Accept and Allow – the Contract with Death: DAY 22

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Accept and Allow – the Contract with Death: DAY 22
Agreement - the Standing as Life

Who I Am as Money – continued

In this post, in this dimension of the multi-dimensional existence of ‘who we are/have become’ in our relationship to ourselves, the mind, the physical-body, others, this physical-existence that we have created/manifested since the beginning of ourselves within existence: we’re specifying the dynamics and consequences of ourselves in the nature of ourselves as competition that’s manifested within ourselves, towards others as ourselves and that still continue to this day in competing for Energy within and Money without.
Where, the very nature of this competition had been, in the beginning – consuming substance and transforming it into Energy, consuming our very physical-body/physical-energy and transforming it into Mind-Energy, consuming this very physical-existence and transforming it into Money as how ‘who we are’ as Energy has become energy-consuming machines/systems – taking from the very life of substance, the mind taking from the very life of the physical, the money-system taking from the very life of/as this physical-existence. Where we’ve become beings that take ‘life’ – instead of beings that gift/give life to ourselves and to all within this existence in equality and oneness.
Where we’ve become beings within existence, that only exist for as long as we can power/empower ourselves from/of the transforming of our beingness substance into/as Energy – limiting the ‘time’ of our existence to the equation of the relationship between our substance and the consuming of that substance into energy. Where in the very nature/manifestation within ourselves as manifested-singularities in the beginning, we’d come into being as an individualized part/expression of/as substance, but immediately proceed with the processes of consuming our own substance/life and transforming it into energy. And as we continue within that process, we’re consuming our own ‘life’. Equal-to and one-with our lives in the human physical body – we’re birthed into this existence in/as a manifested singularity as a human physical body, but immediately proceed with the processes of consuming our own physical/life through transforming the physical-substance/energy into Mind-Energy and so limit/diminish our living in this physical existence to transforming it into a process of a slow, sure but certain death. Equal-to and one-with the relationship between the World-System of Money and this physical-existence at an existential scale, where: the World-System of Money is consuming the very life of/as this physical existence, only because it’s on an existential scale it takes longer than what we do within ourselves and our own human physical bodies, where instead of this existence being manifested within the equal and one support of life and living – the World-System of Money is consuming this physical existence to its slow, sure but certain death. Rotting ourselves away from the inside and out, as we have become the very enzymes within our relationship to substance/physical as our relationships creations of energy that deteriorate and break-down substance/physical-tissue for our own survival as Energy-Consuming machines: Rotting ourselves away within and without – instead of standing equal-to and one with substance/physicality to produce life/living…

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be birthed into this physical-existence, within and as a physical-body as manifested-singularity – whole, complete and fulfilled with and as substance/physicality as manifested equality and oneness as an opportunity to create/manifest/produce life as me in/as my emerging equality and oneness. But, because of ‘who I am’ as I had accepted and allowed myself to be/become throughout existence – I have not seen/realised/understood this opportunity of being rebirthed into/as this existence/ this physical existence, where I had an opportunity every time to emerge with/as my equality and oneness with/as substance/physicality – because in that emerging/rebirth, I emerged as a full-embodiment/manifested-singularity with and as substance/physicality. But ‘who I am’ was so solidified throughout time as Energy – as-myself and those that has gone before me, as energy-consuming machines that I over and over and over again - utilized/used/abused this process of emerging/rebirthing into/as existence to a-gain gain for myself Energy as I emerged/rebirthed into/as an existence/physical-existence of/as Energy-consuming machines, through transforming substance into Energy for me to have a limited/diminished time as experience of me as Energy within this existence. Where I would use/abuse/consume my manifested-singularity/human physical body as substance, for me to consume and transform into Energy as guided/directed/taught by those that has gone before me.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to – throughout time, create/manifest an existence and leave-behind a creation as existence – life, after life, after life, where beings exist as energy-consuming machines of/from substance; where – because I was existing as this, an energy-consuming machine: I was accepting and allowing it within and as others as me. And so I would be rebirthed/remerging within existence, accepting and allowing myself to be taught/guided/directed to become the best energy-consuming machine within myself, my relationships to/towards all parts of me, defended and protected within/as my groupings within existence and my families within this physical existence to ensure that I become successful in my endeavour to survive as Energy through consuming my physical-body, consuming substance/physicality from/of others, consuming money and so consuming from/of this entire physical existence for me to have a limited timed experience of/as me as energy in/as my manifested-singularity/human physical body within existence/this physical existence.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand the extent of my self-responsibility within/as ‘who I am’ and have been throughout existence as ‘who I am’ as energy-consuming machine with the nature of self-reward within my relationship to/towards all as me as competition: that would manifest an entire existence of/as me’s as energy-consuming machines with the nature of self-reward within our relationship to/towards all as ourselves as competition, that would create an existence/physical existence as World-System as energy/money-consuming machine with the nature of self-reward within its relationship to/towards all as competition.
And so, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand my responsibility to/towards me as all, in that I as a child – from the beginning of emerging/being birthed into/as this existence, accepted and allowed the creation of me into and as energy-consuming machine within/as the ‘who I am’ as Energy, that accepted and allowed myself to be guided/trained/educated on being/becoming the most effective energy-consuming machine within myself and this physical existence for my own survival as path to success in extracting/taking/consuming the MOST energy from within myself, others as me to reward myself with the MOST energy-experience of/as only me within myself. That the responsibility of ‘who I am’ and how I live this ‘who I am’ within this physical existence is and has always been my own absolute responsibility of/as me.
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand that with me accepting/allowing my who I am as Energy, I accepted and allowed who I am in/as others as me as Energy, I accepted and allowed this physical-existence/World-System’s ‘who I am’ as Energy/Money and so my responsibility stand within me, others as me and this physical existence as me, within and as the starting-point of/as acceptance and allowance.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to - with Accepting myself as Energy (who I am), and allowing myself as Energy-consuming machine (how I live who I am) – I have existed within the mechanics/relationships of acceptance and allowance, accepting and allowing me as I am, accepting and allowing others as they are, accepting and allow my creation/this physical existence as World-System as it is. And so – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to within this acceptance and allowance – I accepted and allowed this existence as me as all as me of consuming life to continue throughout existence, because of my acceptance and allowance of who I am. And thus within this acceptance and allowance: stand my responsibility to/towards all as me within/as existence as I contributed, accepted and allowed me and this existence as me to continue as-is throughout time. Instead of all within existence standing in/as One Point of/as Agreement with themselves as All – as standing within Equality and Oneness with/as all, where each stand in this agreement with themselves as all to in fact manifest our ‘who I am’ as equality and oneness, that would have created/manifested an existence of/as Equality and Oneness.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand that, because of my separation from/of myself as existence into/as a manifested-singularity from the whole, I changed the agreement/standing of/as myself with/as all in/as equality and oneness – to the mechanism of accept and allow, where: I had to accept myself as Energy, and Allow myself within that acceptance as Energy-consuming machine. Where, before my separation – acceptance did not have to/did not exist, because I was here, absolute in my completeness/wholeness in/as equality and oneness.
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how I created the relationship of accept and allow as Acceptance only came into being as-myself as-energy, where: the moment I experienced myself as energy within and as my manifested-singularity from/of the friction/conflict to/towards existence as a whole as the negative-energy experience reverberated/resonated/rippled into/as my manifested singularity – I had to, within my beingness as the manifested-singularity establish a relationship with that energy-experience. Where the nature of that relationship stood within ‘acceptance’ – ‘accepting’ as merging myself as my beingness with/as that energy-experience or ‘inviting’ that energy-experience into/as my beingness/self as manifested-singularity. And in that merging/inviting of myself/my beingness in/as/with energy: manifested my relationship with/as energy-experience as Acceptance. Where, my self-acceptance in/as the manifested-singularity was with the Experience of/as Energy only, and not even with Energy-itself – and so I defined/based my acceptance of/as myself only on the “Experience” of/as Energy – diminishing myself, my ‘who I am’ from substance to only the ‘experience’ of/as Energy itself.
In this – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be/become a being that will only ‘accept myself’ / my ‘who I am’ based on the extent/amount of energy-experience I accumulate/manifest as consume within/as myself.
And so – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed ‘Allowance’ to emerge from within my relationship-creation of Acceptance to/towards energy-experience – because: for me to exist in the acceptance of myself as Energy, where my self-acceptance became defined within the extent/amount of energy I experience within/as myself, I had to automatically Allow myself the relationship to/towards all of existence as substance as me within the relationship of consuming life/substance in transforming it into/as Energy for the acceptance of/as myself as Energy-experience to manifest.
And in that – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate/layer my acceptance of myself from/into the negative-energy experience, to the neutral energy experience and the positive-energy experience, where the absolute acceptance of/as myself, within/as my manifested-singularity within the context of separation: would be defined within/as the accumulation and experience of/as positive-energy experience. That my acceptance would only be complete/whole/fulfilled in/as the experience of/as myself as positive-energy experience, and for that – I have to allow my relationship to/towards existence as myself in generating/creating/manifest the MOST conflict/friction as negative-energy experience as allowing me as an energy-consuming machine in the acceptance of me as Energy.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to transform the standing of me from/of the One and Equal Agreement/Living of me with and as all as me in/as equality and oneness, to the Relationship of Acceptance and Allowance as Competition to/towards all as me within/as existence. Where, the consequence of me existing within the relationship of accepting myself as Energy-experience, and allowing myself as energy-consuming machine: would manifest me into a being that accept and allow others as Energy and energy-consuming machines, that would manifest my creation into and as the acceptance and allowance of/as Energy/Money-consuming machine. Where, within my acceptance as Energy and allowance as energy-consuming machine, consuming life from the beginning of existence – is why I have accepted and allowed a physical-existence of life and death, of energy and consumption, of money and consumption and have not throughout my existence – stood up and stopped such an existence of life and death as energy/money consumption. Where I had been, throughout my existence: too preoccupied within my relationship/acceptance with myself as energy, and allowance to consume life/substance for my acceptance of me as positive-energy experience as self-reward of/as absolute acceptance of/as me as energy. And within that allowed my living of/as who I am in the acceptance of me as energy, to constantly/continuously generate/create/manifest friction/conflict as negative-energy experience, which is why I did not stop/stand up in the interaction/relationships of others as me and did not stop/stand up in the interactions within this World-System of Money as me – where all, everything and everyone had become individuals that take life for themselves, accepting and allowing death within this existence in all its various forms/manifestations/expressions/ways/methods.
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, that because I have not in fact changed me as my acceptance and allowance of/as me: I could not and cannot change/stop/transform anything/anyone else as me. And so I enslaved me to myself to death through, within and as the relationship of accept and allow. And I will keep all enslaved to death, as I enslaved me to death – until I stop/stand-up and change my acceptances and allowances within me, to an agreement with/as me as all in/as equality and oneness as I stand as Life, and not accept/allow anything less than Life/ Equality and Oneness as what’s best for all, because it will be who I am, what I live as who I am.

WRITING: to assist/support me to identify the nature of my acceptances and allowances of/as me as my Mind Consciousness System manifest that has enslaved me into/as an limited existence of/as creating death as I consume my own substance/physical in transforming it into energy and so creating/manifest death as me.
SELF-FORGIVENESS: as the process of releasing my relationships of/as acceptances and allowances of/as me as Energy-manifest as the Mind Consciousness System, to in that releasing of my relationships of what I accepted and allowed me to become as ‘who I am’ in/as all the separated parts of/as me as my Mind Consciousness System and the allowance within that acceptance as how I allowed myself to live-out/act-out and create from those acceptances of/as me as my relationships to/towards the Mind Consciousness System: prepare me within that release of the relationships of/as acceptance and allowance to transform relationships of acceptance and allowance to self-agreement of/as equality and oneness, in  transforming myself from a being that accept and allow, to a being that live.
Where, within the very statement of self-forgiveness as “I FORGIVE MYSELF for ACCEPTING and ALLOWING myself…” – I in the statement of:
I FORGIVE MYSELF – make the statement of “I release myself” and in that very same moment of “I forgive/release myself from…” – GIVE/GIFT me the opportunity to within that release, within the self commitment statements and self corrective application to follow from self forgiveness – realign my relationship with myself from acceptance and allowance to agreement, as my process of stopping self-separation, and standing/being/becoming equal-to and one-with me, and then all as me.
FOR ACCEPTING and ALLOWING MYSELF – what follows from these words is the relationship of acceptance and allowance that self has become, and the release of self in that acceptance and in that allowance within the entire self forgiveness statement that is written/spoken.
Thus, the statement reads – “I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself” – as the release of/as self as what self had accepted as who I am and allowed within the living of/as who I am, to prepare self for the process of corrective statements and corrective living, in changing/transforming self’s who I am and self’s living into/as a living agreement with self in/as equality and oneness.
SELF-COMMITMENT/CORRECTIVE STATEMENTS: as the process of taking my acceptance and allowance relationships that I  have released in/during/with self-forgiveness, and re-write/-reprogram myself in changing/transforming the acceptance and allowance relationship, into an agreement of equality and oneness with/as myself and assist/support me from here, to go into practical corrective living, as I have prepared my “who I am” to be changed from acceptance and allowance to agreement through writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application, now comes the process of actually living my changed/transformed ‘who I am’.
SELF-CORRECTIVE APPLICATION: I see/realise/understand that I cannot change/transform only my ‘who I am’ through writing, self-forgiveness and self-commitment statements alone, without equally as one changing/transforming the living of/as ‘who I am’. And thus, the self-corrective application is where I put into practical living application, my self-commitment/self-corrective statements as my re-alignment of/as ‘who I am’ within myself, to so re-align my living of/as ‘who I am’ in/as my actual physical-living in/as this physical existence.

So as I change within – I change without, both processes is a process that I have to in fact walk – that only with changing my ‘who I am’ within, and not changing my ‘who I am’ in/as my living – will not change ‘who I am’ in fact, because ‘who I am’ must become equal and one within and without to in fact be equal and one. If I am different in my who I am within and without: I am still accepting and allowing separation and deception, as what the relationship between the Mind and Physical has become, where beings are different in the Mind and in the Physical, due to accepted and allowed separation in the Mind and Physical.
And thus, the process to actual self equality and oneness, is where who I am is equal and one within and without – that can only be walked within the processes of writing, self forgiveness, self-commitment statements and self-corrective application – taking one relationship of acceptance and allowance at a time, one point at a time – because this is how we created/manifested our relationships of acceptance and allowance in the first place. 

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