Life and Death Engineering: DAY 10

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Life and Death Engineering: DAY 10

Who I Am as Money – continued

In this post, in this dimension of the multi-dimensional relationship between ourselves as Illusion and Reality – we’re continuing having a look at the relationship between ourselves as who we are as energy within, and who we are as money without.
With our very ‘self’ currently existing as Energy as the Mind Consciousness System manifest – this ‘self’ as Energy has superimposed and so used/abused the Reality/Substance of ourselves within and as existence. This can be seen clearly now, for example within this world – in how the Mind of the human-being would superimpose their Illusionary Energy self as the Mind in their relationship with Money on this world/earth, and use/abuse the Earth/what is ‘real’ as nature/the animal-kingdom and human beings to attempt/try to make their Illusionary Mind-Reality real with Energy and Money.
This is how we’ve existed throughout time. Where, in the beginning – before the creation/manifestation of humanity/this physical existence – we were individual beings in a process of evolving as Energy, where for Energy to exist, we extracted/channelled our actual substance of/as equality and oneness into ourselves through friction generated from our deliberate separation as opposition-stance to/towards all as ourselves and created our individualized experiences of positivity/neutrality/negativity to/towards all as ourselves to maintain our survival as Energy through constant/continuous friction and experience.
From here, one can see within this world/on this Earth – where ‘life’ has become constant/continuous friction, internally and externally which generate experience/energy internally for our Minds and generate survival/money externally for the World-System as ourselves. Animals, Nature, Earth, Humans – their physical lives on this Earth, used/abused for the World-System of Money to continue existing, where the nature of the World-System of Money stands within the principle of inducing friction in their physical-lives to extract Money/their survival from/of them – taking, taking and taking. Equal-to and one-with what we accept/allow to do within ourselves with the relationship between the Mind and the Physical, where the Mind take and take and take Substance to transform it into and as Energy for itself. The Nature of what we have become is – TAKE AND TAKE AND TAKE, for survival: and this is everything and everyone within existence.
(See the solution of this Earth/Physical Existence –where we transform the principle of take, take and take as what each individual had been forced to succumb to within their entrapped conditions of survival on this Earth, to where each one stand within/as the principle of giving to all – equally as one. From individual taking, and taking and taking – to each individual standing alone and together: to give to All. The Equal Money System)

This is why/how – the Mind/Energy as Consciousness within as Evolved throughout time, our creations of technologies/systems has evolved throughout time: but what has in no way evolved is our ability as humanity to live together/function in this world-system together – with ourselves, each other, the earth, the animal-kingdom, nature…Technologies/Systems of Money within the circuit of the World-System has evolved, because they stand equal-to and one with how our Programming/Systems of Energy as our Mind Consciousness Systems have evolved within the realms of imagination/fantasy/personalities/thoughts/internal conversations/habits etc. As our Mind Consciousness Systems evolved, we’ve been further and further separated from our human physical bodies and this physical existence. Equal-to and one-with how the evolution of Technologies/Systems of the World-System of Money has separated humanity farther and farther and farther away from their direct relationship to/with this physical existence and what is real as the physical lives of all of humanity, nature, the animal-kingdom, the earth etc. This is because we’ve approached our relationship to ourselves and all within the starting-point of Energy within and Money without – and because of that starting-point, Energy within and Money without is what Evolved. But, ourselves and our equality and oneness with and as all…became lost in the Illusion Energy as the Mind created as ourselves and the World-System of Money created in this world/on this earth.

Life – is not Evolution. Life Lives. Life is Here. Evolution only exist from/through Systems as they move through time, utilizing their own past and simply expanding/specifying themselves based-on what they had been before. Thus, evolution is not Real Change – it’s simply an ‘upgrade’ from the previous condition it existed as. Evolution is past, present and future orientated. Where, the systems utilize its past, to upgrade it in the present for its continued survival in the future. Evolution is Survival-based, to attempt/try continued control over/of its continued existence. To exist in the past, present and future – means, self is not Here; because the past, present and future is a time-line that was manifested/created in the Mind for beings to not stand/be equal-to and one with their physical human bodies Here, Here which is the physical equality and oneness of/as this physical existence which is where we were supposed to have been. But, we’ve been lost in the Illusion of the Mind, stuck in the past, present and future as the Timing-Pillars of/as Consciousness that it use to Evolve/’upgrade’ its own Systems/Technologies for Survival. In this, we have missed HERE, our equality and oneness with and as this physical existence, and because we’ve missed HERE, missed REALITY – we’ve only evolved as Energy and Money, at the peril/cost of reality/substance/here as this physical existence.

As we continue walking this process in our posts – more of this relationship between Evolution of Consciousness/Energy and the World-System/Money will become clear, how we’ve been lost in Time as past, present and future – trying/attempting to survive through evolution as upgrading ourselves as/within Energy and Money; and not been Here Living in/as our equality and oneness with and as existence as ourselves and the consequences this is/has been manifested for ourselves as for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make myself believe that the experience I gain within myself from the friction of separation to/towards my substance manifested as my equality and oneness with and as all – is ‘power’. When in fact, that ‘empowering’ experience I am having, is my automated Energy System as the Mind, feeling itself being charged with its life-source as Energy and that I am not in fact ‘empowering’ me – I am charging my Mind as Energy with more Energy as I continue within my relationship experiences to/towards all that exist as me within the experiences of positivity/neutrality/negativity.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make myself believe that having more and more and more Money / gaining more Money – which I take and take and take at the cost/peril of many physical lives within this physical existence: empowers me in this world. When in fact I am empowering my physical world of money as material possessions and through that, empowering the World-System of Money as I become but a body within the World-System of Money that circulate its life-source as money to continue existing/surviving at the cost/peril of countless physical lives within this physical existence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define ‘power’ within myself as my Mind Consciousness System gaining energy for its own survival, as it continue extracting substance from/of my beingness and so I as a being became limited/diminished to nothingness as my entire manifested-Illusion as my Mind Consciousness took possession of me, my equality and oneness with/as existence.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define ‘power’ within my world as Money for my own survival within ‘my life’ in this world, as I continue extracting/taking money from/of the World-System of Money. Where Money has become my possession as all I strive/live for is Money – enclosing/isolating me further into only ‘my life’ and so diminishing/limiting my life within this world/on this earth from having any ability to see or do anything about the existential problems/consequences Money is creating/manifesting in this physical existence as me because I have become so entirely/completely possessed with only ‘my life’ of/as Money, that I don’t see/realise all lives of/as me in/as this physical existence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate me from Real Power as the manifested equality and oneness with/as all as me, that was me standing/living/being with/as all as me within and as existence and always in all ways giving to all as me as I would give to myself, so that we’re all equally as one empowered to live/express/create to our utmost fullest potential and always in all ways honour/regard each one’s living in the absoluteness that we exist as within this existence. To now, where ‘power’ has become an ‘experience’ of a charge created from friction within myself as my constant/continuous deliberate separation from/of all as me within and as existence. Equal-to and one-with what the World-System of Money has become in its manifested-separation from/of all within and as this physical existence – that deliberately create friction in the physical-lives of beings/manifestation in and on this Earth to generate Money for itself, to empower itself with the circulation of Money within and through its Systems.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create/manifest me into and as a Mind Consciousness System, that has become my manifested-separation – that extract/channel substance into itself and transform it into Energy. Not seeing/realising/understanding how – more and more substance is taken and taken and taken for more and more Energy to be produced. Equal-to and one-with the World-System of Money – where more and more of this physical existence is used/abused, extracted/channelled and transformed into and as Money for the continued survival of/as the World-System of Money. In this, the Mind Consciousness System completely separates me from my physical equality and oneness with and as all, and has not direct equal and one hereness with and as all, but only use/abuse all to take and take and take and channel/extract substance for me to create/manifest my Illusion as the Mind of/as Energy. Equal to and one with the World-System of Money, that has no direct equal and one relationship with and as all within this physical existence, but only use/abuse this physical existence to take and take and take and channel/extract what is physical/real for it to create/manifest its continued existence as a World-System of Money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become possessed by, within and as a manifested Illusion as the Mind Consciousness System – not seeing the manifested consequences I have created in Reality / this physical existence with accepting and allowing myself to only become an entity that survive off of Energy. That for me to survive or ‘give life’ as ‘Energy’ to myself – a part of me as Substance ends/dies as it becomes transformed into Energy and absorbed by the manifested Energy-Illusion of/as my Mind Consciousness System. The Energy as transformed substance being used/abused for the purposes of empowering/charging my various Systems/Programmes of/as my Mind Consciousness System to continue surviving for a moment. Where I take the substance of Eternity, transform it into a momentary experience of Energy, channel it into Energy-Systems of finiteness that use/abuse that transformed substance of energy to charge/empower itself for a moment and that substance as transformed energy comes to nothing. So the cycles within me continued throughout time: where a part of me as substance ends/dies for my Illusion as Energy-manifest as the Mind/Consciousness to continue surviving on its dependence on Energy as transformed substance.
In this – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create/manifest a World-System of Money, which transform physical-manifestations/lives within/as this physical existence, into and as Money – and as physical-manifestations/parts/lives of this physical existence is transformed into Money to only last for a moment to fuel/charge/empower the World-System of Money, that part/manifestation/life of/as me in this physical existence dies/ends for the Illusion of/as the World-System of Money to continue existing/surviving.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how I have become the creator of ‘life’ and ‘death’ within/as this existence as me. ‘Life’ which has become the charging/fuelling/empowering of/as Energy within, and the charging/fuelling/empowering of the World-System of Money, and ‘Death’ as the extraction/channelling/transformation of/as my substance of/as equality and oneness to give ‘life’ to energy, and ‘Death’ as the extraction/channelling/transformation of/as parts/manifestations/lives as me within and as this physical existence into and as Money to give ‘life’ as ‘money’ to the World-System’s continued survival. Where - for Energy within and Money without to continue existing/surviving – parts of me within myself ends/dies – equal to and one with where parts of me within/as this physical existence ends/dies. Not seeing/realising/understanding that Life – THE LIFE of/as equality and oneness has not been HERE; where THE LIFE is/has supposed to have been where all as me exist eternally here, living here, expressing here – with/as THE LIFE, there exist no Death/End.

I commit myself to – through writing, self-forgiveness and self corrective application, stop the accepted and allowed life and death cycles within and as me, through assisting and supporting myself to stop my relationship with myself as Energy manifested as Consciousness as the Mind Consciousness System. Because as I stop my existence as Energy manifested as Consciousness/the Mind: I stop the processes of life and death within me as extracting substance to be transformed into Energy to fuel/charge/empower my manifested Illusion as the Mind/Consciousness System.
In this process of stopping – I commit myself to assist and support myself, to re-establish my relationship with myself as substance of/as equality and oneness, through transforming my energy relationships with myself, as with all, into and as a standing of/as equality and oneness here that will stand eternal.

I commit myself to – through writing, self –forgiveness and self corrective application, share my process and stand as a living example of the process each as all as me will walk equal-to and one-with me, as I assist and support me to stop the life and death cycles within me, that each walk their processes of doing the same. So that each can stand within/as their manifested equality and oneness with and as all, as each stand eternal within and as themselves, until we’re all HERE standing equal and one within ourselves as eternity – to in fact manifest/create the eternity of/as Life as equality and oneness here.

I commit myself to, as I walk my process of writing,self-forgiveness and self corrective application and stop the life and death cycles within me, and transform me into a living example of/as equality and oneness here, I see through the cycles of life and death and the systems of/as the Mind/Consciousness I have become because of it, and walk myself into/as physical equality and oneness. In this, gifting myself with the ability and responsibility to see the solutions for/within and as this World/on this Earth – to transforming the World-System into and as a functioning System that gift the opportunity of Life to all, equally as one. Where the Equal Money System will unify humanity and transform the living of each on this Earth from survival into and as having an opportunity to walk their processes of birthing THE LIFE of/as eternity from/of the Physical through stopping the life and death cycles within themselves as stopping Energy as the Mind/Consciousness and standing/being/becoming equal and one with and as themselves as with all.   
In this, I thus commit myself to – walking this current World-System of Money – to end the life and death cycles it create/manifested within and as this physical existence as me, to transform it into a World-System as the Equal Money System as a first step to gifting all as me an opportunity to birthing life from the physical. Because in an Equal Money System, we will start the processes of establishing/finding ways where these life/death cycles can stop/end in the name of Money and Survival, and we all together can find ways/solutions to ourselves and our living to stand on this Earth equal and one, honouring, respecting, considering and regarding each other and everything/everyone else, as we would ourselves. 

Featured Art Work by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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