DAY 5: The Evolution of Survival at the cost of Life

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DAY 5: The Evolution of Survival at the cost of Life

Who I Am as Money – continued

Self-Forgiveness. Self. What/Who is this ‘Self’ that is Forgiving?
What one will realise with reading the Desteni-Material and Watching/Listening to the Desteni Videos/Interviews is that this ‘Self’ is currently existing as a Mind, as we refer to it: The Mind Consciousness System. As we as Human Beings have become a Consciousness of Energy that has created ourselves into a functioning system as the Mind – which consist-of/exist as the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind with all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, personalities, constructs, patterns, knowledge and information.
With walking this process of Heaven’s Journey to Life in this Blog with us – you will see/realise/understand how this ‘Self’ as the Mind Consciousness System we’ve created, manifested and programmed have come to define and control our very physical living in this physical existence, and through our living as the Mind – have created/manifested the existence of the World-System in how we as humanity interact, function and participation on this Earth within this Physical Existence.
Self-Forgiveness, thus – is Self as the Mind Consciousness System taking responsibility for ourselves as what we’ve become as the Mind within and created with the Mind without. Consciousness currently exist as programmes of knowledge and information that exist within the nature/substance of Energy, and because Consciousness as the manifested Mind has taken absolute control and directive principle of ourselves within and without as the World-System: To take our place and stand as the directive principle of ourselves and this world: we have to stand WITH Consciousness/WITH the Mind and WITH this World – essentially like re-inserting ourselves/our responsibility into and as that which we’ve separated ourselves from as the Mind and this World-System.

What we’ve realised with Desteni and the processes of writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application is that we’re not going to change the System through trying to fight it / destroy it – in relation to who we are as Individuals in comparison to the extent of the Mind Consciousness System and this World-System: fighting / resisting it is futile, because of the extent we’ve separated, diminished and inferiorized ourselves as individuals in our relationship to the Mind and the World-System.  
Therefore, the key is to stop the relationships of separation towards our Mind and this World-System, realising that the Mind and this World-System is our creations, representing parts of ourselves we’ve separated ourselves from. So, fighting it or resisting it – is equal-to and one with standing in front of yourself and trying to fight and resist yourself – and only self is the one that gets compromised within this.
Thus, it’s to ‘become yourself’ – standing equal-to and one with yourself as what we’ve currently become as the Mind and the World-System, and in that equality and oneness stand within a starting-point of equality and oneness to see what of self requires changing/transforming/stopping that will in one’s beingness and living contribute not only to one’s own life/living in this world – but to all as self. This process of self equality and oneness will become more clear within the continuation of the Self-Forgiveness process in this Blog.

The process we walk here, is to through self-forgiveness – identify the relationships of separation within ourselves as the Mind, and without as the World-System, from identifying the relationships of separation – see/face within the walking of self forgiveness the consequences such relationships of separation has created/manifested for ourselves within and without. And simultaneously within the seeing/facing of the consequences, realise the solutions as ourselves as we within our Self-Commitment statements re-state our ‘Self’ and our standing with this ‘Self’ aligning ourselves to living within a starting-point of equality and oneness.
Therefore, we walk our ‘Self’ from Mind/Separation through Self-Forgiveness statements to ‘Self’ as physical equality and oneness through Self-Commitment statements and then to Self Application where we actually practically within our worlds – change/transform the way we live in/through/as our human physical bodies.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand the reality of what I have become as the Mind, Consciousness and Energy as the manifested separation of me from myself as the physical as the manifested representation of my equality and oneness with/as all of this physical existence – equal-to and one-with how I have not accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand the reality of what I have created as me as the World-System and Money that separate all of humanity as me from this physical-existence / Earth and all and everything and everyone within and as it

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to through Energy as Consciousness – separate me from my physical equality and oneness with my human physical body, and so this very physical existence, equal-to and one with how I have continued to accept and allow my creation as the World-System of/as Money – to separate all of me as humanity, from each other, the physical, the Earth, the animal-kingdom and this existence as a whole

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how my relationship-lines to myself, others, the earth, the animal-kingdom and this physical-existence have become defined within the nature and context of energy, and with my starting-point towards all as me existing in separation – each relationship has been defined/programmed according to my interpretation and experience of that part of me, and so developed knowledge and information programmes that I use to ‘relate-to’/ ‘connect’ to those/such parts of me. Knowledge as the recognition of that part existing within my world and information as how I have formed that part of me within myself/my Mind based on what I see and experience through my Mind/Energy. Equal-to and one-with how the World-System of Money define relationships to all that is physical within this existence – where the World-System/Money interpret the lives/conditions of humanity through knowledge and information as statistics and so the relationships of the World-System, through Money is based on statistics as interpretations of reality/the Physical, as I base/define my interpretations of physical-reality based on the knowledge and information of my ‘experiences’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to value/define what is physical/real through Energy knowledge and information as my own/personal ‘experiences’ – in this, not seeing the actual physical equality and oneness of myself with/as all parts of me, and so my understanding of reality/the physical became based on interpretations with the consequences of this – that I will accordingly think, speak and do based on my knowledge and information of reality/the physical and not consider the actual physical-consequences for others as me. Equal-to and One with how the World-System of Money operate/function/exist as the consequences of relating-to/connecting to humanity/the earth/the animal-kingdom and all that is physical through interpretations of statistics – what is not considered/regarded is the consequences this manifest in the actual physical conditions/lives of humanity/the earth/the animal-kingdom as Money only considers/regards itself/its own survival equal-to and one-with how My Energy and My Experiences only regards/considers itself not at all seeing the consequences this separation create/manifest in the actual physical lives of what shares this existence with me in equality and oneness

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand the consequences my relationships towards myself as this physical existence create/manifest with my starting-point of who I am standing within separation as Consciousness as Energy-Relationships, which has manifested me into/as a position of survival. Substance is what is/has been eternal, here, and I separated myself from here as substance and in that separation, diminished myself from/as substance and manifested me into an individual energy-containment as the Mind that became Consciousness – not seeing/realising/understand that Energy in its very nature requires constant/continuous “experience”, “experience” which is created from my constant/continuous friction of separation from myself as substance/existence feeds its existence. Therefore, for Energy to exist – I have to maintain my constant/continuous friction with myself as substance as my equality and oneness with/as all to from the friction create “experience” as Energy. In this, the manifestation of/as the Mind manifested within/as that very purpose: to create/manifest constant/continuous friction between myself and all that exist as me as my equality and oneness with myself/substance, to so continue surviving as Energy as the Mind/Consciousness. In this, all my relationships to/towards all that is me within existence have been created/programmed with the purpose of generating friction for me to continue surviving with Energy as the Mind/Consciousness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deliberately create/programme my relationships to/towards all that is me, within a purpose of generating friction for me to continue existing/surviving as energy and within that, creating/programming/manifesting a System as the Mind that has become automated as Consciousness that would exist/function For me and continue ensuring my survival as Energy

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become Energy as the Mind/Consciousness to such an extent – that I from the moment of “experiencing” friction to/towards existence as me – defined my relationships within/as Energy and constructed/built/manifested the entire System as the Mind/Consciousness and created/manifested extensive networks/unified fields as all my relationships to/towards existence as me manifested into Constructs of memories/remembrances to not ‘forget’ my initial decisions of who I am in relationship to/towards all of existence as me as my individual “experiences”. And so my relationships to/towards all that is me became based within memories/remembrances for my System as Mind to constantly/continuously create friction to/towards all of existence as me as how I decided to programme/create those relationships based on my initial experience/encounter with all parts of/as me. In this – my entire existence became based on memory-experiences, never seeing/standing with the reality of this existence as me as we constantly/continuously move/change/transform/evolve and so I have been evolving in separation from/of me as this existence and moved/transformed/evolved within/as an entirely opposite direction, where I moved/evolved into/as Energy as Mind as Separation while the substance that is physical, that is equality and oneness has continued existing/expressing within/as its manifested equality and oneness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to within this separation from/of all that is me – manifest my relationships within the starting-point of self-interest – to generate and gain energy only for myself, to “experience” only myself as Energy to solidify/certify my survival and continued existence as Energy. Equal-to and One-with the nature/purpose of/as the World-System of Money, that only exist within the purpose of interest – to continue surviving as a System of/as Money, where world-systems have become physical-entities on this Earth that only exist to generate/gain Money for itself to solidify/certify its continued existence as a World-System of Money

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how my evolution of/as my Mind Consciousness System – to only gain/generate energy for me for my own survival, would manifest me into a state/condition of existing where I only consider/regard my own survival and the interest of gaining/generating energy through friction – even if it means at the cost of another individual’s existence/future. Equal-to and One-with how this World-System of Money has been manifested – where the World-System of Money will generate/gain Money for/as itself within its own interest of survival/continued existence – even if it means at the cost of billions of beings, animals, insects / earth’s very existence/future

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how Energy through friction feeds off-of my very substance of/as equality and oneness, where – wherever there exist equality and oneness, my Mind Consciousness System will utilize that manifested equality and oneness, transform it into a relationship of friction as “experience” and define that relationship within a particular interpretation of knowledge and information. In this, not seeing/realising/understanding – how, the more and more and more I go into friction with/as substance as my equality and oneness with/as all that exist – what diminishes is substance itself as Energy becomes like a veil, an alternate reality that I superimpose onto/towards actual reality as this existence / physical reality. What happens within this, is that I interact/participate/live in existence/this physical existence from/within/as Energy that needs the very substance of existence / the physical to exist, to constantly/continuously create friction. The consequence of this has been that I have diminished myself from my equality and oneness with/as existence, and in this diminishment – diminished what is/has always in fact been real, here, substantial as the physical, my human physical body and this physical existence with all/every living being manifestation/expression. So – that, what evolved was the Mind / Energy at the cost of substance/physicality as what is Real – as this physical-existence has slowly but surely throughout time diminished within being abused/destroyed/annihilated for the continued survival of/as the Illusion as Energy as the Mind Consciousness System that I have come to believe/perceive/interpret as being ‘Life’ – when Life is/has always been here with me as existence/physicality. Equal-to and One-with the consequence of/as this Wolrd-System that diminish the very physical existence as human beings’ physical-lives, the animals’ physical existence, the Earth’s existence through slow, sure but constant abuse/annihilation and destruction that is imposed onto/towards actual physical-reality as what is real for the World-System of Money to continue existing/surviving in creating the Illusion of ‘Life/Living’ – equal-to and one with how my Energy as Mind create the illusion of ‘Life/Living’ at the cost of everything/everyone else.

I commit myself to through writing and self forgiveness identify the nature of my relationships to/towards others as me/what exist as me to establish how I have accepted and allowed myself to programme my relationships to all within the context of interest as gaining/generating energy only for me to continue existing/surviving as energy, which has created/manifested consequences towards my human physical body and other’s physical lives/existences because for me to be able to exist as energy – that which is real/physical as substance diminished within the context of abuse/destruction as I had to go to great lengths to obtain Energy – even at the cost of other’s lives/futures.

I commit myself to – as I identify the nature of the relationships that I have programmed within self-interest to gain/generate energy for/as myself as Consciousness/the Mind – reconsider my starting-point to those/such parts of me, and reinvestigate how I can practically assist and support myself to realign my relationships to/towards all that is me, so that I can stand within my equality and oneness in the realisation that those/such parts of me is in fact me, and so assist/support them equal-to and one with how I’ve assisted and supported myself to realise/stand/live with/as my equality and oneness, for them to stop the separation and consequence of Energy and Consciousness and so walk/stand/stop One by One until we all again emerge and stand within our equality and oneness with/as ourselves represented by/through/as this physical existence

I commit myself to as I identify and establish solutions to my relationships with/as all that exist – I stand as a living example to identifying and establishing solutions within the functioning/existing of this World-System of Money, where I will investigate the nature of the relationships between the World-System/Money towards all that is physical, and present and eventually implement solutions where all of humanity can function within equality and oneness on this Earth with/as all other living beings/manifestations and expressions. Because as I walk my equality and oneness within in seeing/realising the solutions to separation and I live this correction as myself – I will start seeing solutions to the functioning/existing of this World-System that can be implemented to ensure a life of equality and oneness for each individual on this Earth

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