As Within = So Without: DAY 12

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As Within = So Without: DAY 12

In this post, we’re continuing with how we created this physical existence as the mirror of ourselves. Investigating the mechanics of the principle “as within – so without”. Walking from the beginning of our existence within existence, to where we are now as the Mind within a Physical-Body in this Physical-Existence and how we individually and together, created/manifested who, what, where, how and when we are now through the relationships we’ve created throughout time, throughout lives. How those relationship-creations became the starting-point of our participation in existence, and each relationship that we created – reverberated/resonated/manifested as a ripple effect throughout/within the equal and one substance of/as ourselves. So – as we “experience” the relationship, it manifested within/as substance as a ‘mirror’. So, the momentary experience of a relationship, would manifest as an eternal imprint within and as substance.

Have a look: See for a moment in the beginning where we were One Bubble of Substance. From that One Bubble of Substance, we separated ourselves into smaller bubbles within that one bubble. We as those smaller bubbles were still part of that One Bubble of/as Substance, but because of the separation we only perceived ourselves as a small bubble in a larger bubble. As that small bubble, we started creating relationships to/towards all the other smaller bubbles and the larger bubble – not realising/seeing/understanding that that smaller bubbles and the larger bubble is in fact us/parts of us in equality and oneness. So, in that separation, we started creating relationships from the experiences we were having through the friction we created in that constant/continuous separation from/of the smaller bubbles and the larger bubble. Like, every time we’d bump against the smaller bubbles and the larger bubble, that’d create a friction as an experience that we’d transform into energy as how we interpreted that moment of friction/experience to/towards that part/bubble of/as ourselves.
Now, every moment – we experienced a friction, with an experience and defined it into Energy – that very friction/experience as energy manifested within-us as our smaller-bubble substance, imprinted into our substance as the smaller bubble and resonated into and throughout the substance of/as the Larger Bubble. We did not see/realise/understand that we were simultaneously creating ourselves within and without, because we were in separation – preoccupied within only our small bubble as ourselves.

If one Listen to the Atlantean-Series – they walk in detail with how we in the beginning started with the relationship-creations to/towards ourselves as existence, how these relationship-creations manifested into our beingness as the ‘smaller bubbles’ as ourselves, and imprinted/manifested as relationship-networks/unified fields within the physicals of beings. These relationship-networks/unified fields – manifested simultaneously in the small and in the larger – as we used substance, equality and oneness and transformed it internally and externally into relationships of separation categorized/organized into networks and unified fields. To where we are now within this physical existence, where this physical existence is a manifestation of layers of time, as we throughout time, individually and together created relationships as networks/unified fields, as the more and more we continued throughout our lives creating relationships, manifesting networks/fields that would imprint and manifest into our individual small bubble substance and also the large bubble of/as existence: all these networks/fields would layer/build/accumulate within the large bubble and so the process of solidification manifested.
That whatever we created/imprinted/manifested within our smaller-bubble would leave an eternal imprint/manifestation within/as the larger bubble, and as we rebirth into existence – we rebirth into the networks/unified fields as relationship creations we left-behind within our previous lives. So we created/manifested this physical existence that is an accumulation of layers of relationship-creations of networks/fields/gridlines that manifested into solidity. So – this physical existence is the Larger Bubble of/as Substance that we created/manifested as the Without of ourselves and we as human beings in/as our human physical bodies is the smaller bubbles: still in accepted and allowed separation from/of ourselves as the physical/substance, and still not seeing/realising/understand how – what we accept/allow within ourselves – we equally as one, accept and allow and manifest/imprint and create in the without of/as ourselves.

As we continue within these posts in this Blog, more of this will become clear – in how we throughout time: created the without from the within: equal and one. To where we are now – with how this physical existence is an exact equal and one representation of/as who we are within. As we walk the relationship of/as the Mind Consciousness System of Energy and the World-System of Money as the within and without of ourselves as our relationship-creations within the Mind/Energy – how those relationship-creation with ourselves as the Mind/Energy – created/manifested the World-System/Money and our relationship-creation to/towards the World-System of Money. How we all walked this – individually and together and created/manifested this physical existence and ourselves as we exist today.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to – separate myself from/of the substance of me as manifested equality and oneness, that established me into/as a position of not seeing/realising/understand my origin/source as substance of/as equality and oneness and that whatever I do/accept/allow within me – manifests in/as the without as me.
In this – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how every moment I went into friction to/towards a part of me within/as substance, that moment that friction transformed into an experience and I defined it into/as Energy that manifested/imprint as a relationship-line within my very beingness – it equally as one manifested/imprinted into and as the substance of/as me as existence as a whole. And as I continued accepting and allowing myself to participate within the starting-point of/as that relationship-line within/as my beingness: it constantly/continuously resonated within/through substance as me. And in that constant/continuous resonance/reverberation/ripple effect within and throughout substance: conditioned substance as me to form/shape/manifest itself equal-to and one-with how I was in the process of forming/manifesting/shaping me through my relationship-manifestations and experiences within myself.
In this – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how I still within this physical existence: accept and allow the exact same starting point and conditioning of my within and without. As I accept and allow myself to approach this world-system of money within/as the relationship-creations I manifested/imprinted within me as my Mind Consciousness System of/as Energy – I conditioned my participation in and as this physical-existence within/as the world-system of money to maintain my relationship to/towards the World/World-System and Money. And according to how I created my relationships to/towards the World/World-System of Money – I live-out those relationships, and so keep myself and my world and this world/the world-system of money ‘intact’ – without change. Not seeing/realising/understanding that whatever relationships I create within me, and live-out as me through the Mind in the Physical – is what is holding/keeping this World/World-System of Money ‘in place’ / ‘as is’ without change. And so I am directly and indirectly participating, accepting and allowing this World/World-System of Money to remain as-is, contributing to its current existence/manifestation – because of my acceptance and allowance of my relationship-creations to/towards it within myself.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how – it was in fact me, throughout time – that created my without from my within. That I have been the cause/source/origin of what the without as me as this existence had become. That I had accepted and allowed myself to separate me from substance as manifested equality and oneness, and instead of utilizing substance and Living/Expressing in/as equality and oneness with/as all as me, and creating/manifesting an existence of/as Life Expressing/Living: I accepted and allowed myself to utilize this substance of/as equality and oneness to only create/manifest a ‘my Life’ / ‘my living’ of/as Energy.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand that in me being the source/cause/origin of creation – that whatever I create/do/manifest: will manifest as my creation within/throughout existence. So, as I utilized substance within myself to create relationships of experience as Energy – these very relationships manifested/imprinted into/as the Substance as me within and without. And so me and all of/as me – manifested into/as an existence of relationships of experience as Energy, that evolved into networks/unified fields and gridline structures. These very networks/unified fields/gridline structures that manifested/imprinted within/as the substance of/as existence as a whole: became my creation of me as an individual and all-together that had been throughout our lives within/as existence created/manifested/imprinted all of our relationship-creations to/towards existence as a whole in/as existence itself. Not seeing/realising/understanding that whatever relationships we created within ourselves to/towards parts of ourselves within existence as we walk-through our individual lives within existence: those relationships would imprint/manifested within/as the existential substance of/as ourselves for Eternity.
And so – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to - instead of Living together, creating together and expressing together as Life within/as existence in/as equality and oneness – we utilized our lives within existence to create/manifest/imprint relationship-creations of separation/experience/energy that imprinted/manifested into networks/unified-fields/gridline-structures. Where our creation as substance/of existence became a manifestation/building/accumulating of relationships of/as separation, every rebirth into existence – becoming a process of furthering the separation of/as ourselves from/of substance as ourselves, as we transform the manifested equality and oneness of/as substance: into and as networks/gridlines/unified fields as relationships of/as separation.
In this – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how I still exist within this starting-point of using/abusing substance of/as equality and oneness to create my relationships of experience as energy within/as my Mind Consciousness System. How, within this physical-existence – I in my participation in this world, utilize what I see/interact with in/as this physical-existence, and create my experiences of/as energy to/towards it within my Mind. In this – becoming an individual within this world/on this earth that further and continue self-separation and separation from/of all as me within/as this processes of internal relationship creations, and so live in this world within/as ‘my experiences’ to/towards it within/as my Mind Consciousness System. In this, I become a living example of Separation for those to come, and so continue solidifying/imprinting/manifesting the processes of creating relationships to/towards all as me in separation from/of me, that the children of this world follow according to how I live-out my separation and relationships. And so we continue – generation after generation, using/abusing this physical-existence, for only ourselves as a Mind to experience itself as Energy. Not realising/seeing/understanding that this physical existence is in fact ourselves, our own creation and that we were supposed to exist within/as/with it in equality and oneness as ourselves.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use/abuse substance – the manifested equality and oneness of/as me as all, to create my own relationships of separation to/towards all as me within the nature/experience of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity that had become my accepted and allowed definition of/as ‘living’ within/as this existence and manifested/evolved into and as a Mind Consciousness System. So, instead of walking/living/expressing with/as substance of/as equality and oneness as being Life: we separated ourselves as individuals, and in our individuality as the smaller bubble – created/manifested our relationships to/towards all parts of ourselves in each life that we’ve lived, where all those relationships that we manifested within/as the smaller bubble – eternally imprinted/manifested in/as the substance of existence as the larger bubble.
And so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed our existence as our creation to become a conglomeration/accumulation of all of our relationship-creations throughout our lives, throughout time – as our creation as the larger bubble as existence: became the manifestation of how we as individuals and together, transformed our equality and oneness into and as absolute separation. Where each individual – took all parts within/as existence, and created/manifested an individual relationship to/towards all parts within/as existence. And so the larger bubble became a manifestation of each individual smaller bubbles relationships to/towards all of existence.
So – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand that what we have been creating throughout our lives as the smaller bubbles within the larger bubbles – was an entire existence of manifested separate relationship-lines, where every time we rebirth into existence – utilizing that life to further our separation from/of ourselves as existence as a whole. As every rebirth – we continue within the processes of defining ourselves in separation from/of all parts of ourselves that we interact with, creating friction and experience and energy-relationship, that reverberate/ripple-effect and resonate into/as our entire existence and so manifest/imprint equal-to and one-with how we manifested/imprinted ourselves with relationships of separation. In each life – leaving our creation-processes within/as existence as a whole, and returning – continuing the processes of/as separation. To where we are now within this physical existence: an absolute manifested creation of absolute separation.

I commit myself to – through writing, self-forgiveness andself corrective application – walk my self-separation manifested as my Mind Consciousness System, taking those separate relationship-lines of/as experience and energy and transforming them into/as a standing of/as equality and oneness with/as me within myself. As I see/realise/understand that I have accepted and allowed myself to be/become an automated relationship-creation machine perpetuating/accumulating/building relationships of/as separation within and as me, from where I have accepted and allowed myself to live out this separation and in that living – perpetuate/accumulate/build separation in this without as me as this physical existence.

I commit myself to – through writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application – stop my manifested separation as my MindConsciousness System, taking it point by point as I identify/expose/reveal the individual relationship-lines of/as me that manifested into/as my thoughts / feelings / emotions / personalities / behaviours / ego / beliefs / ideas / perceptions / interpretations that has manifested into an entire embodiment of/as separation as my Mind Consciousness System.
And so – I commit myself to - as I walk this One Life – to finally stop the separation of/as me, as I take relationship-line / point by point as me as my Mind Consciousness System and transform it into me actually living in/as equality and oneness with myself in my body and in this physical-body of/as existence as a whole.
I see/realise/understand that I cannot do this alone – as we are all equally as one responsible for this physical existence. And so – I commit myself to - as I walk my individual process, taking responsibility for/as my self-separation as my Mind that is the process I will walk alone – I stand as a living example, for each to take responsibility for their self-separation as their Mind, so that we can stand-together and take-on this physical existence that we created together, as each take a Point within this World-System/World and investigate/expose/reveal how we can transform thisWorld/World-System into/as a functioning System of/as Equality and Oneness, where we can correct our separation/participation in/as/on this Earth into and as equal and one Living.

I commit myself to – practically utilize my Mind Consciousness System in/as my processes of/as writing/self-forgiveness and self corrective application, to assist/support me with identifying/exposing/revealing my accepted and allowed self-separation from/of all as me, as I see/realise/understand that the Mind has become the embodiment of/as all the relationships I had created/manifested in/as separation of/as me.
And so – I commit myself to – in this One Life, no more accept/allow myself to simply automatically participate in/as the Mind of/as manifested-separation creating relationships of separation – but utilize this One Life, to transform those relationship into/as equal and one Living. Because I see/realise/understand – that whatever I accept/allow myself within this within of myself – I create/manifest/perpetuate in the without of myself.
In this – I commit myself to utilize this One Life – to establish solutions to/as this World/World-System as me, as I walk my equality and oneness within, I assist/support myself to establish solutions of/as equality and oneness in/as the without as myself. To in this One Life, become a living example for the generations to come, to stopping separation as relationship-creations of friction/experience/energy within/as a Mind Consciousness System, and transform themselves into living beings of/as equality and oneness, so we start the process of imprinting/manifesting equality and oneness within ourselves and our living, that will imprint/manifest within/as this physical existence, as we stand together and walk together and eventually become a stand within/as this World that will in fact bring Real Physical Change to how we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to live/participate in this physical existence/on this Earth. 

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