DAY 2: The Relationship between Energy and Money

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DAY 2: The Relationship between Energy and Money

Who I Am as Money – continued

Here we continue walking our mind relationship to energy, our world-system relationship to money and how the Mind/Energy is equal to and one with the World-System and Money.
We walk the process through Self-Forgiveness, as the self-directive principled writing of giving back to ourselves the responsibility of ourselves and our creation as the Mind/Energy and the World-System/Money, to within that responsibility – have the power to stand-up as our creation, and stand with ourselves and our creation to recreate/transform ourselves to a manifestation that stand within the principle of equality and oneness.
With Self-Forgiveness, one see/realise/understand how self has accepted and allowed self to separate self into the Mind/Energy, and so created the separation into the World-System/Money: Through walking this process with us in this Blog – one will see/realise/understand how each one has been responsible for who we are and how we live, for what the world has become and how the world functions, through our very acceptance and allowance of our relationships to ourselves, the mind, energy, others, the world-system and money that has created/manifested the consequences all in this physical-reality face and experience today.
If you’re ready to stand up in self-responsibility and walk the future of this world, for self and for all – suggest visiting the Desteni-Forums / Destonians as living examples of individuals walking their processes through taking responsibility for the Mind/Energy, and furthermore the Equal Money System – where we’re taking responsibility for and stand up as the World-System in implementing/creating solutions to the functioning of the World-System of Money that will provide/ensure a future for each individual human being on this Earth through changing/transforming our relationship to the World, Money and so ourselves and each other.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to from childhood live in this physical world with my internal experience of energy and external participation in / with money without question, consideration or regard of what in fact made my internal experiences of energy possible as Money

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand that all my energetic-experiences as a child – is/has been directly linked to money, as money is what defined my parents’ minds and personalities as how the physically presented themselves which I copied/duplicated/imitated and so prepared my internal energetic experiences in relation to money to construct/programme/build my mind’s ‘money/ego primary personality’ in preparation for/of my fight for survival in the world-system

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, how – being born into a world of money, with parent’s personalities/ego of mind as money controlling/influencing/determining their behaviour and the material/physical possessions of money in my world – have determined, influenced and controlled my internal energy experiences as a child of happiness, bliss, care, comfort, love, joy, expression, freedom, innocence – where it felt like I did not have a care in the world as the parents smiled, and the toys shined as my internal energy experiences and external manifestations of money preoccupied me from the reality of the physical and the functioning of money and the consequences my energy experiences and the conditioning of money would have on who I would become and I would live to the lives of billions of others human beings, where I would walk in the life of money of not have a care to the world as my internal energies of mind and external reality of personal world preoccupy my from the rest of this existence as myself

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, how – being born into the world without money, would introduce me to the physical-reality experiences of hunger, starvation and the smiles of my parents would be met with sadness and sorrow and the caring hands of my parents would tremble with uncertainty and fear. How having no money had manifested my parents into personalities of mind in the physical that speak / express through the physical as sadness, sorrow, fear and uncertainty that I as a child succumb to as I observe, imprint, imitate and copy the representation of my parents as who they are and have become in their physical living as their energy experiences of no money and their external world/environment of no money; and so I walk a life of internal energy experiences of sadness, sorrow, fear and uncertainty as the internal energy experiences of no money and external reality functioning of no money – sadness and sorrow as the future ahead looks dark/unknown and fear/uncertainty as the breaths walk one closer to death because of the scarcity/deprivation of foods/resources

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how my mind, as thoughts, internal conversations and reactions as personalities – originally manifested from/through energy-experiences as a child, energy-experiences that I inherent from my parents/those that had gone before me, where those that has gone before me has become living embodiments as Minds of Energy that has created/programmed and conditioned themselves equal-to and one-with their external conditions, with the external conditions being manifestations/embodiments that exist as it does because of/as Money

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to as a child, embrace my internal energy experiences and my external reality experience unconditionally with the gullibility of trusting that I’d come into a world/be born into a world where I’d be embraced unconditionally as I stand vulnerable and open and exposed to be guided internally and externally within/through this world/on this earth to be welcomed as one in the equality of this physical existence – only to at death, return to my life in my mind realising the regrets and aloneness, but not seeing/realising/understanding the one thing that has determined, controlled my life of regret and aloneness: Energy and Money – one and the same, in a different form/substance and manifestation; that I was left alone within myself to ‘find my way’ through this world, and that I was misguided by those that has gone before me and all I see as I look through my life is memories, all I experience when I look through my life is emotions and feelings, and all I leave behind will wither away in time as I will eventually as energy in memories of other’s mind wither away in time and left with confusion as I wonder: What was the point/reason/purpose of it all?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to as a child, absorb my internal energy experiences I experienced towards my external environment, equal-to and one-with how I absorbed my external reality as pictures/images – where I simply absorbed and manifested my internal energy experiences and external reality manifestations, as I was completely left alone with my internal reality experiences and external reality manifestations with no reference of how to interact/link/connect a relationship with myself to my physical reality, with no-one to communicate with or understand me - all I was left with was to mentally and physically absorb, integrate and manifest my internal and external realities and experiences with the hopes that I will be able to eventually communicate/express/understand them, but as time passes – the energies accumulates and my reality becomes more defined, as so my past internal energy experiences and external reality manifestations becomes suppressions in my mind and physical as I become preoccupied with layers of internal energy experiences and external reality manifestation definitions – where my entire internal reality of energy preoccupies my mind, and my external reality of manifestations preoccupies my life/world and I completely forget and don’t remember how I had come to link/connect/define myself and life through energy and with money – instead of me as myself through/with the physical developing an equal and one relationship with this physical-reality as myself as this physical existence I was born into

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how Energy separated me from myself as the Physical, and how Money has separated me from myself as the Physical, as Humanity as this Earth, as the animal-kingdom and this Existence

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate my direct relationship with my human physical body and so my natural self expression through, with and as the physical, and in this accepted and allowed separation – abdicated my self-expression as equality and oneness with/as my physical, and the consequence of this accepted and allowed separation, created Energy as the ‘stand-in’ manifestation and substance that stepped-in in my stead, and experienced itself FOR Me, and in this – instead of me creating a physical world interaction and relationship of equality and oneness with all that is physical, created a manifestation of Money, equal-to and one with the creation of Energy, that would regulate, define and control all my relationships of myself, others, the physical and this world, as Money took my place in interconnecting all that is here as me, because I did not stand as the living example of the One and Equal relationship that should have existed/come into being/manifestation/creation between/within and as all that is here as me in this physical existence

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to as my creation of/as energy due to my accepted and allowed abdication of self-responsibility through separation from myself as the physical – create a world-system of separation as money – that control and determine the Minds and Relationships of individuals and humanity, as Energy have come to define the Mind and Money have come to define the World, and in this definition of Energy and Money within the starting-point of/as Separation, have created/manifested individuals within self-separation and a humanity as a whole within separation, as I have internally and externally become separate from myself, others, the earth, the animal-kingdom, this entire physical existence – never realising the extent of the consequence One Point created/manifested, as all one points created/manifested together as each human being exist within this separation of self within and without through/as Energy and Money and constantly and continuously perpetuating/contributing to the inequality and separation within/between self and all that exist within this physical existence

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how this One Point of accepted and allowed separation between myself and the physical, brought forth Energy, Energy that would become a consciousness in itself, a consciousness that would strive to survive and so created/manifested a World-System within this equal and one starting-point and nature – a World-System that only exist/function with Consciousness striving to survive, so the World-System is/has become a direct reflection of the nature/manifestation of Consciousness – as Consciousness strive to survive, the World-System facilitates that process of striving to survive – where consciousness as energy as human beings will drive themselves to the limits of their beingness in this fight for survival, and alter/change/mould/transform themselves as personalities/minds entirely and completely within the context of their relationship to the World-System of Money just to survive – as the manifested-consequential outflows a life of survival can take minds/energy in its relationship to the world-system/money; where one in fact compete with one’s own survival: and will do anything and everything for money as survival as energy as consciousness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout my life, construct, build and programme myself through energy and with money, within and without as an internalized I and an externalized interest as though only I exist within my own world, as I own my energy and I own my money and so established an experience / belief of owning my life, when in fact – it’s energy that’s controlled and regulated who I am within, and money that has controlled and regulated who I am without, and so Energy as Mind and the World-System as Money that in fact Own who I am and so my life…and so my Breath

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed Energy to define who I am, and accepted and allowed Money to define my living – where Energy and Money as the Mind and the World-System has become the substance and manifestation that determines life and living in the mind and the physical, and this world-system and humanity.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout my time in this world, define and live ‘life’ as energy and money, that has determined my who I am, my very physical living and participation in this world and so accepted and allowed all others as me, to continue defining and living their life of energy and money as I have accepted and allowed myself to, and so in the responsibility of myself as all as me – am equally as one responsible for the creation and manifestation of humanity and this world and the nature and consequence that has stepped forth within this existence as me.

I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself in standing equal-to and one-with my human physical body as my process of redefining myself into living words in the living flesh, as I assist and support myself to stop the separation of myself as Energy within. And so – I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself in facing my creation as the World-System of Money, through redefining and manifesting solutions to the current World of Money where what is physical in this physical existence, will stand/be equal-to and one-with Life/Living.
I commit myself to standing with and as the process of transforming the living of a human being to the expression of life, as self stand equal-to and one with the physical and all, and so – as children come into this world, the examples of those that has gone before them will express and stand through/with the physical and the child will be embraced in this world of oneness as an equal and be guided into/with/as the principles of life and living – and so stop the transfer of the sins of the fathers of the separation and consequence of energy and money.
I commit myself to standing with and as the process, of establishing and manifesting the expression of self with/as the physical/human physical body where touch is an expression of self through the physical, and no more defined/determined by/through emotions and feelings of energy that is programmed through/by/as money, and so with that equal and one living with the physical, each human’s living will stand within the directive of contributing to the lives of all of humanity in creating/manifesting a world that is in fact best for all.
I commit myself to standing with the process where energy/consciousness cease to exist as the internal self-separation, and the current relationship within the world-system of money, where individuals no more exist as the survival of I – but live/express through/with/as the physical; honouring themselves and all in equality and oneness, and live in a functioning world-system of money where all are equally as one part of and participating in the world; with humanity as a whole and each has an equal and one life on this earth and we in fact stand and live in the physical on this earth together equal and one.

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