The Secret Energy-Consuming Machine Revealed: DAY 19

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The Secret Energy-Consuming Machine Revealed: DAY 19

How the Fruit of Life became Rotten – Part Two

Who I Am as Money – continued

As mentioned in the previous post, in this post we’re continuing with How the Fruit of Life became Rotten – Part Two, where we’ll be walking the specifics of how we; from the beginning of our existence – had manifested ourselves into and as ‘reward-based’ beings within ourselves, where we manifest our reward as-ourselves, within-ourselves through the accumulation of ‘positive-energy’, that accumulate from/of the origin/source/core point of ourselves as ‘negative-energy’ from/through the friction as manifested-separation/conflict we deliberately create/manifest to/towards ourselves as others/other parts of ourselves. Who we are within – manifests in our creation of/as who we are without.
From here – to where we are today, becoming children that reward themselves with positive-energy experience through manipulation/conflict as friction in their world/reality in relation to their parents, and where parents themselves manipulate their children in conflict/friction situations through the reward-base system to get/have a positive-experience energetic-reaction from their children, to only fulfil themselves as parents with positive-energy experience. This positive-energy experience defined/labelled as ‘love’ / ‘happiness’ / ‘fulfilment’ / ‘satisfaction’ – all the variations of ‘positive-energy experience’: when the truth of where this positive-experience energies that children and parents experience within themselves come from – is in fact friction/conflict as the negative-energy experience.
And within this – we’ve created/manifested the World-System of Money within our image and likeness within the context of the ‘reward-based system’ / getting/having positive-energy experience from within ourselves and others as ourselves as ‘consumerism’ – where: for individuals within the World-System of Money to experience the ‘positive-energy experience’ within themselves: they consume in varying degrees. Equal-to and one-with how positive-energy experience has variations within individuals, the World-System of Money has variations of positive-energy experience. But as with individuals that get this positive-energy experience within themselves through conflict/friction as the negative-energy experience – ‘consuming’ physicality/substance within themselves as transforming substance into energy as the moment of friction/conflict as negative energy: the World-System of Money consume physicality/substance to transform it into Money as the positive-energy experience of/as MORE Money for/as itself, and furthermore within that manifesting that positive-energy experience of/as Money-itself into variations of manifestations of Money. Where from the World-System of Money - individuals again within this World-System consume for themselves all the variations of positive-energy manifestations of/as Money to get positive-experience/energy within themselves. But for individuals in the World-System of Money to get/have that positive-experience/energy through consumption – they essentially consume the lives of other human-beings/earth/this physical existence for them to ‘have / get’. And so you see – the origin/source of positive-energy experience within this world/reality – from within ourselves, from others, from the World-System of Money and the World-System of Money itself: always originate from friction/conflict as the negative as the very consumption of physicality/substance and the lives of parts of ourselves within/as this existence.

In this Blog – we’re walking the dimensions of our origins of/as ‘who we are’ within ourselves, how this ‘who we are’ as created our relationship to others/all of existence, and in these relationships: created/manifested the World-System of Money. In this, we’re walking a particular line of having a look at how we’ve become this reward-based system of positive-energy experience within ourselves, as ‘who we are’ – how from ‘who we are’ we’ve created/manifested the reward-based system manifested as the World-System of Money: To see/realise/understand the consequences of ‘positive-energy experience’ within ourselves, others and this physical existence as a whole.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to from my beingness of/as ‘who I am’ in/as my singularity separation from/of the whole – manifest my very beingness within the nature of/as the self-rewarding ‘rewards-based system’, where I reward myself with/as positive-energy experience as the MORE of/as me within myself. But for me to have this MORE of/as me within myself as positive-energy experience, I have to maintain my conflict/friction relationship to/towards all as me within/as existence as manifested negative-energy experience.
That I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to – from the negative-energy experience as friction/conflict, that accumulated into/as my neutral-energy experience of/as ‘only me’ within/as my singularity – that I didn’t see/realise/understand that in that ‘neutral experience’ of/as ‘only me’ – I was not ‘experiencing me’, that I had simply become ‘aware’ of the resonance of/as the negative-energy experience that manifested within my singularity. But, because I was separated into/as my manifested-singularity I perceived the awareness of/as the resonance accumulation of/as the negative-energy experience as ‘me experiencing only me / me becoming aware of me’ within/as my singularity. And I had within that – accepted and allowed myself to become preoccupied with the neutral-energy experience of/as ‘only me’ as an singularity, and within that pre-occupation as self-separation into/as the neutral-experience of/as ‘only me’: I had become completely unaware of the starting-point of/as me as the negative-energy experience of/as the friction/conflict I was constantly/continuously creating within/as my separation into/as a singularity from the whole. And the more I became preoccupied within/as the neutral experience of/as ‘only me’, unaware of the negative-energy experience of/as the friction/conflict I was generating/manifesting within/as my separation from/of the whole: the energies accumulated within me and I started experiencing the MORE of/as me within myself as the singularity manifested as the positive-energy experience. The more I experienced the MORE of/as me as the positive-energy experience within and as my singularity, the more my awareness shifted into/as the positive-energy experience of/as me, and my neutral-experience of/as ‘only me’ was no more ‘enough / satisfactory’ as the positive-energy experience of/as MORE of/as me was ‘better’. And so, from here – the existence of me as my beingness manifested within the context/nature of me within my singularity-awareness always only wanting to experience MORE of/as me within/as the positive-energy experience, with my neutral-energy experience of/as ‘only me’ not being satisfactory/good enough.
In this and from here – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become an energy-consuming being within/as my manifested-singularity from the whole, that transform substance from/through the constant/continuous conflict/friction as negative-energy experience into/as energy for me to accumulate as consume within myself/my beingness manifested as the singularity.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create/manifest my human physical body as manifested singularity in manifested-separation from/of the whole as this physical existence. And equal-to and one-with how I have within my manifested-singularity in the beginning, created myself within myself as Energy – I have equally as one, manifested the Mind Consciousness System as Energy within and as my human physical body as the creation of myself within myself. Where, my Mind Consciousness System had become the automated energy-consuming system that I had accepted and allowed myself to be/become and create/manifest as me within/as my manifested singularity in the beginning, that had become my manifested-singularity now as the human physical body. Where, equally as one as I have in the beginning, moved/manifested myself into and as layers of separation/awareness – unaware of the initial negative-energy experience, becoming aware of the neutral-energy experience, and then shifting awareness to the positive-energy experience that had become the layers of/as separation/awareness of/as my mind consciousness system as:
The Conscious Mind – the positive-energy experience manifestation
The Subconscious Mind – the neutral-energy experience manifestation
The Unconscious Mind – the negative-energy experience manifestation with the most direct relationship to/as/with my human physical body, which consume/transform substance/the physical into/as energy that accumulate the Subconscious-Mind and Unconscious-Mind.

I forgive myself, that I have accepted and allowed myself within my dimensional/interdimensional existence, become a Mind System manifest – that enter into/as this physical existence within the processes of reincarnation with/as a Mind System, where I will walk in this physical existence in a human physical body as a manifested-singularity from/of the whole as this physical existence and live-out my beingness/nature that I had accepted and allowed myself to be/become as the Mind-System as my layers/levels of self-awareness in/as my singularity as me, where I would become an individual that through/as the Mind-System – consume Energy from within myself as my own physical, from the unconscious negative-energy experience as conflict/friction as transforming physicality into energy, to my Subconscious-Mind accumulating neutral-energy experience of/as designing/programming ‘only me’ and finally to my Conscious-Mind as the accumulation of/as my neutral-energy experience into/as my positive-energy experience. Where - from, within and as the Conscious-Mind I use my Conscious-Mind references/experiences, as the reference for the extent of my energy-levels within my Subconscious and Unconscious Mind to ensure that my energy-experience within/as my Conscious-Mind always consist-of/exist positive-energy experience.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, come into this world as child as a Mind-System as Energy-consumption machine, that will utilize the tactics of/as manipulation as: “Man – I – Pull – Elevation – the “I” as me, pulling “Man” as human-beings within my world/reality to/towards my whim / beck and call to elevate me within myself into/as the accumulation of/as positive-energy experiences, where through/in this ‘pulling’ as bending others to my whim/beck and create/manifest the necessary conflict/friction for me to get from them that which I want, need and desire to fulfil my positive-energy experience within myself to my satisfaction/saturation.”

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how – in being birthed into this world as a Mind-System as Energy-Consuming System, to satisfy my positive-energy experience of me within and as my manifested-singularity/human physical body: I within/as my accepted and allowed manifested-separation into/as a singularity from/of the whole / into and as a human physical body from/of this physical-existence as a whole - had no means of communication to/towards other parts of/as me in/as equality and oneness. And because my origin/starting-point of/as me coming-from/standing within the point/moment of/as conflict/friction as negative-energy experience – all of my communication to/towards/with parts of me within/as this existence/this physical existence from my manifested-singularity / human physical body would stand/be within the nature/starting-point of/as conflict/friction.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how – my moment of separation into/as a manifested-singularity from/of the whole, as the moment of friction/conflict: was my first moment of communication of me as a singularity to/towards the whole as me as existence as the communication-stance of ‘who I am’ as manifested-separation from/of the whole. And that from that moment, all of my communication to/towards all as me from within/as my manifested-separation as singularity will stand/be/expressed within/as this starting-point communication as friction/conflict as negative-energy experience.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand the manifested-consequence of/as me manifesting myself into/as a singularity from/of the whole, that had become me as a physical-body from/of the whole as this physical existence, limiting my communication to/towards others/all as me within/as the starting-point nature of/as conflict/friction to manifest the negative-energy experience, to accumulate the neutral-energy experience, towards the awareness of me as positive-energy experience.
Where – in this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be/become a child birthed into this world, with no means of communication to communicate me as the energy-manifestation of/as the Mind-System to fulfill me with/as positive-energy experience as satisfaction of me within myself and my human physical body – but through creating/manifesting/instilling friction/conflict in my world/reality through crying/screaming/yelling/contorting my physical human body, to instil/create/manifest friction/conflict as negative-energy experience within/as others/parents as me, for them to want to accumulate their positive-energy experience within themselves, through satisfying my positive-energy experience within myself, and when I am satisfied/fulfilled – they are in turn again satisfied/fulfilled. And, so – from childhood, the dynamic of the relationships between child and parent is: creating/manifesting/instilling, deliberately - conflict/friction as negative energy experience - to get/have the positive-energy experience. All this, the manifested consequence of me separating myself into/as a manifested singularity from the whole in the beginning, where I within that – accepted and allowed myself to limit my ability to communication with/as others as me – to only be able to communicate through/with negative-energy experience as conflict/friction that becomes the initial relationship between child and parent, and from there – imprinted into/as me throughout my life in/as this physical existence.

We’ll continue walking the rewards-based system as accumulation of/as positive-energy experience from/through negative-energy experience as starting-point within the posts to continue and the consequences of this, from the beginning, to us now as human beings, to our relationships and the creation of this physical-existence/world system.

I commit myself to – through writing, self-forgiveness and self corrective application – assist and support myself to no more only stand-within and as an awareness of/as myself only, as I see/realise/understand that awareness had become the awareness of the ‘me as energy’ as the manifested-separate awareness of/as me from/of the whole/existence as me. This commitment I walk through assisting/supporting myself in walking my Mind Consciousness System separated-levels of awareness as manifested-energy of me within the natures of positivity, neutrality and negativity as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind – and walk myself out of my mind, into/as my equality and oneness with my human physical body. So that in this process I align my self-awareness to stand/be equal-to and one-with all as me within/as existence, so that my self-awareness is no more separated into energy-levels, but stand as the awareness of/as me in fact being equal-to and one-with all as me. And in this awareness of/as equality and oneness with/as all as me –  I will no more accept/allow myself to use/abuse all as me, as I will always in all ways directly see the consequence of me, my actions to/towards all as me.

I commit myself to transform/change my self-awareness of Energy as Mind, to Living Awareness of/as equality and oneness of/as all as me – because I see/realise/understand, that this self-awareness of/as Energy as Mind as only my awareness of the experience of my energy of/as me: had divided me into layers of self-awareness of negative, neutral and positive energy experience. Where in this separation-awareness: I am not in fact aware of/as all as me within/as equality and oneness, and not do and cannot see directly how for me to exist in such layers of awareness as energy experience – I use/abuse others me within this existence/physical-existence.
In this, I commit myself to – transforming/changing this World-System of Money as me – to no more exist within its relationship to/towards all within this physical-existence in its own awareness of accumulating Money for only itself as the cost/expense of other’s physical-lives/futures within this physical existence/earth. And to transform/change theWorld-System of Money into/as a system within the awareness of/as equality and oneness – in regarding, considering all lives in/as equality and oneness, that so ensure that each birthed into this physical existence: have a dignified life from birth to death.

I commit myself to – in my process of walking through the Mind as stopping my accepted and allowed self-separation and separation from/of all as me, I walk my process of writing, self-forgiveness and self corrective application as the starting-point of transforming/changing my starting-point of/as communication. Where I had always throughout my existence – within myself, and towards all as me: communicated within the nature/starting-point of self-interest as conflict/friction as negative-energy experience, to accumulate the neutral-energy experience for me to experience/get/have the MORE of/as me as positive-energy experience. And so the nature of my relationship with myself, in my self-communication and communication with others as me had been through friction/conflict to generate energy.
And therefore, I commit myself to the process of writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application as the process of establishing an equal and one communication with myself, within myself as I assist/support me from separation as Mind to physical-living as equality and oneness. Where, as I establish myself-communication in/as equality and oneness with me, I from this starting-point as me – will be able to in fact establish equal and one communication with others as me, in realising/seeing/understanding how they are in fact parts of me within/as existence. And with establishing this communication of equality and oneness, through writing, self forgiveness and self-corrective application – I stop my means of communication through conflict/friction, and so stop deliberate conflict/friction creations in my relationships to myself and others that I deliberately used only to accumulate positive-energy experience. And so, my communication with transform where I will speak/share/express within the starting-point of what is/will be best for all, and actually become a directive-principled living being in my world, instead of an energy-consuming machine, using/abusing others/relationships for my own self-interest.

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