How the Fruit of Life became Rotten – Part One: DAY 18

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How the Fruit of Life became Rotten – Part One: DAY 18

Who I Am as Money – continued

In this post, we’re having a look at the evolution of the Mind and the nature of the Human that has become an individual birthed into this world – where the birthing is equal-to and one-with the ripening of the child as the fruit of the ‘tree of life’ of this physical existence. With the generational-lines of human-beings are equal-to and one-with the branches of the ‘tree of life’ with the tree stump and roots being our connection/integration into and as this Earth, where all of humanity together come from and live on this earth/physical existence together.

However the nature of this ‘life’ of this ‘Tree of Life’ have become survival/competition and inequality – instead of all of us as humanity being one Tree as equal parts of/as this Tree bearing fruit of/as equality and oneness / Life/Living: we have been bearing fruit of survival, competition/inequality where our fruit as our children have become soured/rotten due to our accepted and allowed separation from/of our equality and oneness with/as all as the entire Tree as humanity, earth and this physical existence as a whole. And so our fruit/children became equal-to and one-with what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to become – survival, competition and inequality, where the fruit as children developed into a lesser/unequal version of itself from what it could’ve been – a rotten/soured fruit, instead of the lush, expression, absolute evolutionary potential that it could’ve been.

So, with all of humanity coming from equal and one roots of/as this physical existence (our human physical bodies – equal-to and one-with this physical existence), existing from/protruding from the exact same stump as this Earth (as we all live on this Earth together) – with our branches stretching into and as all sorts of directions as our individual generational lines from which we come and the fruits we bear from these branches of/as all the varying generations as our children:
Why is this Tree of Life/Humanity not bearing into existence fruit in equality and oneness that have an equal and one chance/opportunity to ripen and express itself into/as its utmost potential as the children of this world in their ripening into this world having the ability to ripen as evolve, expand, grow and express themselves equally as one into/as their utmost potential? But simply become fruit/children that within/during their ripening process at the same time start rotting as this Tree of Life/Humanity with the branches in tact simply leave its/their produce to their own vices/survival and the fruit as the children come to nothing/no-one but rotting: serving no purpose but ‘ripening to only rot’ / ‘living to die’?

Why has this Tree of Life/Humanity not birthed Life – where all the fruit/children is assisted/supported to expand, learn, grow, develop within ‘who they are’ and contribute to the life/living/expansion/growth/development of the entire Tree of Life/Humanity – not realising/seeing/understanding that even as a fruit/child birthed from the Tree of Life/Humanity – that one fruit/child is still part of the whole, coming from the whole?
Where have we as existence/the tree of life/humanity gone astray in realising our responsibility is not only to ourselves/individualized braches/individualized fruits, but the whole Tree in birthing Life for All, in having equal and one opportunities for all fruits as children to express, expand, develop, grow to their utmost potential and contributing within/during that process to the expression, expansion and development and growth to the entire Tree of Life/Humanity as a whole in equality and oneness?

Why do fruits as children only grow / ripen to at the same time rot/come to nothing/no-one within/as ‘who they are’ as individuals as the Tree of Life/Humanity as individualized branches extract resources from its roots as the earth/this physical existence to be able to bear fruit – but nothing/no-one from/of this entire Tree of Life/Humanity seem to see/realise/understand that it’s part of the whole Tree – equal and one. But all parts of the Tree of Life/Humanity have lost this equality and oneness, and gone into absolute separation within/as the Tree itself – all the branches separated, and the fruits that the branches bear separated. In this separation – humanity/the tree of life, have become individualized separated parts within/as the very tree itself and now only extract resources from the earth/physical existence for its own individual survival as the branches and the bearing of its own individualized fruits. In no way does the branches/generational lines of human-beings and the fruit/children they bear contribute to the Tree as a whole in equality and oneness, because all parts of the tree/humanity/children are only concerned with extracting their own resources for their own survival for the continuation of their generational-lines as their branches through the fruits their branches bear.
But within this separation, the distribution of resources from/of the earth through the roots into the branches to bear the fruit had become unequal and some branches/generational lines of human-beings had taken it upon themselves to extract more resources than other branches/generational lines of human-beings in the production/producing of their fruit as children. And so many fruits became underdeveloped, did not developed at all and the fruits that did/do develop – manifested into and as sour, rotten fruits.
This is because the entire Tree of Life’s/Humanity’s resources from/of the Earth/this Physical-Existence was not distributed equally, and it created an absolute imbalance within the production of the fruits/children that did come to bear – and those fruits/children would thus become sour/rotten/inefficient in its growing/development process. Also because, the resources that was used/channelled to those branches / generational lines of humanity from/of the Earth/this physical existence was not utilized to really assist/support the growth/development/expansion of the entire Tree/Humanity as whole/this physical existence as a whole – but only utilized in the nature of competition and survival. And so the resources were not used to really nourish and sustain the equal and one development of fruits/children and the growth/expansion/development of the tree/humanity and this physical existence; but the resources itself had been tampered with/changed/altered to only ensure/secure the survival of some parts of the tree and its bearing of fruits. And because of the very alterations/changes/impurity of the very resources itself – the very fruits/children produced came out impure, altered, changed, incomplete because the resources they did receive to grow/expand/develop was not in the interest of themselves as fruit/a child within/as ‘who they are’- but only to exist within the nature of competing and surviving. And so the fruits/children did not/do not receive the required resources/sustenance to really develop/grow/expand into/as their utmost potential and thus became sour/rotten fruits that only into existence to survive and not really LIVE.  

With the extent of the separation within/as this entire Tree within/between all the branches and the bearing of fruits – had created/manifested a Tree that does not provide equal and one opportunity for all fruits to be borne within/as equality and oneness in reaching their utmost absolute potential. The consequence of this separation, the competition of resources for survival and the alteration/changes of the very resources to only sustain survival for some branches/fruits as humans and their children - have manifested humans coming into this world as sour, rotten and inadequate in developing in its most limited form due to the extent of inequality/inefficiency in resource distribution and resources in themselves.
Equal-to and one with Humanity – where some generational lines within this physical existence, take all of the resources from within/as this physical existence for the survival of our their own generational lines as children, not realising/seeing/understanding that for their generational lines to continue bearing children as the continuation of only themselves: they’re squandering/limiting the opportunity for other generational lines to develop and bear their children into this world. And so – we’ve now come to an earth, a tree as humanity, where the children that come into the world are rotten/sour/underdeveloped/inefficient/non-existent and/or die before being born due to humanity not seeing/realising/understanding how this survival/competition for resources in/as this existence has a consequence not only to themselves and the children they borne into this world, but to all as humanity and this physical existence as a whole.

So, within this post, we’re going to have a look at the relationship of survival, competition and what we walked in the previous post within the context of positivity/MORENESS. Where each individual had been locked into the survival of only themselves as energy and MORENESS/positivity of/as themselves within themselves – considering, regarding only their owns self-survival as energy, extracting as much resources as possible from/of substance/existence/physicality, transforming it into energy for only themselves and the consequence of how this survival/competition for resources of/as energy/MORENESS/positivity has manifested in the lives/development of individuals and humanity and this physical existence as a whole:

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how – in my separation of/as me from/of the singularity from the whole, I in this MORE experience of me within/as positive energy – became obsessed with/as me, myself and I only in experiencing MORE of/as me within/as positive energy. Where I got this MORE experience of/as me as positive energy – from the accumulation of my neutral experience of/as ‘only me’ that accumulated from the extent of friction and negative energy experience I generate through/by my constant/continuous separation from/of the whole as me. That, essentially – for me to experience MORE of/as me as Energy, with the MORE manifested from/of/as Positive Energy – I have to fuel/charge the friction as negative energy experience to accumulate my neutral experience energy and from there get/have my Positive-Energy experience as MORE of/as me as energy.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how I have created/manifested myself, within myself into/as a Reward-Based System, where the extent to which I can generate/fuel/charge Negative-Energy from/of friction to/towards parts of me within/as existence, that accumulate my neutral experience of/as ‘only me’ and from the accumulation of neutrality manifest my Positive-Experience/Energy of/as MORE of/as me within myself: that my reward for the extent of friction/negative energy I can accumulate/manifest within me – is me experiencing/getting/having my positive experience/energy of me having/getting MORE of/as ME within/as myself. That I had become the reward of/as unto myself through friction/conflict/opposition as negative-energy experience that I take/extract from/of substance, from/of parts of me within/as existence – for me to have my ‘reward’ as ‘only me’ as my positive experience of/as MORE of me within/as myself.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create/manifest/design myself into/as an individualized singularity where my creation process of/as only me within myself as the singularity as IGOD/EGO/JUDGE would create me into/as judgmental relationships of/as negativity, neutrality and positivity within myself and to/towards all as me as myself – within the nature/starting-point of: where/with who/what/how/when I can take/get the most substance through creating friction/conflict for me to experience my Reward of/as only me, within myself as MORE of/as me as Positive-Energy/Experience.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create/manifest/design me into/as an individual that only consider my own survival within/as myself as a singularity – not seeing/realising/understanding my interconnection/roots/equality and oneness with/as all parts of/as me as the whole, but within/as my accepted and allowed separation, instead used/abused all parts of me within/as existence – individualized them within myself into/as relationships of negativity, neutrality and positivity deliberately, judging all relationships/parts through me as Judge based-on how much substance I can get from those parts of/as me within existence, through my conflict/separation as manifested-friction to/towards them for me to reward myself within myself with my own accumulation of positive-energy experience as me experiencing MORE of/as me only.
And so, in this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to manifest me into/as an Energy-Entity only seeking/searching for its own survival/MORENESS as positive-energy experience – competing against myself as all as me within/as existence, for me to get/have/extract the MOST substance through conflict/friction to transform it within myself into/as MORE Energy within/as me as positivity.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how – for me to have the MOST substance, to transform into Energy – I have to generate/create/manifest the MOST friction/conflict within/towards my world/others as me, for me to experience/have/get the MORE of/as me as positive energy within myself as my own reward of/as myself unto myself only. That the Reward of/as me, experiencing MORE of/as me as positive energy experience – equals the MOST conflict/friction within me to/towards my world as me. And, thus – those that have the ability to generate/create/manifest the MOST friction/conflict, will get/have the MOST Energy-experiences within themselves and experience MORE of/as themselves, and this thus the competition with/between all within existence as me: who can generate the MOST friction/conflict to get/have the MOST energy-experiences within themselves as positivity to experience MORE of/as only themselves.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become a child in and of this world that perfect the skills of manipulation for the survival of myself as Energy and the experience of me as MORE of/as me as positive-energy: Man – I – Pull – Elevation – the “I” as me, pulling “Man” as human-beings within my world/reality to/towards my whim / beck and call to elevate me within myself into/as the accumulation of/as positive-energy experiences, where through/in this ‘pulling’ as bending others to my whim/beck and call create/manifest the necessary conflict/friction for me to get from them that which I want, need and desire to fulfil my positive-energy experience within myself to my satisfaction/saturation.
In the next post, we’re continuing with How the Fruit of Life became Rotten – Part Two, where we’ll be walking the specifics of how we as children have become energy-demons, that create/manifest deliberate conflict/friction within our world/reality to/towards others, for the purposes of our own Reward as personal experience of/as positive energy. Within this, the relationship of children and parents and how parents instil this relationship of manipulation, deliberate conflict/friction within the context of ‘Reward’ as the ‘Positive’ within the child themselves, and what is used by the parent to teach the child such a nature of beingness/behaviour, where life becomes about manipulating for rewards as self-survival, instead of living in/as equality and oneness. Thus, in essence – how our Tree of Life/Humanity has been bearing rotten/soured fruit, instead of fruit reaching their utmost absolute potential.

I commit myself to - through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application – stand as a living example as me, as being a part of the Tree of Life of Humanity, in aligning who I am and so my living of/as who I am to equality and oneness, in considering/regarding not only me – but me as all within/existence as the entire Tree that I am a part of. And to as this living-example, assist/support others to walk with me in aligning themselves into/as equality and oneness with/as the Tree of Life/Humanity/this Physical Existence, so that one by one – each part of the Tree come together and stand together within considering/regarding itself as equal and one part of the whole, so that we may each individually and together – transform/change the Tree of Life/Humanity to one that Lives and bears fruit/children that may reach/express/live to their utmost potential.
In this, I commit myself to –  transform/change this World-System of Money as me, to stand as a Resource that gifts to all within this physical-existence an equal and one dignified life, where children come into this world and has a certainty of a life of living and reaching their utmost absolute potential as living beings, as part of the Tree of Life/Humanity/this Physical Existence.

I see/realise/understand that if each human being/all the generational lines of humanity is accepted and allowed to continue within survival and unequal distribution of resources so that some can survive / have the most – and others less and nothing, the Tree of Life/Humanity/this physical existence that I am a part of will be destroyed/ruined/depleted and that many full suffer under the survival of just a few.
And so, in this – I commit myself to assist/support others as me, to see/realise/understand with me – that, if we don’t come together and stand together in stopping/changing/transforming our natures of survival and competition to living equality and oneness: it is not only us that will bear the consequences – but all as ourselves as humanity/this earth and this entire physical existence. And so, we have to as all the parts of the Tree of Life/Humanity/this physical existence, align our relationships from separation, inequality, competition and survival to living equality and oneness here, taking responsibility for ourselves and for all as ourselves to be/become living examples.
And so, in this – I commit myself to lead the way for all of/as the Tree to come together and stand together, so the Tree may bear fruit of Life – instead of soured/rotten fruit, underdeveloped fruit and fruit that have/had no opportunity to come into existence because of the accepted and allowed nature of separation, inequality and competition of resources. So, I commit myself to transforming/manifesting this World-System of Money into/as a system of equal and one resource distribution that present all with an equal and one life of living on this Earth that can focus on developing/expanding/growing LIFE, and no more be focused on creating energy-demons of children that becomes skilled in manipulation tactics and greed that consider, regard only their own survival at the cost of all within this existence.

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