Reincarnation throughout Time: DAY 11

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Reincarnation throughout Time: DAY 11 

Who I Am as Money – continued

It’s fascinating that we could not conceive, and still can’t conceive, the fact that all that is here within this physical existence: created what is here as it exists. That there is no ‘higher/greater/supreme’ power ‘out there’ – but that each has within themselves, from themselves – throughout time: created ourselves and this physical existence as it exist.
This is what one will start seeing/realising/understanding With us as you walk this process within each post in this Blog, as we walk-through the ‘layers of time’ and our multi-dimensional relationships throughout time, that created/manifested the current relationships that exist within ourselves, towards others, the earth, nature, the animal-kingdom…this entire physical existence as a whole. We have throughout existence/time, constructed/programmed ourselves and our creation through: Relationships, relationships that now exist multi-dimensionally. Multi-dimensionality manifested as we’ve walked throughout existence/time in ‘sequencing’/ /’patterning’ ‘who we are’ in relationship to everything and everyone that’s existed throughout time in the lives we’ve lived within existence. As we evolved within our relationship-creations, with evolution as the processes of how we changed/defined/specified our relationships to/towards all that exist: we’ve manifested ‘stages/layers’ within existence. The more we ‘evolved’ / ‘upgraded’ our relationship-processes, the more our creations evolved/upgraded. Each time, we all existentially, together – evolved/upgraded within our relationship-processes and creations – a new ‘stage/layer’ manifested within existence. To where we are now within this physical-existence – as ‘time’ as all the layers/stages we’ve existentially manifested through constantly/continuously evolving within/as our relationship-creations throughout the lives we’ve lived within existence: and all those layers/stages and multi-dimensional relationships are manifested here in/as this physical existence.

The Mind
Representing our relationships of separation from ourselves as individuals
The Physical-Body
The embodiment of our individuality, the individualized manifested-separation from/of the embodiment of our existential equality and oneness as this Physical Existence – yet: all physical-bodies are equal and one and the same, from the same substance of/as this physical existence.
(We will in posts to come explain why/how the physical human body is the same, and from/of the same substance of this physical existence, and how we separated ourselves into individualized physical-forms/manifestations from/of this physical existence/substance)
The Physical-Existence as embodiment of our existential equality and oneness that we’ve separated ourselves from

One will within and during this process With us – see/realise/understand how and why we created ourselves in separation into a Mind Consciousness System, and how we created our human physical bodies and this physical existence through and with Substance. Substance as our manifested equality and oneness that we’ve used/abused to create our individual ‘lives/life’ – instead of what we were supposed to have done: each one standing equal-to and one with the substance of/as existence as the one and only primary relationship of each. Where we all were supposed to Live and Express as this Life of/as equality and oneness together. But instead, each one went into self-separation from/of all. And this is where we are today within this physical existence: each one manifested into self-separation as a Mind, separated from/of all within and as this physical existence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout time – throughout all my lives within this existence: automatically accepted and allowed the processes of relationship-creations. Where it became an automated/inherent nature within existence to individualize myself into self-separation and from the moment of birth: start the processes of creating ‘who I am’ through connecting my individualized experiences of positivity/neutrality/negativity to/towards all as me within this existence. Where the Mind became an automated system within this physical existence, where I would be born with a Mind into the physical and immediately from the moment of birth – start my mental and physical processes of creating relationships to/towards what is here as me within/as the experiences of positivity/neutrality/negativity.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take this automated/inherent nature of relationship-creations into and as my creation as this physical existence within and as my birth into the World-System of Money. Where it had become an automated/inherent nature to immediately establish my relationship to/towards money within the experiences of positivity/neutrality/negativity without question, and continue within these relationship-creations to/towards Money and the World-System throughout my life. And as I had been so preoccupied within and as these very relationship-creation processes within my Mind and the World-System with Energy and Money:  I had not ever questioned/investigated these very processes that I was accepting and allowing myself to participate in within myself and my world.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand that my processes of being birthed into this existence throughout my lives – was me being birthed into an existence that I had participated in, contributed to and created throughout all my previous lives. That my ‘new birth’ was not a rebirth into a ‘new existence’, but a rebirth into and as the creation I had left behind for and as myself that I had created/manifested directly and indirectly from/through all my previous lives. And within my previous-lives created/manifested according to how I accepted and allowed myself to participate in existence within all my previous lives. Where my participation/contribution was based-on/defined within the nature of my relationship-creations and ‘who I was’ within those relationship-creations. Where from those relationship-creations that defined me and that I ‘lived’ as me – I in that living/participation, constantly/continuously throughout my previous lives, contributed to the existence I would be ‘rebirthed’ into, the existence of/as my own creation.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be birthed into the World-System of Money, where I participate/live in this World-System of Money according to the relationships I had created to/towards Money as me. And in this participation within my relationships to/towards the World-System of Money – I contribute directly and indirectly to the manifestation and creation/evolution of the World-System of Money. And as parts of/as me as children come into the creation of/as the World-System of Money – they as me enter into and as the creation I had and am leaving behind as the World-System of Money, that I directly/indirectly participated in creating, through constantly/continuously maintaining my relationships and so my living towards and within the World-System of Money. And because I had been so preoccupied within/as the processes of relationships with/towards what is here that I have accepted and allowed myself to define ‘who I am’ towards: I had not questioned/investigated my own creation as the World-System of Money that I constantly/continuously am being rebirthed into and as, as an individual and as all as me as humanity.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout time – cycle within processes of rebirthing myself into my own creation, throughout all the layers/stages of time into and as where we are now within this physical existence: being rebirthed into a mental and physical creation, within myself and this world that has become my internal and external creation throughout time. That I had lost myself to such an extent in my own self-separation from myself and from all that I had not remembered how every time I emerge into this existence as me, I in fact emerge into my own creation.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how ‘re-birth’ is my ‘re-emergence’ into existence, that my ‘re-birth’ is my ‘again-birthing’ into this existence of/as me that I directly and indirectly participated in creating throughout time, as I walked with me as existence as me creating/manifesting layers/stages as we all individually and together participated in evolving our relationship-creations of ourselves throughout all the stages/layers within and as existence. To where we are now within this physical existence – still continuing exactly the same – being re-birthed into and as this physical existence, and directly and indirectly participating in creating this physical existence / world-system of money as it exist today as we individually and together constantly/continuously participate in creating/manifesting our self-separation through our individualized relationship-creations from within and as our Mind Consciousness Systems, and constantly/continuously participate in creating/manifesting our relationships to/towards the World-System of Money – separated internally and externally into and as a ‘my life’ / ‘my world’ – preoccupied within/as relationship creations of only ourselves / ‘who I am’ and not questioning/investigating our relationship with/towards/as all in equality and oneness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to – throughout my re-births into existence, this physical existence and the World-System: not in one of my lives stopped and questioned/investigated the very relationship-creations that I had become, participated in and created; as I was so pre-occupied with only ‘Me’, ‘My relationships’, ‘My experiences’ in an internal illusion of only ‘me, me, me’ – equal-to and one-with all as me within existence. Where – all individually and together were so preoccupied within as our ‘Me’s’, that we did not see/realise/understand the ‘We’ of/as existence that we were in the process of creating/manifesting throughout our lives and the relationships of ourselves and towards all of existence that manifested this physical existence we’re in/as today.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to continue participating within this physical-existence within and as only the individualized starting-point of ‘Me’ - so pre-occupied with only ‘Me’, ‘My relationships’, ‘My experiences’ throughout my life, that I in no way considered/ever considered the ‘We’ of/as Me within/as this physical existence and the World-System of Money that governs/controls it. Because I was far too busy with only ‘Me’ – I did not take into consideration/consider/regard my responsibility to all as me within/as this existence. But constantly/continuously throughout my lives, simply continued with my relationship-creations of me within myself, my world that I without question accepted and allowed and so enslaved me to/as my own processes of relationship-creations that I had become. Always creating relationships – instead of living here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to lose myself into and as my own self-created Il(LOSE)iun to such an extent, that as I rebirthed into and as my own existence that I had created/manifested throughout my lives: I have not remembered myself/my past. Because throughout my lives I unquestioningly continued with participating-in relationship-creations, creating an illusionary ‘Me’ from/of Energy with/as my constant/continuous friction as separation from/of all as me. And so I became but an Individual part of my own existence, that rebirths and dies – over and over and over again. Not seeing/realising/understanding – how in every single rebirth, as I create ‘Me’ through my individualized experiences created from friction as separation from/of all as me within existence: That every moment I create friction – that friction transform into energy within me, and at the same time resonates its nature within and through substance/existence as me that is my equality and oneness. And so, as I have been so busy with creating my internal ‘Me’ in separation from/of my ‘We’ – I at the same time was creating the ‘We’ within/as existence.
Because – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how I was so preoccupied within my own experiences generated from friction as my separation from/of all as me – that I was still part of substance. And as a part of me separated into energy, that very energy reverberated throughout all and everything and everyone within and as and of substance as ripple-effects that extended into and throughout substance/eternity. And so, instead of creating with/as/through substance in/as equality and oneness – where we as individuals and together were supposed to emerge from substance in our expression as Life: we created in separation from/of substance with friction. Where a part of substance as ourselves was transformed into energy that manifested ripple-effects within/throughout substance, and in that: we were individually and together busy creating/manifesting our mirror of/as ourselves. Because whatever experiences as relationships we were busy creating within ourselves, was equally as one manifested / reverberating within the without of/as ourselves as substance. To where we are now within this physical existence, where – this manifested physical existence has become/is the direct-mirror of/as ourselves as what we have created from/through substance as ourselves within the ripple-effects that manifested throughout time, as we throughout time created/manifested our relationships/experiences within ourselves – and the without, manifested equal-to and one-with the within.

(More on the creation of the mirror as this physical existence in the next Post to come…)

I commit myself to – through writing, self-forgiveness andself-corrective application – once and for all Re-Birth mySELF as this SELF as the equality and oneness with/as all as me within/as existence as who/how/what I was supposed to have been within/throughout my existence.

I commit myself to – through writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application, walk in this One Life on this Earth, and takeresponsibility for my creation of/as me as my Mind within and thisWorld-System/physical existence without. To from me – stop the preoccupations of relationship-creations that only benefit the Illusion of/as Energy as the Mind, that’s preoccupied me from/of my responsibility to myself and to all within this physical existence. And as I assist/support myself to stop my preoccupations with relationship-creations as my experiences of positivity/neutrality/negativity to/towards all as me, and walk my process of standing equal-to and one-with me within myself as with all: I walk in this One Life to rebirth the Self of/as equality and oneness and make sure that what I leave behind is a prepared path/road for all me’s coming and to come, to be birthed into an existence where they have an opportunity to walk the process of the actual Re-birth as the birthing of self of/as equality and oneness with/as all.

I commit myself to, with writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application – assist and support myself to utilize this One Life – to no more accept/allow me to be lost within/as the Illusion/Mind of/as only ‘me’ and walk my equal and one responsibility to/as the ‘we’ of/as me as this physical existence, so that this One Life does not again become another life where I accept/allow myself to abdicate responsibility from/of me as all. But finally stand-up and face the consequences of my past/past lives throughout existence as my Mind and this World-System. And stand with this opportunity that is here in every moment of breath – to stop my accepted and allowed separation from/of all as me, through stopping my Mind/Consciousness, to live here in equality and oneness with/as the physical as the One Relationship that matters – the relationship with me as all in/as equality and oneness.

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