation as manifested-singularity within/as the whole/existence: dependent on the extent/extremity of friction/conflict as negative-energy experience I generate/create/manifest within me to/towards the whole/existence/substance-manifest. Where, the more of substance I consumed and transformed into energy for me through friction/conflict as negative-energy experience, within myself and my structural-manifestation as manifested-singularity – the more I expanded/grew/developed within myself and within/as my manifested singularity. Where my very formation of/as ‘who I am’ within myself as Energy-manifest, equally as one manifested within/as my formation of/as my structural-manifestation as manifested-singularity that I have separated/manifested myself into and as.
And so, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, throughout time – continued with my evolution of myself as Energy as manifested-singularity through extracting/consuming substance from/of existence/the whole through friction/conflict: have constantly/continuously throughout time made my development/growth/creation/manifestation of the internal formation/design of ‘who I am’ within myself and the external formation/design of who I am within/as the very structure of/as my manifested singularity: dependent on the extraction/consuming of/as substance from/of the whole/existence through the extent/extremity of friction/conflict I generate/create/manifest to/towards the whole/existence for negative-energy experience to accumulate/manifest within me and the structure of/as my manifested singularity for me to evolve the internal formation of me within myself and the structure/external formation of/as my manifested-singularity through/as the accumulation of neutral and positive-energy experience of/as the ‘only me’ and the ‘more of me’ experience/evolution of myself.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how my development/growth/manifestation of/as my physical-body within and as the womb of/as the female’s physical-body – is the manifested-representation, equal-to and one-with what I have become/done since the beginning in my relationship as manifested-singularity to/towards the whole/existence as me. Where: the female’s physical-body womb = is equal-to and one-with the womb of/as existence/the whole. Where: my physical-body development/growth/manifestation is dependent on a constant/continuous process of/as friction/conflict to/towards the very womb of/as the physical-body of the female = equal-to and one-with my manifested-singularity development/growth/manifestation that was/always has been dependent on the constant/continuous process of/as friction/conflict to/towards the whole/existence. Where: in my process of physical-body development/growth/manifestation through/as friction/conflict to/towards the womb/physical-body of the female – generate/create/manifest the necessary negative-energy experience, that induce/instil the required motivation/direction of/as movement for me to grow/expand/develop. That my very development/growth of/as my external formation of/as my physical-body and simultaneous internal formation of/as my mind consciousness system within that: is motivated by/through negative-energy experience as friction/conflict = equal-to and one-with my development/growth of/as my external formation of/as my manifested-singularity and simultaneous internal formation of/as who I am as energy-manifest was/still is motivated by/through negative-energy experience as friction/conflict to/towards existence/the whole.
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how I as the female/female physical-body do not consciously experience the actual pain/infliction of friction/conflict that the child physical-body induce/instil into/as my physical-body/in the womb as it grow/develop/manifest within me through constant/continuous friction/conflict movement within/as my womb/physical-body. That I do not consciously experience this consequence – due to my physical-body standing within/as my unawareness as the Unconscious-Mind in the separation of/as my energy-awareness within myself internally to only existing within the Subconscious Mind and Conscious-Mind. Where I only experience the accumulation of that constant/continuous pain infliction of the child physical-body’s process of development/manifestation through friction/conflict within/as my physical-body in the moment of birth when my awareness shift into/as the external formation of me as my human physical body as Unconscious-Mind, that become my momentary awareness to unite with my Unconscious-Mind manifested within/as my Physical-Body to physically push, with friction/conflict as negative-energy experience – the child physical-body out.

In the next post, we’ll continue with why the female physical-body experience the extent of pain during birth, what the pain in fact is, why we’ve created/manifested the birthing of ourselves as physical-bodies into/as existence with pain, how/why our Unconscious-Mind in/as our physical-bodies manifest as pain with its relationship to/towards the physical in constant/continuous friction/conflict as extracting substance/resources from/of the very physical-body and how the female physical-body experience the pain that the physical actually endure in its relationship with the Unconscious-Mind.
And within this, how we created/manifested the World-System of Money in our image and likeness of movement – how Money/the World-System moves through friction/conflict to/towards this physical-existence, consuming the physical/lives within/as/of this physical-existence to evolve/grow/develop itself, instead of the World-System of Money contributing to the movement, evolution, growth and development of life for all in/as equality and oneness – which we will be implementing with the change of the current World-System/Money to an Equal Money System – where Life will move in/as equality and oneness.

I commit myself, to – through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application in walking through my Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind: assist and support me, to transform the existence of/as me as my Mind Consciousness System – from moving within myself in my mind, to only generate/create/manifest conflict/friction as negative-energy experience, to accumulate positive energy experience for myself as Energy/Ego to survive: to re-align my relationship with myself with/as my Mind from separation to equal and one living with/as my human physical body. Doing this through stopping/transforming my existence as the Mind/Energy to being/becoming living words in the living flesh that do not depend on Energy generated by/through internal friction/conflict to move me/preoccupy me – but move myself as a self-directive principle within/as the principle of/as what’s best for all, that express/live who I am in/as equality and oneness with me, my physical and eventually all as me within/as existence.

I commit myself to, stand and walk with Breath as the physical/real movement of/as me with/as my human physical body, to assist/support me to stabilize me within and as the movement of/as reality as breath, here. To assist/support me to align my movement from energy-movement of mind, to physical-movement of/as equality and oneness – that do not consist-of/exist as friction/conflict for/of energy-generation/creation to accumulate positive-energy for me to experience the more of/as me as Energy, but utilize breath as movement with/as the physical, as I walk my process from energy-movement, to physical-movement as physical-living. Doing this, as/while I walk my process with/out of my Mind as manifested-separation of/as me that only exist to generate/create energy as energy-movement for me to experience my positive/energy experience of/as only me, and align myself into/as self equality and oneness, equality and oneness with/as my physical and eventually this physical existence as a whole, where through breath and walking this process – I align the movement of/as me to physical-living/expression as Life. 

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